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New Galactic Year 2020 : The Challenging Storm of Change to Set Us Free From Illusion

Blue Lunar Storm : Kin 119 day 119 of the 260 day Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning Humanity with the Divine Plan : Day 1 of the 13 Moon Year : Day 1 of the Magnetic Moon of Purpose : Day 2 of the 2nd wave in the 3rd castle : Blue Western Castle of Burning : Burning Bridges in Time to Align with Higher Truth Timelines

Blue Lunar Storm

Happy New Galactic Year! Today the Star Sirius rising with our Sun and marks the New Galactic Year in this Mayan Dreamspell cosmology that is our greatest tool in attempting to orientate ourselves back onto the natural timeline of the Divine Plan. Yesterday was the Day Out of Time, and was the start of the wave that this new year falls into. It has been 13 years since we had a Day Out of Time that landed on a Magnetic tone, start of a wave. The Day Out of Time allows the calendar to work in a balanced way, there are 13 revolutions of the moon in a solar year, plus one day. The day served as a portal through time, by dropping time altogether. I went out of time yesterday, turned off all my devices the night before, and put masking tape on anything that had a time on it in the house. It was surprisingly fast to feel into this space of timelessness. I realized that we are essentially slaves to time, time organizes us and we are constantly thinking about time, not enough time, taking too long, happening too fast, got ‘deadlines’ (which is a terrible phrase that should not have found it’s way into common business parlance - coming from the line that was drawn in the concentration camps over which crossing would lead to death!) to meet and so on. Slipping out of time, we have to get into the flow! The flow is organized by higher intelligence, it is in our body and it is relating to the moment. In this no-time space, I was having constant sychronicities, every book I picked up and each moment of the day was somehow ‘larger than life’, seemingly blessed. I will write more about timelessness in another article. I intend to play with going out of time on different energy days, it seems that a Magnetic Out of Time is very powerful. I’ll do a study on what each frequency allows me to access and experience.

How does going out of time feel for you? Did you try it? If we are to move out of time, out of the time matrix that we are enslaved to, and open to a more expansive sense of self, as our true selves are timeless, we will be able to build a bridge out of here to there. It is a dimensional shift, that we are to take by shifting our consciousness. We begin to shift consciousness by dropping our usual patterns of thinking and doing, and exploring beyond the edges to feel into something different, something new. When we can feel it, we can begin to see it, and when we see it, we can experience it in this reality. We are the ones, and this is the practice of out time. This years theme, the wave of the New Galactic Year is White Mirror, denoting the endlessness and we are in the Age of White Wizard, denoting the timelessness. It’s all energy, and we are called into Energy Mastery, to step into our wisdom as Wizards. This year, today’s glyph is Blue Lunar Storm, all about the energy. Let’s explore what lies ahead in a Storm year, and the lunar energy that it is coming with.

In this cosmology, as in nature, everything exists in cycles of time, and within larger cycles there are smaller cycles. Sometimes these cycles converge, and collide in meaningful ways. This year is definitely one of them. We are in a time of REFINEMENT & Clarity on the planet, on Jan 1 2017 we entered the White Mirror wave for 13 years. We are currently in year 4 of that process. The New Galactic Generation of White Wizard began last year on this day, and we are now in the 2nd year of that process. The second stage of White Wizard is Blue Lunar Eagle, the challenge of the vision, this is energy that is holding the Blue Lunar Storm we are in, and the wave of Blue Lunar Storm is White Mirror. You can see then that there is a link between 2017 and this year we are beginning today.

Blue is the color of transformation, it is the color of the west, the color of the element water. It is connected to the emotional realm. Lunar is the 2nd tone/frequency of challenge, of polarity, relationship and opposition. After the Magnetic first tone, which is attraction, purpose, focus, we expand out into polarity. The 1 becomes the 2. The beginning of the creation process is to expand into polarity. It’s important to realize this is part of the creative process, to challenge the expansion from one point/perspective to another, to begin to see more. To understand how this feels try this, imagine a blank sheet of white paper and place a black dot on it, what do you feel / notice / experience? You will feel drawn to the black dot, no matter how you try to look elsewhere your eye, even in your minds eye, will be magnetized to that black dot. Try it, on a piece of paper or in your imagination. Now, when you have that experiential knowing of what magnetic energy feels like, add the second black dot. What happens? This is lunar energy! Your eye will move back and forth between the two points, unable to settle. Polarized. A lot of energy is produced as you see, but it can become restless and challenging. In our reality this can be seen as we are getting increasingly polarized, and when we identify strongly with point A we are in opposition to point B, we feel we are in a duel, duality. But actually it is relationship, we are experiencing the relative values as opposites. If we could, and we will be challenged to do this this year, embrace both polarities as coming from the ONENESS, that is the ultimate truth, we can allow the expansive energy to grow, seemingly so polarized and separated, but without fear we can watch this, and in doing so embrace more of reality in the heart of love. Knowing that this too shall pass, and another energy will come in next year to bond the opposing elements, and move us into a dynamic harmony. We can’t get there without first doing this bit, so we have to accept the challenge of the moment, and attempt to use it for it’s optimal potential.

This energy of 2 is important this year, in the year 2020. 2 in numerology relates to partnership, relationship, service to others. I see this 2020 as the invitation to relationship with our higher selves, with spirit, as the zero is the portal back to source. All sorts of relationships are coming up for us to get back into higher alignment with. Blue Lunar Storm is guided by Blue Lunar Monkey, Monkey represents the inner child. We are called to come into a honest relationship with our inner child, to meet the wounded child, and release the energy imprints that are keeping us from our truth, and to meet the magical child so we can activate that and step into our wisdom/wizard. In this era of Awakening as the New Shamans of New Earth, the most difficult step is this year, the challenge point of the wave of White Wizard, is to challenge the energy imprints that the wounded child has projected onto reality, keeping us small, keeping us estranged from our truth and our power.

As with all storms, it is necessary for us to find our center and stay there, and wait for the right moment to emerge. We are in a state of emergency. But literally this is a beautiful moment, not one to fear, sadly the word emergency has been subverted to mean disaster. Even the word disaster is not what it seems! Aster meaning star. We are stars, seeded onto Earth, to flower. And we are in the challenging storm that will activate these seeds of change we came to be. The storm out there is reflecting the storm within, we are all invited to settle inside ourselves in a way that we have not done before. It is only when we reach peace within the polarity of existence within, that we can create peace in the world. It is only with peace within that we can have relationships of peace. Blue Lunar Storm is going to shake it all up and call for us to align the pieces back into a higher order, an order that reflects higher truth. That expression ‘the truth will set you free’ is precisely this energy. When we know the truth, energy is released. When we are in a lie, energy is trapped. Blue Storm is the energy of the universe, it has it’s own intelligence, we are made of it, we are running on it, and yet we have not fully understood how to manage it, how to allow it to flow so it is regenerative. We know that energy is eternal, it never dies, it simply transmutes from one state to another. Everything is energy, everything that is alive is transforming in order to stay alive. These are the natural laws we can no longer deny. We are in a time of great change, the storm is on, we can choose to ride it gracefully, allowing the transformation within as we wish to see the change in the world.

The Whole Universe appears as an Infinite Storm of Beauty. - John Muir

The supporting energy of Blue Storm is Yellow Sun, consciousness. Consciousness is expanding, it’s always changing. We will need to be super conscious to ride this storm, to watch and observe it, to remember the intelligence that is embedded in it that we have forgotten in the Age of Control & Manipulation that is coming to an end now. The challenge of Blue Storm is Red Moon, our sensitive feelings, our ability to emotionally handle quantum shifts of change, Blue Storm is like Uranus, the revolutionary, turning everything upside down, and Red Moon is the flow that is being disturbed, but it will be beneficial. Witnessing the storm, and being open to feeling all the feels, we can liberate the imprints that are causing energy to get stuck, stuck in our bodies, our minds, in our reality, stuck in patterns that are not life affirming, stuck in patterns that are actually destructive and dangerous, to self and to creation. There is no holding back this storm, resistance is futile and will take up all our energy. Instead we want to harness that energy, feeling the opposition and embracing it, allowing it to realign us. The hidden power of Blue Storm is White Wind, the breath of spirit, prana, Great Spirit, communication. It is necessary to breathe! Oh how ironic with all that we are seeing on the political propaganda stage regarding masks. In order to stay steady in the storm we must breathe, to center, to come into presence in the body, to witness and not react, to access the higher self, to communicate with spirit to see through the illusion into the truth of the moment, and this time. Breathe. Dynamic Breathwork is also a great tool for healing the trauma of the inner child, the breath brings in energy - the Storm of change - into the body, shaking up the bonds and crystals formed in trauma, allowing the energy to flow freely again, through all the chakras and meridians of the body, reconnecting us to our light body, our energy body, aligning us with our higher selves, and the higher truth of who we are, within the All That Is. Breathwork may well be the medicine of the year, allowing us to face the challenges of the changes that are happening, within and without.

This storm we are now in is to catalyse a change in the way we see, to open us up to that 2020 perfect vision that has evaded us whilst we have been asleep at the wheel of life in these Dark Ages. The time has come for us to awaken, and part of that awakening process is for us to reclaim our energy, reclaim our inner child essence, the energy of our pure beingness, within which the seeds of the future lie, waiting to be activated, and the vision within them. They are being activated now, some seeds need quite extreme conditions to be activated, and so it is, we are in unprecedented times, but with the perspective of our Galactic Time we can see it as part of an evolutionary process, we can see where we are headed, if we can harness the moment and align with the higher intentions of the wave, we can more elegantly surf the wave to shore.

I Polarize in order to Catalyze

Stabilizing Energy

I seal the Matrix of Self Generation

with the Lunar tone of Challenge

I am guided by the power of Magic

With this guiding mantra you can now allow yourself to see the polarity as a catalyst. If you are feeling polarized within, or in a situation, or with the world, see it as a catalyst, something is about to change. Feel the energy, don’t resist or be afraid of the vastness of it. Be in awe. This energy is our rocket fuel to creation. Tapping into it, we can ride it, we can free it from repeating patterns that are unsustainably destructive, and we can allow it to align naturally to a higher order. It is self generating, and self regenerating. When we honor it as such, we can get out of our own way, and witness the Divine at work. That is when the magic comes, the wisdom to see and know the truth of reality.

Breathe into the challenge, and know spirit.

Know spirit, to know love.

Know love to die to the illusion of this loveless world we are transcending.

Be the love that you are to let the magic flow through all time.

LOVE lights the way.

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

Join us for the webinar about this wave of White Mirror, truth and clarity, and what it means for this Blue Lunar Storm year we are now in!

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