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One Breath Away

White Overtone Wind : Kin 122 day 122 of the 260 day Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning us with the Divine Plan : the 5th day of the 2nd wave of the 3rd castle : Blue Western Castle of Burning : Alchemical Process of Creation

White Overtone Wind : Breath of Spirit's LOVE

We are now on the 5th day of this New Galactic Year wave of White Mirror, the 5th day is a power point of the 13 day journey of a wave. The energies of Magnetic tone of focused purpose, Lunar tone of the challenge of polarity - our New Galactic Year of Blue Lunar Storm, the Electric tone of activation in service and the Self Existing tone of definition, structure and form combine to create the Overtone of Radiance, radiating empowerment, and commanding, in this day’s case, commanding the Breath of Spirit, White Overton Wind representing spirit, guided by White Dog, representing love. The 5th point on the wave is the core purpose of the journey that the wave is, so in the journey of truth and alignment with higher truth, the core purpose is the Spirit of LOVE, the love of spirit. The love of the breath, the breath of life.

In this New Galactic Year of Challenging Changes, the Blue Lunar Storm, the breath is a key to managing to stay centered in the storm, the vortex of change. We are in very interesting times, we are moving from emotional intelligence and the human realm to the spiritual intelligence of the multidimensional realm. Nothing will be the same, and things are moving fast as we are in a 13 year process of self mastery. Mastering Energy begins within, and one of the best ways to master our energy is with the breath. As we breathe, we bring in the life force, the energy of life, and as the energy of life feels intense, powerful, overwhelming or in a state of flux, we breathe to soothe those energies, to slow them down, and to witness them. When we stop breathing, as in trauma, we stop the energy from flowing, causing distortions and these are now up for release. The energy must be free to move, and expand, and with it, our awareness will expand. And as we breathe into our body, and awareness comes, we tap into the spiritual truth we need to proceed into the unknown.

Breathwork is one of the most incredible gifts for humanity, so curious that we are at this time being confronted with an attack on our ability / right to breathe, bringing awareness more and more to the breath. We breathe in life, and we breathe out what we no longer need. The breath is fundamental in our wellbeing. Not breathing properly has profound effects on our physiology as well as emotionally and mentally, and when these levels of our being are blocked, they block our spiritual wellbeing also. Trauma immediately takes our breath away, and many of us get locked in a breath holding pattern, afraid to bring in the energy that would move the trauma out of the body, and allow the natural reset to occur. In Peter Levine’s excellent work he demonstrates that when a gazelle is preyed upon, it will often go into FREEZE state, as a self defense mechanism. But when the predator leaves, the gazelle shakes intensely, when they slowed down the film to see what was happening, it appears that the gazelle acts out the running away, so it can complete what it wanted to do, and experience in it’s body and energy field, getting away from the predator, rather than being stuck with the feeling of having been caught and being a victim of the predator. Sadly we have not done this whenever we have a shock that sends us into fight flight or freeze, we don’t get the resolution we need to move on, and therefore we carry the imprint of that trauma, and adapt around it, to avoid feeling it and having to process it, because we simply don’t know how. We lost our knowledge of how to work with this incredible body that was divinely created to function in amazing ways. Science has shown that when these shocks and traumas occur, crystals are formed that get trapped in the tissues of our body, causing blockages and eventually diseases. Dynamic breathwork brings in the breath of life, which brings in the energy of change, that shakes those crystals free and allows our energy to flow again. When we are flowing, we are in the state of openness to life, to love, and to spirit. We are reconnected. We are in communion with our body, and our soul. And this is where we were designed to be, all of the time, not just in a breathwork session!

White Overtone Wind invites us to breathe into the truth, and allow it to flow through us, reorganizing our energy in alignment with that higher truth, letting the toxic lies evaporate from our being, bringing us into the heart of love which is the ultimate truth of reality. This allows us to think love be love act from love. And this is the invitation of the awakening that we are in. We are ready now to move from trauma and fear, contraction and separation, and all of the resultant difficulties that these states have brought to our lives, personally and collectively. We have to breathe into the change we want to be, and then surrender to the change that wants to be, so we can align with the divine truth that is being revealed for us now, so we can build the New Earth from this higher truth. We have done our time, eons of time, in the Dark Ages of the Dark Wizards Lies and Distortions. We are the New Shamans, and this is the moment for us to allow the truth in, breathe and let go, let go let god.

Take time in nature today, the supporting energy of the day is Red Earth, and be mindful of your breath. Notice how you are breathing, where the breath goes first. Is it straight to the chest and the heart? You might well feel anxious and overwhelmed, taking things to heart too much. We need to breath into the life force, into the Mother, the Second Chakra the womb space, the hara or dan tien. This allow us to ground, ground into the body, ground into the earth, mother earth, and feel her support, her life force, one with us. Then the breath naturally rises into the Solar Plexus, the emotional baggage storage center, bringing more space to these energies we normally don’t bring energy to. Then that breath rises to the heart, and is purified by the fire/water of the sacral and the water/fire of the solar plexus, digesting what is not needed, what is to be released so that only what the heart needs to know can reach the heart, and be felt in the heart, allow the awareness to see more clearly. The breath is clarifying, it cleans, both on a physical level, and on an energetic level. The out breath is letting go of what we no longer need, releasing. The in breath is receiving. The yin and yang of life. Notice which of these is longer, shorter, notice if you can breathe smoothly through the body or if there is a challenge to let the breath have you. As we breathe, we are listening, at first it is listening to the body as generally we are so disconnected and in our head that we don’t notice our body’s signals. But after we are in better relationship with our body, the temple of our soul, then we are able to listen to spirit. And spirit comes.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and this is the dawning of our spiritual awakening, remembering who we are, and reclaiming out truthful power to bring about our soul purpose, our collective mission to bring heaven to earth, bring our spiritual intelligence into our earthly bodies and move in the world from that place. This is the change we are undergoing, this is why the world as we knew it is disappearing, but do not fear, we simply have to breathe in order to align and know the truth of what is wanting to come through us, and be experienced in this Shift of the Ages. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and now is the time of our greatest evolutionary moment in human history, through many worlds, we are here, ready to integrate and activate the spiritual truth in our cellular memory, to live life in a whole new level of reality.

The future is a breath away. Breathe out the past, breathe into the now, and receive the bliss of being future that awaits us.

LOVE lights the way.

in lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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