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Universal Life Force Activation for Divine Alignment : Receive the Codes of New Earth

Red Magnetic Serpent : Kin 105 day 105 of 260 Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : Day 1 of Wave 1 of the 3rd castle of 52 days : Blue Western Castle of Burning : An Alchemical Process of Evolution

Red Magnetic Serpent : Autumn Skye : Embodiment

Today we begin a whole new 52 day cycle, comprising 4 chromatic waves of 13 days, forming a creation cycle in this magical synchronistic 13 moon calendar. This is 52 day cycle is called a Castle, and there are 5 castles in a 260 day Tzolkin spin commencing on the New Galactic Year which aligns with the rising of Sirius on the 26th July. This castle is called the Blue Western Castle of Burning, and embraces the Red Serpent wave, which we begin today, which is one of only two 13 day waves in the calendar that has 10 back to back galactic activation portals days. This castle embraces the two waves that are super charged with GAP days, and therefore is the most powerful 52 days of the calendar. The castles, as do the days, and years, move through the chromatic sequence, Red - initiate & activate, element of fire, direction East (sun rise, dawn, spring) to White - refine & clarify, element of air, direction North (wisdom, ancestors, winter) to Blue - transform & transmute, element of water, direction West (sunset, portal to the underworld, autumn/fall) to Yellow - maturation & fruition, element of earth, direction South (high noon, flowering, summer). We have journeyed through the 1st, and 2nd castles, the activation that began at the end of March, and just now completed the refinement process, we are entering into the cauldron of alchemical transformation. There is a 5th castle which is the evolutionary leap we are working to make, to shift timelines and move to the 6th sun level of the game of life. For now, lets focus on orientating to where we are, and what is being called for in this moment. We are creating the future now, so now is where we must learn to be most occupied.

This first wave of Red Serpent is the key for humanity, and in particular for this age we are in. Red Serpent represents the life force, the kundalini, the sexual creative power, the survival instinct, the 1st & 2nd chakra, sacred sexuality, sex magic and the first stage of physical spiritual activation. All of our manifest creation is created through the merging of energies, in it’s most primal form, the merging of yin yang, water fire, feminine masculine, light dark. As above so below, as within without. There is no life without sexual energy, and this energy is our life force. It is our creative power, it is not limited to sex as we have defined sex, and it is our misunderstanding of this energy that is most threatening to our survival, as it is our survival instinct at it’s most basic expression, and our enlightenment, power of seeing and creating at it’s highest expression. It is no accident then that the Red Serpent wave has 10 portal days of Galactic Activations, meaning days when the veils between heaven and earth are thinner, and more energies for activation is accessible. Let’s call them power points. We create all that we see in this reality, through this energy, just as we create babies, this energy is the creative power for all our creations. However we have been unconscious of the true potential of this energy, how to harness it, and direct it, how to amplify it and preserve it, how to purify it and align it. We have been unaware of how we have not been masterful of our own life force, would leave us vulnerable to manipulation, and giving our power away, even being hosts to energetic vampires and agendas that take us away from our divine connection. Red Serpent wave is about embodiment, and embodiment is the first step in our empowerment, owning our life force and directing it as our hearts and soul's intended.

Red Serpent life force is what creates us, flows through us, keeps us alive, vitalized, healthy, it’s our body’s intelligence connected to our Spiritual Intelligence. Why? First we have to acknowledge that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. How does spirit merge with matter? During conception we have been able to see a spark of light as the sperm merges with the egg. The physical and spiritual meet and create life. Everything is energy, and we are energy beings, moving physical reality with our energy and consciousness (light). We have studied biology from a physical perspective and mostly ignored the energetic and spiritual aspects. This obviously affects our life force, as we are not tapping into the real fuel that drives our physical bodies and reality. We lose vitality, and vibrancy, and don’t activate the spiritual intelligence of how this body temple - the inner technology - that would connect us to our divine inner guidance system, and our multidimensional reality. Red Serpent is the supporting energy of White Wizard, the age we are in (2019-2032) it is also the crystallization point of the process of humanity awakening into Wisdom - Wizard, and reclaiming our co-creative power over reality. Red Serpent is a cornerstone of our evolution, and that is why there has been a systematic degrading of our life force, through trauma programs and fear propaganda, distraction technologies and the science of reductionism, religion and the disdain for sex, and the body, the flourishing of sexual deviance, pornography and the objectification of sex in purely physical terms, totally disregarding the energetic, spiritual and manifestation power that is inherent in our sexual energy. Sex is magic, and sexual energy is the magical power we are called to reclaim at this time. So we can purify and align it, and use it to activate our seeds of creation that will flower for us to experience in the future.

Once we have re-activated our life force, and journyed these 13 days of Red Serpent, we will cool off in the cold refreshing light of White Mirror, a time of truth and clarity. This is the wave of the Terrestial Gregorian calendar which began on Jan 1 2017 for 13 years, and will be the Galactic year theme as the second day of the wave is the New Galactic Year, Blue Lunar Storm. This White Magnetic Mirror will land on the day out of time 25th July, the day that precedes the New Galactic Year. A time for silence, mediation, fasting, and reflection. A time to align with higher truth, to the kin of the way showers, who are the ancient elders from the future, allowing us to see the true timelines to orientate to as we move into the New Year and the 2nd part of a 13 part process of our graduation from Human to Wizard. It is time to grow up as a humanity, time to see clearly with our 2020 perfect vision, what is, and how it got that way, who we are, and why we lost our way, and then, how to reclaim our power to reorientate our reality towards our higher truth, and the original intention of creation.

Red Serpent wave core purpose is Red Moon, the flow of the divine feminine, through which all life comes into being, the waters of life, the universal waters, our emotional terrain. Red Serpent our life force of the 2nd chakra fires up the emotional waters and waves, for purification of our inner water, the emotional toxicity we inevitably get through life, that weighs us down causing dis-ease and disconnection. Water is the great communicator, we feel it in our water, it is the emotional intelligence that is the language of the soul. Red Moon is sensitive and receptive, vulnerable and open, but we are afraid of this yin state having been addicted to the yang states for too long, having defiled the feminine and these processes of entering flow states of letting go, we hold on, for dear life, when in fact the life force demands that we keep to the feminine, and let go, let go, let god, let the flow flow. The intention point of the wave of Red Serpent is Red Skywalker, divine connection. With our life force activated, purified our body temple, our emotional baggage gone, we are open to receive the divine connection that is our birth right, our essential guidance system that will allow us to travel this reality as we intended to do, with multidimensional awareness. The goal of the wave of Red Serpent is Red Cosmic Earth, the New Earth so to speak, the earth that is alive and able to evolve as was intended. A higher vibrational earth that is able to defend against lower vibrational parasites and pathogens that diminish her life force, allowing all her beings to evolve and flourish. This is preparing the earth for the seeds we are about to sow, with her. As above so below as within without. We need to purify our bodies, activate our life force and divine connection to allow the new earth to be born through us, as we are the conscious creator agents responsible for co creating reality. It begins within our physical bodies and will be manifest in our earth through us. Once we understand the inner technology of our physical bodies, the kundalini life force energy, we will understand earth’s own energy body, as we are one with her, born of her, she is both our Mother Earth and our Daughter Gaia, as we are instrumental in her condition. Our concern for the planet is lovely, but if we don’t realize that our inner environment is responsible for our outer reality, we will never be able to allow the shift to occur. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and now is the time, now is the portal window opening for us to leverage the extra energy available and activate our life force, and hers, to align it with a higher frequency, to protect us from pathogens, mental or otherwise, as well as protect her.

For these next 13 days, be in your body, be mindful of what you are doing to your body, purify your body inside and out, and activate your life force. Kundalini yoga, qi gong, be in nature, recharge your physical energy, rest and build up energy, listen to your body. Listen to your energy, don’t do things that deplete your energy, do things that increase and take your energy higher. As you get more energy, your ability to see reality will shift, and your access to divine guidance will increase. This will help you navigate better. This will activate the light under your soul purpose, and bring in more synchronicity for shifting your personal and our collective reality. As the waves indicate, it will bring you, us into greater clarity in the White Mirror wave, in the light of truth, we will with real eyes, realize, real lies, see through the illusion and confusion and connect to the ultimate truth of LOVE to light our way on towards manifesting the dream of our souls, our essence self, the Blue Monkey wave we will enter prior to the Yellow Seed wave when we sow the seeds for our future.

Love lights the way.


Join us for the Blue Castle webinar series, with 4 webinars, one for each wave, and a bonus session for the Galactic New Year Blue Lunar Storm, find out how to ride these waves and leverage the energies to create your highest timeline future. See website for details, the FB & Instagram pages Mayan Soul Astrology. There are discounts on readings with the series, find out your own personal journey at this time, step into your true power and purpose, and play your part in the Greatest Shift of All Time for Humanity.

In lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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