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Humanity Dreaming : Conquer Fearing the Unknown

Blue Crystal Night : Kin 103 day 103 of 260 in the Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : Orientate with Divine Timing : the penultimate day of the last wave in the 2nd castle of 52 days : White Northern Castle of Crossing

Benny H V Andersson : Blue Crystal Night : Rites of Eternal Harmony

Day 12 of the wave of Yellow Human, Blue Crystal Night. Wow, what a deep dive this is. The archetype of Blue Night is part of my Mayan Soul Signature, so I know it well, I travelled my Blue Night years between 14 - 27, it is my anti-pole/opposite integration point and therefore my challenge to conquer in life. Blue Night represents the unknown, the Great Mystery, the void, the dark abyss, the nothingness, and therefore the dark night of the soul, a journey we must all take, because the void is also the dream field of pure potentiality, the nothing from which everything comes, it is our subconscious, dream state, the astral and where we hide our shadows and they take on nightmarish proportions until we turn to face them with fearlessness in our hearts, knowing, the ultimate truth that all is One, and all is love.

In this wave of Yellow Human, the message of this day with the Crystal 12th tone, is cooperation, embracing the lunar polarized 2 energy of relationship, merging with the 10 energy of manifesting, this is the frequency of co-creation, coming together in sacred union to create together. This is the point on the wave that highlights what we will crystalize after the process of the journey has been through it’s productive point, and then the dissolution of all that is extraneous and no longer necessary, revealing the core creation. In this Yellow Human wave of humanity awakening to be fearless conscious warriors of their hearts truth, to seed the future, the crystallization point is for us to be so fearless that we can embrace the Blue Night unknown with the light of love in our hearts to guide us on, to new dreams, new horizons, new possibilities, unbounded by the past, beliefs and experiences.

Blue Night is pure yin, and we live in a time of an over expression of yang. Can we let go into nothing, let go of who we think we are, what we think is going on, the past, the stories of the future, let it all return to the void, and dream again beyond the edges? Beyond anything we known on the human level of knowing? Blue Night is the manifestation point of the White Wizard generational wave we are in, 2019-2032, and so again we get the message that we need to master this yin space of the unknown in order to create, masterfully.

This is the first year of this era, and it is a microcosm of the whole 13 years, we can clearly see the manifestation of Blue Night, unknowns, and this dream like surreal quality of our reality these days. We see all the fear that arises from the unknown, and we see how it also presents an opportunity to dream what could be. The guiding archetype is Blue Eagle, representing the 3rd eye (or more rightly the first eye), the eye of the heart, the All Seeing Eye of the Soul. Blue Eagle is our imagination, and our ability to rise above the serpent-survival level to see the past, and futures, and to be able to steer our way. In this 5th Sun dimensional reality we are in now, it is all about the "play of light” show out there, as we look outside. To transition to the 6th Sun dimensional reality we need to look inside, and see the show inside, and correlate the inner reality with the outer reality, so we can awaken from the dream of forgetfulness.

It is only when we awaken with our inner sight restored that we can see through the illusion, confusion, reclaim our power as we are fearless to do so, and trust in the creation process that we are part of, remembering who we are, Cosmic Seeds sowing consciousness and spirit into form to experience heaven on earth, activate our inner seeds we came to sow, and seed them into reality to flower fully for our future.

Alex Polanco : Ascension Rebirth : Blue Crystal Night

Are you lucid in the dream? Can you tell that we are dreaming? Are you able to be lucid in your night dreams, do you understand the astral dimension and it’s correlation to your subconscious? If you can get control of your dream at night, you can get control of your day dream. Are you dreaming, do you remember your dreams, are you listening to the profound messages that come in from the dreamfield? We know the ancient stories of prophetic dreams, we all have the same inner technology, we are just at different levels of activation of this body temple of dreams. In this Age of the New Shamans, we will need to recover this domain of dreams, to shut off from the tell-a-vision and reconnect to the inner vision of our soul. We will need the dreamers to come online, to dream us through to the other side of the abyss. Dark room retreats will be a necessary experience for these dreamers of the New Earth. I have been holding space to create one here in Sedona as there are no facilities in the USA at the moment. It is a fascinating process of surrendering into the darkness, and allowing the body intelligence to work it’s magic, triggering the creation of DMT and then the organic, body determined, natural release of this ‘spirit-molecule’ from our first eye, the All Seeing Eye of the Soul. Expanding our visionary capacity we will be able to see more of the light spectrum, see that all is light, a play of light. Watch our life story and soul journey, to orientate in our own script, recovering our soul purpose, and alignment within the Divine Plan.

Are you afraid of the dark? Are you in denial of your own shadows, are you afraid to even look there to see what’s lurking? Well the interesting mechanics of our reality is that what we deny within us will no doubt present before us at some point, seeking resolution, reunion, as this separation is an illusion. Right now, the polarized darkness is illuminated for us all to see, and to own, and therefore to love back into the light of our awareness. The hidden power of Blue Night is White Mirror, truth. As we dive into the darkness, if we can defeat the illusory demons, and make peace with the infinite void, we will alight upon the light of truth. This is the light that ignites the Yellow Cosmic Seed, tomorrow’s glyph and the last day of this 52 day castle, the White Northern Castle of Crossing, crossing over from one reality to another, is always our inner choice, we seed the future now. Choose from empowerment, fearlessly remember the dream of the soul.

Let love light the way, and love will manifest heaven on earth, as intended.

In Lak'ech

Rianna Skywalker : Kin 13

Cosmic Oracle

Sage to the Age of the New Shamans

Orientate to your Cosmic Blueprints with a Mayan Soul Astrology reading and align with Natural Time in time for the coming New Galactic Year 26th July 2020.

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