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Free Dive into the Mystery to Discover the Seeds of the Divine Plan

Blue Cosmic Night : Kin 143 day 143 of the 260 Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning Us with the Divine Plan : last day of the 3rd wave of the 3rd castle of 52 days : Blue Western Castle of Burning : Burning the Bridges of the Past to Sow Seeds of the Future

Daniel Mirante : Blue Cosmic Night : Cosmic Mystery

Wow, well that was quite a transformational wave, to be honest I am still processing my own journey with this Blue Monkey wave of the Inner Child. To recap, the purpose of the wave was to reconnect us with the vision of our essence self, the unconditioned being that we came to be, free to flow with the regenerative energies of the universe, and dream ourselves into creation from the truth of our unlimited potential. Yeah, that’s quite hard to grasp. Let’s widen back and embrace the whole Blue Western Castle of Burning, the 3rd castle - a cycle of 52 days comprising 4 waves of 13 days, moving through an initiation activation in the Red Serpent, where our life force was activated and empassioned, to reconnect with the body, the embodied connection with the divine that is our birthright, but that has been subverted with all the assaults on our life force, through trauma and disconnection from nature, the body, self love etc. This led to the refining wave of White Mirror, where we were called into higher alignment with Divine Truth, which led us into a Blue Monkey wave where we were whisked up into a storm of change, to release the wounded child that is lost from truth, to reconnect to the wondrous child aligned with Cosmic Truth.

Today’s glyph is Blue Cosmic Night, it is the end goal of the process of the wave of Blue Monkey. Blue Cosmic Night is guided by Blue Cosmic Hand, aka the Hand of God, the all knowing, all healing, all doing. Hands are extensions of the Heart, and when we are in touch with our essence, our true nature, the healed & reconnected Inner Child, we are LOVE, and we do what love would do, effortlessly. Blue Night is challenged by Red Skywalker, the cosmic connector, as we let go into the abyss, the unknown, into the mystery we are challenged to make a divine connection, to find the divine in the infinite, letting go of our previously held reference points so we might alight upon a higher vibrational alignment. The supporting energy is Yellow Warrior, the fearless intelligence that can face the unknown with courage - faith of heart, knowing it is all a divine play, and there is nothing to fear but fear itself. The hidden power of this dynamic is White Mirror, truth, clarity, reorganization in alignment with higher truth, Universal Law. We go into the unknown on a journey to seek deeper truth. We come into incarnation on a journey into the unknown, we forget who we are, and are on a mission to remember, remember the wondrous inner child that is seeded with the dream of our soul, so we can step into being the fearless warrior making that dream come true.

Blue Cosmic Night is the dark, seemingly empty space wherein these dream seeds can come alive, just as we germinate seeds in the dark, and we ourselves are gestated in the dark womb of our mother, creation has this need for an empty space to fill. We are not well trained in allowing ourselves to go into emptiness, into the dark, into the unknown, into the dark night of the soul, into our fears and the wounds that keep those fears held in our space. But this capacity to go into the unknown, to let go of all our reference points, to be in the mystery, held by the abundance of creation whilst at the same time feeling suspended in nothingness, is essential for us in this Age of the New Shamans. Blue Night takes the 10th position in the generational wave of White Wizard that we began last year, and are now in year two of, in this year of Blue Lunar Storm, Blue Night is the 6th position. How we balance in seeking the truth, we let go into the unknown long enough for the truth to be revealed, as it is there, a constant but we create over it, and away from it. To create the dream of our souls, we have to learn how to embrace this Blue Night, heal the fears that keep us from seeing the infinite possibilities that are just waiting to be collapsed into form. Into the seeds we sow for the future.

As Yoda says, “we must unlearn what we have learnt” in a world of lies, we have lost our way, and now we are in a Great Awakening and the way is being restored, it feels like we are losing what we have. We have to let go of the past in order to move into the future. Our inner child essence knew this, and embraced the journey, but along the way we became afraid and feared floating freely in the undefined space of All That Is. Now we must all become Magical Manifestors embracing the unknown mystery for it’s unlimited creative potential. The dream of our souls is calling us home, so we can step into our power and purpose.

LOVE will light the way.

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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