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It’s All About Love.  Remember?

White Cosmic Dog : Kin 130 day 130 in the 260 day Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : Align with the Divine : the last day of the White Mirror wave of Truth, the theme of the Galactic Year 2020 and the end of the 3rd wave in the 3rd castle : Western Blue Castle of Burning : Burning the Bridges of the Past to Seed a Future Aligned with the Higher Truth of Love

Tomasz Alen Kopera : White Cosmic Dog : LOVE

Ah, Love. It’s all about love. Remember? Did you forget in all the noise and lovelessness that is appearing around you, the hidden secret truth of you, and All That Is?

Well you, like the rest of us, can be forgiven, the illusory world has done a good job of moving out towards the outer edges of lovelessness, exploring the darkest crevices. But the light is bright in our awakening, and the shift is on. The Galactic Calendar reveals the path of Love that we are on, and the inevitable realizations it will bring. Is bringing.

We are at the midpoint of the Tzolkin 260 day calendar, which is just a beautiful symmetrical story of our evolutionary process. 260 days is the length of a human gestation, this calendar is an encoded message for humanity at this time, and using this tool we can accelerate our awakening, our elevation from the artificial timeline in which we are slaves to time, to move to a higher vibrational reality. The ultimate timeline is the one that vibrates to the ultimate higher truth of love. And so, perfectly placed in the mid point of the calendar is White Cosmic Dog - Universal Love. Love is the core of creation. It is the core of our humanity’s evolutionary path. We journey all these 129 days to come to a place of love, lunar year by lunar year, taking that love awakening to new levels, and each time, opening higher timelines. It really is all about love. Then we have the remaining 130 days to put that love into action, and integrate that love in our being and all that we do, into the field, into each other and the planet, aligning us with the 6th Sun consciousness, and the new dimension of reality where spirit and matter are not separate, and we remember who we are, for all time, and know that I am another you, and that I know suffering and I know joy, and I know that I created it all, to learn about love, and now, I will create from love, only what love would do.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we shall know peace” Jimi Hendrix

White Dog represents love, and this is easy to understand. Dogs are incredibly loving beings, so loyal and all about the pack. They emit a joyfulness because they are love. I don’t think it’s an accident that God is Dog reversed, as in this timeline everything is inverted. White Dog is about our soul mates, soul families, our tribe, about the heart chakra, about love, a matters of the heart. The supporting energy of love is Red Moon, the archetype for yesterday. Red Moon is the divine feminine, the water, and flow, the openness and receptivity that allows love in. Love is the embrace of polarity that collapses the duality. We are different, but in the space of love we are the same. The challenge of White Dog is Yellow Sun, both kins in the same Earth Soul Family, they exist in a continuum with each other. Yellow Sun is the masculine principle of Light, the universal fire, consciousness, yang to the Red Moon’s yin. So love is the space between the yang and the yin, the masculine and feminine, the polarities that are at the heart of creation. Yellow Sun is wanting expansion and exploration, to know itself through the experience of being. It is neutral, and can conceive of anything, but it is through experience that it can know love, and calibrate creations in alignment with love.

"Love is the meaning and purpose of duality” - Nisargadatta

"There is nothing wrong with polarity, as long as it does not create conflict. Multiplicity and variety without strife is joy. In pure consciousness there is light. For warmth, contact is needed. Above the unity of being is the union of love. ...Love is the meaning and purpose of duality.’

I Am That, Chapter 26 Nisargadatta

We are in the Galactic year of Blue Lunar Storm, the polarizing energy of the storm, is fueling up the journey of seeing the ultimate truth of love. This Mirror wave that the New Year began in, is carrying the clarifying and reorganizing theme from the longer generational wave that aligns with our terrestrial Gregorian calendar Jan 1 2017 for 13 years. We are in year 4 of that, the theme of 2020 - if you can recall my message for January 2020 - is love. This year is Red Self Existing Skywalker, in the wave of White Dog, all about love. We were invited back into the temple of our being, to create the sacred space of remembering we are love, so we can co create the future from the higher truth. This White Mirror wave we complete day, carries the energy of the year until next 26th July 2021. And next Jan 1 2021 will be White Overtone Mirror, in the wave of White Wizard, our current Galactic generational wave we began July 2019 for 13 yrs. All these white waves of refinement, are aligning us away from the illusion that led to confusion, to reunion with our heart and soul, and the spiritual truth of reality.

The wave of White Mirror is all about us remembering we are Spirit, and that reconnection with our multidimensional truth, allows us to connect with the Universal Love of Existence. I AM That. You Are That. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and we are being aligned by the Cosmic Waves, this is the moment of our Great Awakening, and the great awakening is LOVE.

Love is the key, that unlocks it all.

Are you ready to be the spiritual warrior of love that you came to be? Now is the time, we are all called play our parts. The beginning of the lovultion is this remembrance of self, and reconnection to the inner wisdom, self mastery of self, the truth of who you are, and why you are here, now, and what your magical gifts are to share with creation, for the co creation of Heaven on Earth we are all here for. Self Love is where it begins, in loving yourself, you allow the life force to flow through you, reconnecting to the multidimensional truth of you. This reunion, the divine union we are seeking, plugs us back into the realm of love that we emanate from, so we can navigate out of this dead-end scenario of lovelessness and suffering. Love is the fuel that will set you free, as it is the ultimate truth of reality.

On this love day, explore how you are loving to yourself, and love yourself more! Each self loving act or thought is bringing you closer to your joy, to your soul purpose. Because, love lights the way.

If you are struggling to love yourself, please reach out to someone who can hold the space of reconnecting you to that love that is you. We have to collapse this loveless paradigm, and each part of us that is not held in love, is reflected in the world we see. If you want to be the change you want to see in the world, then heal all that keeps you from loving you, and loving what is, now, in your reality. Now please don’t misread me here, I have been through hell and back, I know suffering greatly. And I have travelled to the other side of that suffering, and I found the truth of the journey was love. It was all for love. And yes, saying that might be easier than feeling and knowing that, but there is a way for you to say it, to battle the thought forms and energies within you that are not in alignment with that - for those are not in alignment with spirit and higher truth. And by and by, as you do this work, you will drop into the bliss of being you, and accepting the crazy creation of life you scripted in your own journey to know love, and to bring that knowing of love back to the field of All That Is, so we can leave this loveless exploration behind.

The message of the wave, and the year, is the liberation of love is just a breath away. Breathe into spirit, breathe spirit into being, be love and let love light the way.



in lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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