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Earth Ascending

Red Cosmic Earth : Kin 117 day 117 of 260 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Time : Align with Divine Synchronicity : the last 13th day of the first wave in the 3rd castle : Western Blue Castle of Burning : Transformational Accelerator

Earth Ascending : Red Cosmic Earth

We have reached the last day of this wave, and the last day of the lunar year. Tomorrow is the Day Out of Time, a day that precedes the New Galactic Year, and is a reset point. Many cultures have a day in which everything stops, for reflection, fasting, meditation and contemplation. To come to peace with the year that has been, in order to move into the new without the baggage of the past. This last day of the year is the last day of the Red Serpent wave, the wave of embodying the life force and grounding heaven on earth. Today is Red Cosmic Earth, the goal of the wave. In other words the goal of the life force, as represented by Red Serpent, is the Universal Earth. Earth elevated to her rightful place in the Galactic Family within creation. Earth has always been a very special place in creation. Life is here, and to be here is a great privilege, even though we are currently in the Dark Ages, and it is always darkest before dawn, as we can clearly see now, collectively all over the world, whatever status or wealth you are, we are all facing the same challenge. The challenge of coming out of the Darkness into the Light. Humans are vessels of spirit, and energy beings, we are also energy conduits, part of the life force, we are activating the earth, and activated by her. We have lost our way in terms of our natural connection with nature, and our deeper understanding of her wisdom, her signs and her timing. We are traveling through space and time together, as an interconnected organism if you will. We cannot survive without her, and she cannot without us. Though we are fed a narrative that the earth would be better off without humanity, that is not the case, and is a fundamental assault on the life force of humanity, and therefore of the planet. The kundalini energy that flows through us flows through her, they are directly connected because we are both made of the stars, and the earth. She is alive, and we have life through her. We need to wake up to how this relationship actually works, we need to remember, as there were civilizations that knew, ancient teachings exist that are now forgotten. We are in the generation wave of White Wizard, inviting us to step into wisdom and reclaim the power to be conscious creators of reality. Earth is a key to that journey, all Wizards learn about the magic of nature, and how to access that energy through nature. Everything we need is in her, in us, as we are part of her.

It is interesting that the last day of this Galactic year is Red Cosmic Earth, I sense it as a message, as the calendar is full of synchronicities that break through the mundane into the sacred. This year Divine Mother has returned into the Earth, she is activating the ascension of the planet, raising the energy, and accelerating the awakening. Nature is much more alive and potent this year, and she is grounding to launch. Just as we have been grounded, in these shutdowns, to launch into a different reality. Tomorrow is White Magnetic Mirror, attracting truth and clarity, and I would invite you to spend some time today connecting with nature and grounding your body, your mind, dropping out of the noise of the world completely, and entering into a sacred space of clarification, the Day Out of Time, is chance for us to drop through the linear timeline and open to the multidimensional nature of time, to see the higher truth of reality, and where we are now, where we are headed. I would invite you to hold the intention for truth & clarity to come to you, perhaps in a particular area of your life or generally, and just relax, and breathe, do breathwork, meditate, cleanse, perhaps juice fast or water fast for the day, and expand into the fuller picture of who you are, and why you are here. The White Mirror is one of the Signal Kin to light the way, and the truth is what ultimately sets us free. The ultimate truth is easy to say, is love, but harder to know. Another invitation for tomorrow, take some time to do some mirror work. Sit in front of a mirror and just observe you, keep observing until you see only love. Yes sounds easy. But it is not, we are so judgemental and unloving towards ourself that most people will find it extremely hard to look at themselves in the mirror, properly look and see themselves. The mirror will act like a portal, it is a portal through time. You might see energetic overlays of your past lives or other types of images over your face, you might get very emotional, in fact if you don’t then you are probably not really paying attention. You want to look at yourself, to know you are divine. Have you ever done that? At first all the awful judgements will flow, watch them as though you are meditating, just as thoughts floating by, don’t let them control you or stop you in this journey. Layers of stuff will come up, and arise and fall, you will laugh you will cry you will feel ashamed you will want to stop. Don’t stop until you are fully feeling the love, feeling the joy of being, feeling the beauty of you and the incredible gift of life and this is the truth. We know it on a mind level, you won’t argue with me, but you have not felt it vibrating through your whole body. Gift yourself this experience. You will get there, and whatever arises on the way is clearing, so lovingly allow it to clear without judging it or yourself. It’s a process, a journey, and the destination is so worth it!

I offer this for tomorrow’s DOOT because this is the journey of the year, so we may as well get a head start! The New Galactic Year is Blue Lunar Storm, guided by Blue Monkey, in the wave of White Mirror. We are going into another convergence with the Age of Truth, and this time it will be a challenge to see reality clearly, to see ourselves clearly, to see the essence self, and to allow the changes that will bring us back into Higher Alignment with the birth of New Earth. It is happening, we can see it, it looks messy but that’s because we have work to do. We are the ones, the time is now. The gift of this calendar is aligning us with Divine Timing, if we can do what is called for in the moment we allow the magic to flow. There is a plan, we are part of that plan, we have roles in that plan, and the plan cannot be stopped.

LOVE as always, lights the way!

I will write more about the New Galactic Year on Sunday, we have a webinar on Sunday afternoon 26th July 2020 @2.22pm AZ Time if you want to hear about it and ask questions, see how this year will play out for you.

In Lak’ech

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