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Seeing The Dream of Your Soul

Blue Overtone Eagle : Kin 135 day 135 of the 260 day Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning with the Divine : Leave the Matrix of Confusion : Enter the Magical Flow of Synchronicity : Day 5 of the 3rd wave of the 3rd castle : Blue Western Castle of Burning : Burning the Bridges of the Past to Seed the Future Unimpeded

Blue Overtone Eagle : Autumn Skye : Blue Monkey Wave

Day 5 of the wave of Blue Monkey and we are at the core purpose point of the wave, what the point of the wave is about, that ties in with the intention and the result of the wave. A wave is a fragment of a cycle, a process, a journey that takes us from A to B, on this obstacle course called life. If we pick up the gifts and learn our lessons along the way, we move up into higher levels of the game. Blue Overtone Eagle is a key to that, it represents our imagination and ability to see, see beyond the now moment, see with the higher mind, the planetary mind, see with the eye of the heart, the All Seeing Eye of the Soul.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

- Einstein

Blue Eagle is the energy that is overseeing this second year in the White Wizard generational wave we are in, we began that process last summer on the 26th July and will complete it in 13 years in 2032. The Galactic New year is Blue Lunar Storm, guided by Blue Lunar Monkey, and we are in the wave of Blue Monkey right now on day 5 of that journey. 2020 has always been associated with perfect vision, and as part of our spiritual evolution, awakening to move beyond our human limitations and stepping into the wisdom of the Wizard, so we are adept at the spiritual technologies that would transform our reality. To become energy masters, understanding the mechanics of creation, and our role in it.

Seeing is believing and believing is seeing, we have to have a vision/dream, to have a dream come true. Blue Eagle is that ability to see, to fly high above the mundane world, free from the distortions and clearly see, the past and how we got here, and the future timelines that lie ahead for us, so we can navigate with clear sight. Our ability to see is hinged upon the challenge of Blue Eagle, Red Serpent, the life force. The vibration of our life force opens portals of seeing, if our life force is under threat, and we are in survival mode, our seeing is blinkered, we are in immediate now awareness, hyper vigilant and unable to see 5 steps ahead, and that’s good, for the moment, but it is not meant to be our perpetual state of being. When we are in that state for a prolonged time, we get lost because we cannot chart our longer terms course, and we end up in dead end places that we didn’t see coming. With our life force vibrating high, in the highest vibration of love, so we have raised that kundalini to the heart chakra and activated the vision of our heart, then the 3rd Eye Blue Eagle can fly on the wings of our soul’s imagination, which is closer to the truth of creation than this illusory reality.

The guide of the day is Blue Night, the dreamfield, the unknown, the dark abyss, that undefined space where energy exists in waveform, waiting to be collapsed into form by the light of our consciousness. In order to remember the dream of our soul, this journey of the Inner Child that the Blue Monkey wave is taking us on, is asking that we imagine without limitations. That we fly into the deep dark night without any definitions and see, what comes. What comes from this playfullness is the dream that was seeded in us, that we came to seed into the fabric of time, into this physical reality. We are seeds, carrying the seeds of the future. The supporting energy of the day is Yellow Seed, seeds have a vision of their future selves embedded within them. Like a code, they already have their destiny within them, they just need to be planted in the right place and the right time to be activated and then go about the journey of evolving their full potential. A bit like us.

Do you have a vision of who you are? Who you came to be? Can you remember your inner child dreams? What did your unbounded self, the inner child that was able to imagine anything, what did you imagine for your life? We are called on a vision quest, these are rites of passage that are imbedded in indigenous customs throughout the world, where the guidance of spirit is more important that making plans for our lives based on the economic illusion of reality. Most of us remember that we reached a certain stage in our child-young adult life when we were asked to put aside childish things, normally that meant our imagination and creativity that went with that, and to seriously consider what we should be in life based on what was expected by the status quo, rather than, what was the calling of our soul. We therefore mistrust the calling of the soul, and stop listening to it, and then stop using that visionary quality that is meant to be a tool for us to stay connected to the purpose of our life.

This Blue Monkey wave is a transformational process that is inviting us to clear through the baggage of the inner child wounds that has layered on the separation from our soul’s calling, so we might see with our inner eye, the truth of ourselves, and what we came to do. So we can die to the limits we imposed on ourselves, die to the false world and embrace the bigger picture, multidimensional perspective of what is really going on. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and this Age of the New Shamans we are in is demanding that we focus more on our spiritual truth so we can elevate our human experience. There is no doubt that that time is here now, we are sowing the seeds of our future, blind to our spiritual truth and therefore without stepping into our true power to affect reality.

We are cocreators, and so we need a vision of what it is we came to create. From the pure essence self, not the wounded child, not from fear, not from the illusion and confusion, but from truth and love.

We are the ones.

LOVE as always is lighting the way.

LOVE yourself, meet your inner child, heal the wounds and release the wonder, see the dream and allow the dream to come true. It’s up to you. It’s in our hands. It’s in our hearts, and Blue Overtone Eagle is empowering us to see with the eye of the heart, so we can do what love would do.

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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