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  • Rianna Skywalker

Earth Synchronization Ascension

Sept 2nd 2020 : Red Magnetic Earth : Kin 157 day 157 of the 260 day Sacred Mayan Calendar for Humanity : Aligning with Divine Timing : day 1 of the first wave of 4 in the 4th castle : Yellow Southern Castle of Giving : Offering into Creation from Our Journey

Louis Taman - Red Earth

We have begun another wave, and this wave begins another castle. A castle is a 52 day process, one with 4 waves, each representing a creative step in a process, and each castle is a creative step in a longer process. Cycles of time intersecting to move us through our evolutionary process. We are now at the Yellow Castle, Yellow representing the maturation, the ripening and flowering stage. We began this Tzolkin spin in March in the spring of the Northern Hemisphere this year, the alignments with Nature are on point in 2020. And now we are at that harvest time in the beginning of the autumn/fall season. We have been on a journey like no other this year, and now we are going to see the fruits of that journey.

This new wave of Red Earth lands on the Full Moon in Pisces opposite the Sun in earthy Virgo. Red initiates, the activation of a process of creation. Earth represents Mother Nature, and the rhythms of nature, the synchronicity of nature that is our ultimate guidance/navigation system. The Calendar is a a call back to Red Earth synchronicity, for this artificial time construct of the Gregorian Calendar has divorced us from Nature, Natural Time, taking us out of phase with our galactic relationships with the celestial bodies that influence every aspect of our life, within and on the planet. We know of course the hugely impactful ways in which the Moon influences the water of the earth, and our bodies. Why are we living outside of natural time? How can that make any sense? No wonder we have become so lost as a humanity. Red Earth is an archetype in the Core Kin that includes the Yellow Human, White Wind and Blue Hand. Earth & Humanity are one. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and Earth is Great Spirit in form. We need Mother Earth, and daughter Gaia needs us, she needs us to awaken as the Guardian Gardeners of Heaven on Earth. So the message of the castle is that in order for the harvest to come, we need to first connect with nature, orientate with natural time, the rhythm of the earth, that brings us back into contact with spirit, and love. The second wave of the castle is White Dog, the love story that will allow us to discover the light within to carry us through the Dark Night of the Soul - the Blue Night wave - into the fields of abundance beyond fear where the dream of the soul lies, so we can step into the intelligence and self mastery of our spiritual purpose as Yellow Warriors, ending the castle in the wave of Yellow Warrior.

This is our offering, to reclaim our intelligence and faculties of thinking, questioning and surrendering our egos and goals driven from the distortions, so we can be soulfully aligned with the divine plan.

Though this wave is Red and activating, it is also yin. Nature requests that we ground, slow down our human busyness. The challenge of Red Earth is Blue Hand, representing our achievements, our busy hands doing things. Blue Hand is also knowledge, the knowledge we get by doing, but hands are extensions of the heart and so, if we do what we love, and we do it with love, this might mitigate the senseless busyness that is ultimately not giving but taking from Gaia. The challenging archetypes are always in the same kin, because we are our own worst enemy, and we all have to learn how to balance the polarities within and without. Red Earth is seemingly stillness, nature doesn’t move too fast, until she does. Blue Hand perhaps moves too much, and needs to moderate with learning the art and magic of non doing. Red Earth is the zen path of Qi Gong. It is always moving, it is always achieving but it’s at a natural pace, not a man made insanely driven pace that leads to exhaustion and depletion of resources. Red Earth is about timing, she is very clear that there is a right time and a right place. We might try to change and control her, but ultimately nature will win. There’s a season for sowing, a season for growing and a season for harvesting and, a much forgotten phase of laying fallow. Stillness. Where apparently everything dies, or lays dormant, but is actually dreaming itself back to life again.

The supporting energy of Red Earth is White Wind, Great Spirit is the voice of earth and her beings, and they are all messengers of the Divine. White Wind is also the breath of life, prana. As we ground, as we become still, especially in nature, we breathe deeper, deeper into our soul. The hidden power of Red Earth is Yellow Seed the previous wave we were in. Earth is fertile, she is loaded with the life force, loaded with the StarSeeds and the codes for the Temple of Heaven on Earth. Earth is our time/space vehicle of learning how to be spirit in human form, how to bring the light of love into the physical and experience it. We are learning here, and she is our greatest teacher. We are called to return to nature, to return to Natural Time, so we can receive the wisdoms of spirit that is encoded in nature, and being aligned with nature, and her rhythms will align us with the cosmic rhythms of our galactic family, reconnecting us to the bandwidth of Divine Communication that will allow us to reclaim creation from the path of destruction.

In this cosmology, as in many other indigenous cultures, this is the 5th world, we have destroyed earth 4 times before. We are at the dawning of a new age, the Age of the New Shamans, in July 2019 we went into the White Wizard wave of the Great Awakening of Humanity, a time for humanity to develop spiritual intelligence, reconnect with the divine, and align with divine purpose, so we can move to the 6th Sun Consciousness level of the game of life. We have already succeeded in creating this new dimension of reality, a dimension in which the spiritual and physical are not separate, where the light of our being and the vibrancy of our physical vehicle, our bodies, and the body of Gaia, are aligned. In this 6th Sun Dimension we are outside of time, we are spiritual beings mastering the human vehicle to create heaven on earth and experience creating from this awareness, from love, from unity, from joy of being. We have learnt enough from suffering, and it is time to move on. Nature shows us how we can turn shit into fertilizer, so whatever we go through can become a gift or an offering. She shows us that in the dark times, this too shall pass as the light of spring always comes again.

We are in an epic time in our human evolutionary history, on the planet and in the cosmos. This is also an unprecedented spiritual event horizon. The energies are super strong. There is a changing of the guard in the heavens, as Saturn moves steadily towards Aquarius, dawning the Age of Aquarius, we are moving from the head to the heart. In the head we are divided, two hemispheres that perceive the world within and without differently, right or left. In the heart, two chambers beat as one. The 6th Sun Consciousness is Heart Consciousness, it is the space in which we live in the namaste and in lak’ech knowingness, that I am another you, and that there is no sin that you have done that I have not done, in all our lifetimes, we have suffered and known great joys, we are equal and yet we can be unique expressions of the all, and create through that expression, what we chose to do when we began the experiment of Earth.

Take time out in nature during these 13 days, and tune in, to the breath, and let nature speak to you. She is always carrying messages from Great Spirit. Ground into the body of the Mother, feeling the Mother Earth energy connects us to the Divine Mother energy that is returning to us now, bringing us back into our creative power and into the love that we are, that we emanated from. The message of the moment is this time will allow us to ground into the heart of the matter, heart of the mother, heart of what matters so we can dream the dream of the mother and be her spiritual warriors, the guardian gardeners of the New Eden.

We are the ones, the wait is over, the time has come. Align with Divine Time, root your soul purpose with love and watch the unfolding, naturally.

Only love will light the way, think love be love.

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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