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  • Rianna Skywalker

Spiritual Warriors Devoted to the Divine Plan for New Earth

Yellow Crystal Warrior : Kin 116 day 116 of the 260 day Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning with Divine Synchronicity for the Awakening : Day 12 of the first wave of the 3rd castle : Blue Western Castle of Burning : Burning the Bridges to the Past to Transform the Future Blueprints

Yellow Crystal Warrior

We are now on the penultimate day of the first wave of the Blue Castle of Burning, we are in the Red Serpent wave, heating up the life force kundalini, getting the alchemical fires burning as we are in the castle of transformation. Transformation implies that nothing will be the same, one thing becomes another in the process of evolution. Red Serpent represents the life force, our survival instinct, but it also represents the connection with the divine, the divine mother, the divine feminine, where the life force comes from. It is the embodied path, as it is through the feminine that SPIRIT and MATTER merge. Matter, Mother, Matrix, Materialisation. There has been much disassociation with materialism in our modern world, in particular in the spiritual teachings of the New Age. This has sadly not assisted in our evolution, adding further fragmentation to our being. The truth is we are here, incarnate, and this body is a temple of our soul. To defile and destroy the temple does not assist us in remaining or reestablishing our divine communication with our soul, our soul family, our soul purpose and so on. The temple is designed by a higher intelligence, and we have mostly forgotten how to use it, as a tool. Red Serpent speaks to this life force intelligence, that both allows us our primal instinct to physically survive, which has been scientifically documented as the body intelligence, whereby the body responds to stimulus before the mind even registers the danger. And it offers us access to our divine truth, within. Through the raising of the kundalini through the body, through the temple spaces of the chakras, we rise up to the 3rd eye/first eye of the heart, the eye of the soul, the All Seeing Eye, and release the vision of our soul, yesterdays glyph was the liberation point of the wave of Red Serpent - Blue Spectral Eagle. These symbols surround us, in the caduceus used by medical professions globally, showing the intertwining serpents - representing the yin yang masculine feminine fire water paths, winding up the core channel and transforming into eagle wings at the top. When we raise our energy, we see more clearly. The vibration of our life force is the extent of our seeing. When we are in survival mode, or in lower life force states, leaking sexual energy, unaware of its’ potent power for our awakening, we cannot see clearly the reality, the multidimensional truth of reality, and so we are unable to truly navigate ourselves, creatively.

Without this ability to see, we are lost, and being lost we cannot be empowered. Today’s glyph is Yellow Crystal Warrior, the Warrior archetype represents fearlessness, intelligence - knowing with the heart of truth, able to face the dark, and the unknown, with the light of truth within, and forge ahead, pioneer new ground, and move reality and humanity forward. A warrior has a vision, that fuels the mission. We need to see, in order to allow it to be. The hidden power of Yellow Warrior is Red Serpent, because when we are in our power we have the power of the life force with us. When we are on purpose, aligned with our divine purpose, we have the life force we need to do what we must do. When we are fully committed to what we are devoted to, then we are able to access the vitality to do it. The guiding energy of the day is Yellow Star, the perfection of the intelligent design that is beautiful, balanced, orchestrated, efficient. The Grand Design. The message decoded from this wave for this day is, when we activate the life force, embody it and allow the flow to connect us with our divine guidance, we receive the vision of our soul’s purpose, and can step up to the Temple and accept our divine orders as Warriors of the Divine, in service to the grounding of Heaven on Earth.

We each have a role to play, and these divine orders were established eons ago, we are simply playing it out to expand our emotional felt sense intelligence, our ability to feel into our conscious creations before we create, so we create more mindfully. Within this beautiful communication from the Dreamspell, the message is that Time is Art, and that we are artists of life. Yellow Crystal Warrior is a fearless artist of life, using the life force to bring forth the vision of the Divine Plan. The crystal tone is one of cooperation, which begins within. Yellow Crystal Warrior has achieved the inner divine union of balancing the life force, yin and yang within, able to access the primordial power that lies in the yuanji space of the neutral force. We are all called to this state of being, our life force balanced allows us to be vital, to be visionaries, to be connected to the divine, to be powerful, to be empowered. Everything we need is within us, the path of Red Serpent is inviting us to activate that, to empower ourselves, to awaken this inner technology of the body temple that is the conduit to our divine intelligence.

It has always been about our awakening to who we are. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and the journey is within, to activate the remembrance of our truth.

Now is the time of the Great Awakening, and more than ever the assault on our power is amplifying daily. This is simply a sign of how far away we are from the truth of who we are. But it is also a sign that we are about to collapse that duality. We are now in the month of Kings, Leo, still in the energy of the new moon, we can call in our sovereignty and power, and empower the sovereignty and power of others. We have not lived in a reality where we are equally empowered, we have feared the powers within, and projected them fearfully out there. Now we must reclaim our power, and be heartfully fearless to stand in that power, one that would never over power another, and invite the reality of our cooperation with each other as equally powerful magical manifestors. Yellow Crystal Warrior is who we are all called to be, as we build a New Earth of Creative Conscious Artists of Life like never before. Do you feel the call?

Looking at today's glyph with your own natal glyph will give you a clue as to how it is you serve, and in what areas you need to be a warrior in your life, and for life. Reach out for a Mayan Soul Astrology reading to decode the messages from the calendar for your life. Join the Mastery Academy to align with Divine Time.

Big shifts are coming, and we are still steering the ship of fools, we are waking up to it, by and by and we will have a quantum leap of seeing through the veils of illusion and forgetfulness, the New Galactic Year begins on Sunday 26th July 2020, the second year of the Wizard generation, where Humanity reclaims the wisdom of its’ creative power, ruled by Blue Lunar Eagle, the challenge of seeing, we will enter the Galactic Year of Blue Lunar Storm, the challenge of change. Changing the way we see, allowing us to see clearly the truth of our reality. The truth will set us free, if at first it can be harsh. With clear seeing we can choose our future timelines more masterfully.

Love will light the way.

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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