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Open to Receive Gaia's Birth Plan : Birthing New Earth

Red Overtone Dragon : Kin 161 day 161 of the 260 day Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning with Divine Timing : Synchronizing with Divine Order : Day 5 of the 1st wave of 13 days in the 4th castle of 52 days : Fruition Time to Harvest from the Spring of Our Great Awakening

Art by Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari

We are on day 5 of the Red Earth wave, the first wave of the 4th castle, the Yellow Castle of Giving. We began this Tzolkin spin in March, the spring, and we are now entering the fall/autumn and harvest time. We are called now to ground into Mother Earth, and in so doing, connect with the Mother Matrix of Creation. We are in a time of birthing, birthing New Earth. We are called to listen to the earth, to nature, to the natural rhythms and messages of Great Spirit that are holding the dream of the Mother in this material reality we inhabit. We are called to hear her birth plan. There is a plan, a divine plan, and we have strayed away from it over millennia. We have divorced from nature, from natural time, and it has separated us, separated spirit from matter, father from mother, masculine from feminine, right from left, light from dark. And this is the illusion. We are in form because we are both, we are all One, expressing from a point of light into the All.

Red Dragon is birth, the birth of form, the birth of the material. It is through the Mother that we are here, all that is in form in this reality is birthed through the mother. We are made of the earth and the stars, the earth herself is a star being, and she has been encoded with the divine plan for heaven on earth, it is deeply embedded within her. Red Earth wave is calling us inwards, calling us to root deeper inside, deep inside the Mother, to rebirth ourselves, and to hear her birth plan for how she wants to be rebirthed in this shift of paradigms, ending of one age and the beginning of another.

At this time of fall/autumn, we are receiving the gifts of a season of planting, what have we sown into her this year? Strangely 2020 has been a year where we stopped doing, we stopped our busyness and we probably didn’t not sow into her as much as we normally do, we have allowed her a break. We saw all the wonderful images of how restorative this has been for her, and now we need to clear the ground for the next season, allowing what no longer serves to be uprooted and discarded, turned into compost, reduced from its forms, its shapes and ideas, into pure energy to feed into creation.

We don’t know what the future will look like, and that is scary but also, it is exciting and unlike any time in our remembered human history, we really don’t know, and so the potential is at it’s peak. We don’t know because we have been elsewhere. Asleep at the wheel of our lives, we have arrived here and now, and we are a little perplexed as to how we got here, what on earth is going on, and we might have many ideas about what to do for the best, but actually, what is being called for is to ground, be still, be in our body, listen to the earth, listen for the Mother, and breathe into Great Spirit, to know what was originally intended, to hear the divine plan and in so doing, remember our part as facilitator.

We have been lost in our world, creating from greed, fear, control and confusion. Now we need to come back to nature, to remember our true nature, as spirit, and reconnect to the spirit of nature, and hear her plans for what wants to grow for us, the ultimate timeline for humanity. We cannot think for ourselves, our minds our not our own. We can only feel, and drop into letting those feelings flow, the waters breaking, releasing back into the ocean of oneness from whence we came. Our feelings connect us, we all feel the same emotions, we know anger, we know grief, it doesn’t matter what language or lineage or what color of skin or sexual preference, these body temples were equipped with a sophisticated emotional body, to feel and empathize with each other, to hold the group and collective in a healthy happy state of resonance. When we lived closer to the earth rhythms we were happier, and we connected to ourselves, our soul, and each other. We listened to nature, and responded to her, as she responds to us. In our technological revolution we have lost this inner technology, and that’s unrooted us from the seat of our true power, and now we are being called back, to root into the nurturing life force of the body of the mother, and reconnect to the flow of the divine.

What is the birth plan of your new life? Are you ready to let the old life fall away? Do you see how nature shows us that there will be a time of darkness, between the harvest and the spring, how are you allowing this space into your consciousness now? The indigenous peoples called this time the Dreamtime, and in the 3rd wave of this castle we will indeed go into the Blue Night wave of dreaming. Before we go to bed we have to do our little rituals, prepare our temple for sleeping, recharging and dreaming. We can go into the dreamfield with our questions, and seek answers there or just be open to what comes. Now is the time to prepare for the fall of a world, and to dig deep into Gaia’s core dream for our evolution, we are not here to create from our distorted minds, but to attune our hearts with the resonance of the LOVE of creation, and allow Creation to flow through us.

Let love light the way. Naturally.

Only love.

Rianna Skywalker

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