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Divine Plan Encoded in Our Life Force : Intention Activate!

Red Solar Serpent : Kin 165 day 165 of the 260 day Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning with Divine Timing : day 9 of the first of 4x 13 day waves in the 4th of 5 52 day cycles that form a castle of time : Yellow Southern Castle of Giving : Fruition Time to Harvest from the Spring of Our Great Awakening

Day 9 of the wave of Red Earth, the wave of grounding into the Mother Matrix, Mother Earth as an embodiment of Divine Mother, connecting us to the life force that connects all of Creation. The 9th day of a wave is the intention point, the Solar tone of Intention speaks to the direction of our intentions akin to the directional power of the sun’s rays, and as with all things, the metaphysical interpretation of that is the focusing of consciousness. The light of the sun focuses it’s intent on creation, allowing life to grow on this precious earth-ship that is Humanity’s School of Awakening as Guardian Gardeners of Heaven on Earth. Where we focus our light, our attention, our consciousness, so shall we see creations grow. As above so below. All things are symbolic, all things have meaning. There is nothing superfluous in creation. That is why the calendar of natural time is essential for us at this time of our Great Awakening. The movement of the earth and the moon, the sun and the stars, these are no random events that mean nothing. They are signifiers, marking the chapters of a story of our evolution. This is a spiritual process with many layers, and we are in the physical dense layer of what we call 3D. We have lost connection with the other layers/dimensions, in our fall into density via the polarization process. But the multidimensional nature of reality is ever present. It is there for those with eyes to see. With the intention to see, we will. Nature is a key to our existence, to why we are here, and how to experience life in accordance with Higher Laws. We have moved away from Nature towards the New Cage Gods of Science & Technology, but we are increasingly realizing that the ultimate technology is nature herself. When we return to nature, and natural time, we begin to interface with spirit, and access our multidimensional nature. This is the call now.

Red Serpent represents the life force, the kundalini, a spiraling polarized energy of positive negative masculine feminine that carries the information from creation from consciousness into form. Red Serpent is our lifeline. It represents the 2nd chakra in the body, the sacral, the womb space from where we all enter into this dimension via our mothers, our physical mother, our mother earth and the divine mother. The life force connects us from the physical back to the spiritual. However we have not respected life, our own, the planets, our fellow beings, we have not listened to it, and so, it is diminishing, the life force is lessening and we are increasingly losing our vibration, and that means losing our divine connection. The misinformation about sexuality, our bodies, and the sexual trauma that alone brings without the incredible amount of actual sexual abuse further disrupts our life force, and therefore our ability to awaken our kundalini and activate this body temple and it’s incredible technology.

Red Solar Serpent is guided by the Red Dragon, Divine Mother, in this wave of Red Earth this speaks to the fact that the life force emanates from the Mother Creator and is in our planet earth as the body of the mother, and in our body, as we are made of the earth and the stars, the mundane and the spiritual merged. Earth was created to have life, this earth is the soul of the universe and is giving birth to a new universe, a new dimension of reality, one in which the density of matter (mother/ material) vibrates high enough to allow the light body, with all it’s information - the akash - across time and space, to remain in the body, so we are no longer in forgetfulness but we are fully awakened, fully realized creator beings, having learnt all our lessons from the level of the game of creation called Suffering so we can expand into the next level of creation called Joy. This is encoded into the life force, and we have to reconnect to it, with the intention of raising it out of it’s current low vibrational state. But we need the earth’s life force to do that, and this is the call at this time. The birth of New Earth is happening, and we are all facilitating that birth. In the previous download I shared that we are being called to hear the Birth Plan of Gaia, for how she wants to rebirth herself into the new realm. This next download is asking that we intend our life force in service to this process, for the continuation of the life force. For life to continue to flow, as it was originally intended, we need to get out of our own way.

What is interfering with your life force? Do you feel it? Do you know how to activate it? Have you experienced opening up and freely flowing back into divine union with your soul, and Great Spirit, into the Oneness with All That Is?

I have seen timelines that my human has struggled to integrate and to find words to share with you, I had to spend some time processing these, trying to decipher where these were coming from, from some distortion within myself that needed healing or if indeed it’s the distortion of not being able to see this timeline as love. Truth is, we have been living in an artificial timeline for so long, so much of what we think we know is a lie, and these lies are eating up our life force. We are in a process of dying to the lies, which feels like dying, and we see the world structures are dying, there is an unprecedented amount of chaos on the planet, and we need to expand out into our spiritual perception in order to decode what is happening from a higher perspective.

As I have said before, as I attune to the calendar of Natural Time, it acts as a tool to connect me to the cosmic field of All That Is. We each have our roles, we all came in with our scripts. Using the calendar takes you out of the artificial timeline of forgetfulness, illusion and confusion, where we have been enslaved and diminished in our evolution, and puts you back in the bandwidth of divine communication. For you to hack back into the Divine. What you receive from being reconnected is not the same as what I receive, and what I have to do with what I receive is to Signal the Way, I am a way shower, a time traveling Ancient Elder from the future, from the Signal Kin, Day Out of Time Keepers, of the Laws & the Grand Design and the Dream. I’m out there, and there are many timelines, timelines arise and fall, and I have come to understand that we are creating our reality, despite the fact that we are impaired by having been diminished in our life force for eons of time. We have activated the Great Awakening, and the Cosmic Play has moved into the rollercoaster transition phase. There has never been what will be, this is Cosmic History in the making. In this dimension all past timelines are showing up in the now to be integrated and completed, we are clearing the blueprints of the toxic imprints of the past, not just our lifetime, but all our lifetimes on this planet. None of this can come with us. This is why we are experiencing so much loss in our reality, to bring us into connection with what is eternal, what cannot be lost, and what is the umbilical cord to carry us through this portal of 2020 into the New Earth dimension of reality.

All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts...

As You Like It


Recently I have had a series of life events that have been depressing and disillusioning. As I have said, nothing is superfluous and so, I contemplated these feelings, and states of being on all dimensions, from my own life, my childhood, my ancestors etc, and the bigger picture. Disillusionment is a necessary step in our awakening, and in the birth of new earth. We need to let go of this illusion of reality to allow the new reality to be born. We need to not be entranced by the false light of this world, in order to seek and find the true light of love that will guide our way on. I got the message from Gaia, Mother Earth, as she is my guide, that we do not know her, we simply have ideas about her. The whole flat earth movement was a prompt for us to realize that what we think we know, has been given to us, and we are creating from that conditioning. Have you been to space? Have you seen earth? No, not many of us can say that, and yet we have been given images and we believe in them, and beliefs form the foundation of creation. As we believe so we intend, and as we are creatures who seem to be dependent on habits and seeking things to stay consistent, we keep that creation in place. Some of us have been conditioned into the Climate Change/Xtinction Rebellion picture of the earth dying. Both of these movements have not connected to the Cosmic Weather, nor entertained the spiritual perspective of what might be happening or not happening. As above so below. Nothing is superfluous. Are we emotionally toxic as a humanity? I would say so, does the waters of our earth reflect that? Can we clean up our inner waters, and thereby clear up her waters? Yes, I would say this is truer than any innovation we could come up with. And right now, all that we come up with is coming up from the disinformation and distortion. Red Earth wave landing at this time of the fall/autumn is signaling to us that we need to harvest what we can, and prepare to die, to let go and to return to the dream, in order to reconnect with the life force and where it wants to go now.

Look around you now, everything that is in your hologram is a clue, a message from the divine, for this time of transition. Our world is dying, and who we think we are has to die with it, we created ourselves in relation to this world, and mostly we have not been happy, so now, we are called to let go of the life we have in order to step into the life that is destined for us. We are here now at this time for this time, for this transition, to facilitate Gaia birthing a new dimensional earth school for us to enjoy being creator beings from a conscious and aware consciousness. This body, we have been told as many lies about this body as we have about the body of Gaia, the physical emanates from the spiritual, from the energy, from the light, from the sounds/vibrations and so, if we are to redesign our physical reality, we need to return into the space of no-thing, into the void, into the dreamfield of abundance, where all is, potentiality - wave forms that have not been collapsed into form. This is the Age of Self Mastery that we are in, the White Wizard years 2019-2032, and the supporting energy of White Wizard - the wisdom keepers of cosmic and earthly knowledge - is Red Serpent. Red Serpent is the rocket fuel of our body temple, that connects us with the fuel of creation. We have to appreciate the gift of life, and learn how to honor it within our body, within the body of Gaia, so we can facilitate it moving up into higher and higher expressions in form.

Tomorrow is White Planetary Worldbridger, the manifestation point of the wave of Red Earth. Worldbridger speaks to death and rebirth, the portal from one world to another. Earth is a portal, as we connect to her, and learn from her, from nature, we connect to the portal of our being, the portal of the physical back to the spiritual, just as the spiritual is a portal into the physical. In nature death is not a finality, we see that in the winter it appears that all is dead, but actually it is dormant, in a state of transition, and that many things can come in and out of existence. We see animals that have been extinct pop back into existence. This is a message from nature about the nature of reality. There is no death, not as we have been programmed to comprehend it. We need to understand what death is, a portal, a bridge. We are in a portal year, and so, it feels like dying but actually we are bridging. We are building the bridge, and right now we are all over the place with that! So many different timelines have been programmed into our consciousness, we have not journeyed into Gaia & Divine Mother to reclaim the original blueprints dream of Heaven on Earth, and so we are full of apocalyptic movie scenarios. Even our positive projections are limitations, we have to let go of them all, completely surrender, another aspect of Worldbridger, surrender into the portal, surrender the mission, and go into the dark void, the unknown, as this yin space, akin to the amniotic fluid of the womb of the mother, the oceans of Gaia, from where all life comes. Do not go towards the false light and images of heaven, but feel your way home. Feeling is the gateway to love. We are called to go into this unknown, having let go of it all, and be in full trust, feel the full love that is our connection to all that is. There is a higher intelligence in creation, we see it in nature, reflecting to us that we are part of a greater plan, and now we need to really feel that, and see that, be thankful and grateful for this journey, and all the lessons, the hard ones and the rest. And in this space of Gratitude we see it all as Grace, we see it all as LOVE.

And it is only Love that Lights the way Home.

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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