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  • Rianna Skywalker

Dreamers Awaken from Fear & Step into Purposeful Power

Blue Magnetic Night : Kin 183 day 183 of 260 day Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning with Divine Timing : day 1 of the 3rd wave of the 4th castle : Yellow Castle of Giving : Harvesting the Growth of 2020’s Great Awakening

Today we begin the 3rd wave of the 4th castle, in the cosmology of the Mayan DreamSpell, which relates to the actual movement of the earth & the moon, and it’s Galactic brothers & sisters returning us to the bandwidth of Divine Intelligence. As we watch our world collapsing there has never been a better time to tune out of the noise, and tune into nature, and the natural rhythms of time, nature’s time and cosmic time, contexualizing our human experience within a vaster, more perfectly orchestrated evolutionary process. We are so much more than we have known, but we are in the Great Awakening of who we are, and the beginning of the Age of Self Mastery that we are merely toddlers in at this stage. In 2019, on the Galactic New Year 26th July, marking the rising of Sirius with the Sun, we entered a new generation, the White Wizard wave. I have been calling it the Age of the New Shamans, as well as the Great Battle. It is a great battle, but one we have already won on one dimension of reality, and we are in the Great Awakening as to how master ourselves, transcend our juvenile dumbed down humanness and step into our power as Creators, Artists of Life, masterfully managing the timelines of creation with our consciousness & energetic sophistication. When you consider this perspective, then you can see what is happening in a totally new light. This is not just the end of the world, but the birth of a new one. And we are the dreamers of ourselves.

Dreaming brings me nicely back to the moment. Today is Blue Magnetic Night, the transformational wave in the creation sequence of 4 waves that will take us towards the 4th wave of Yellow Warrior, stepping into our power & purpose. It’s good to bear this in mind, that this is a process, and it has a purpose, so we can face the dark night of the soul, and embrace the journey into the underworld and subconscious realms. Yesterday Mercury moved into Scorpio, perfectly assisting this communication with the subconscious, the hidden, the dark shadows we keep from ourselves, and the world has kept from us in perfect reflection. Buckle up it’s about to get bumpy, but, we were preparing for this, and we are ready. And believe it or not, 2020 is a sign of our readiness.

Blue Night is the great unknown, the dark abyss, the field of dreams which when we are not in our power, is a field of nightmares. Blue denotes the fluid water element that is transformational, movement. And Night is the yin space of the wu wei, the nothingness from which everything comes. It is the quantum field, where everything is pure potentiality, waiting to be collapsed into form, with the light of consciousness. Blue Night is the subconscious, and it’s where we ultimately create from. Blue Night is the Astral Realms also. We have to become lucid in our dreams to wake up to our day dream. Blue Night also represents abundance, as it is the undefined, pure potentiality. It is interesting to consider the implied message here, that our abundance lies in no-thing, and is on the otherside of our fears and denied subconscious wounds. The supporting energy of Blue Night is Yellow Warrior, as we need to be fearless to go into the unknown, and the warrior is a pioneer seeking to forge into the unknown to expand it’s intelligence. The first two waves of this castle (a 52 day cycle in the 260 day lunar Tzolkin) were Red Earth, grounding us into our bodies, into nature, into natural time, to reconnect with the life force, with Divine Mother, and with the flow of life, setting us up to be receptive to the LOVE that is All That Is, as we went into the White Dog wave of love which we completed yesterday with White Cosmic Wind, Great Spirit. As we open to love, we step up in self mastery, as love is a journey that requires a devotion to self love, knowing & mastering the self inevitably, opens us up the higher truth of who we are, and why we are here, allowing us to remember our spiritual truth, and the spiritual mission that lies at the core of our lives. We needed these stepping stone processes to allow us to come to a place of self love within, and a more expanded sense of love without, in order to dive deeply into this dark unknown within, to clear the dark unknown without.

Are you afraid of the dark? Have you brought the light of your awareness there to see what’s really controlling your life, and the world around you? They say that 90% of what we do is from our subconscious. Do you remember your dreams? If you do, do you try to understand what they are telling you? Have you tried lucid dreaming? Do you know that the Tibetans and other spiritual practices involve lucid dreaming as a essential practice for our soul’s evolution, we can do so much of our soul work asleep! We live in a world devoted to the yang, we praise those who barely sleep, which is funny as today the universe brought me this perfect story about Einstein who would sleep 10 plus hours a day. And all the scientists who made their discoveries in their sleep. If we look at nature as a perfect guide, then she sleeps for months. It is a necessary regenerative space for us, we slept in the womb of our mothers for 9 months before landing here. Dreaming ourselves.

So why are we living a nightmare dream? Because we are lost in the dark and afraid of the dark. We have forgotten that we are in a dream, and that everything in the dream is a reflection of us, and our journey, dream tells we call them. We live in a separation consciousness, triggered by trauma and a powerful programming, including the separation from natural time, that has us move away from our natural, innate intelligence, our spiritual powers, leaving us feeling powerless, giving away our power and experiencing it coming back at us, to trigger our reclaiming it, and owning it, stepping out of fear, into Warriorship that transforms the Dark Night of the Soul into the Field of Dreams, where anything is possible.

What do you do when you are lost? What do you do when you don’t even know that you are lost? Look for signs? Blue Night invites us to step into the unknown in order to discover deeper truth, the hidden power of Blue Night is White Mirror. White Mirror is the Age of Truth we began in 2017-2030. White Mirror is the wave theme of this Blue Lunar Storm year. We are on an awakening to truth like never before, we can see it out there in the world, but it must also be happening in here, in the inner world and now, in our deepest secret places within our subconscious worlds. The message is dive into the unknown, this dark night of the soul is always rewarded with alighting upon truth, a revelation - if we don’t get identified and lost in the dark so completely that we don’t find our way out. This is where we are now, we are sleeping between two worlds, and about to wake up and realize the truth of our power, as creators.

The challenge of Blue Night is Red Skywalker, the cosmic connector, the time space traveller seeking to ground the temple of heaven on earth. As we let go into the dreamscape, we are attempting to connect with our higher cosmic truth, and bring that into our reality. We get lost because we have largely forgotten that we are spiritual beings, with a cosmic story, and cosmic intelligence beyond our human/earthly reality. If we knew that, then we would prioritize that part of our lives, seek to know our spiritual / soul path, and understand our human journey from that perspective. In my work I bring people to their soul’s blueprints so they can bridge that knowing and understand the why’s and wherefores of their lives. It’s the first step on a journey of self mastery, to know thyself and to thine own self be true. Knowing yourself will allow you to interpret your dreams, and your waking dream hologram, receive all the messages and pay closer attention to a higher reality, disengaging with the lower vibrational reality that is driven to spiral us further and further away from the truth, into more and more fear - false evidence appearing real - and more and more separation - a darker and darker nightmare. The only way out is to go deeply in and reclaim the unknown within, so we can embrace the outer reality as a reflection, and begin to regain artistic playfulness with this experiment of free will.

The journey of Blue Night is punctuated with the core purpose point of Blue Hand, we are here to ‘do’ our dreams. We are the dream of ourselves and we are here to embody that dream, and achieve that dream. If we are lost, we don’t know what to do. If we embrace the abundance of Blue Night, we dream and allow it be done. Blue Hand is our body, these hands that are extensions of our hearts, when we do what we love, which comes from our soul, all that we do is ultimately healing, and we achieve more. Blue Hand is also knowing, the felt sense embodied knowing that we generally have through experience, when we know our subconscious and our dreams, we can know how we are going to heal or achieve them. The dreamscape is a place of knowing for me, I had prophetic dreams from childhood, disturbing my family with this ability. We have largely lost and devalued this ability to know through our dreams, whereas the indigenous and ancient history frequently talk about dreams assisting peoples to avoid danger. The dreamscape is where our soul can communicate with us, our soul is outside of time. Dreams are knowledge, knowledge is power. And we are being called to reclaim that power. What is in the way of your dreaming? There are other ways to empower this ability, such as floatation tanks, and dark room retreats. Stepping out of the false light of the world to connect with the true inner light that will light the way.

The intention point of this journey into the unknown Dark Abyss is Blue Monkey, the inner child. We are dreaming to process this reality with other dimensions of reality. Our inner child came in to this reality with a dream, the dream of itself, and it’s journey, it’s purpose and all the experiences it wanted to have on this part of it’s soul journey. We land into a hostile reality that’s lost it’s way, and from the very get go the reality is imposing it’s insanity on us, driving a wedge between us and our soul connection. The dreamfield is where we go to restore. Children need to sleep lots, babies in the womb appear to be dreaming. Even my cats are dreaming 15-17 hrs a day! Blue Monkey is the essence self, but we have to heal the inner child wounds, so we can recover the magical inner child dreams, the outside of the box (status quo) dreams of heaven on earth that we came to experience. They say that children up to the age of 5 are in a perpetual dream state, and that by 7 they are an adapted version of their true selves, disconnected from their truth and marching to the imposed dream of the world, their parents and society for them. We have to remember our souls dream, this allows us to remember who we are, and open to receive ourselves, and the love that we are. So we can be a light unto the world. When we turn to face the darkness within we are reclaiming the innocence, the light within. As we dispel the illusion/confusion that is this darkness, this falling away from truth and love, within, we are able to bring more light, truth and love to the world. It is really up to us, and it is really in the inner child healing that we can really anchor opening up to our gifts and powers of creation. There’s nothing like the imagination of a child, and we need that now more than ever, in this overly serious world of projected limitations based on illusions. Do you remember your childhood dreams? What did your magical child want to do? Maybe not all your flights of fancy were outside the realms of possibility? Can you be playful with your inner child and recover those dreams?

Einstein’s theory of special relativity came to him in a dream, Telsa’s inventions came to him in dreams, Watson’s structure of DNA came to him in a dream. Why don’t we talk of this more than all this yang fake it to make it nonsense that the false light world promotes as the only way to succeed in this reality? Why don’t we trust our bodies, and our natural ways of being to be the path of awakening our inner magic, our inner genius? Were your dreams belittled, do you ignore them now? 99.9% of reality is anti matter, or existing in undefined waveforms, and we are the conscious agents that are directing our attention/light to create within this quantum field. Waking up is realizing that we are in control of the dream, and mastering how we do that.

“At least once a day, allow yourself to think and dream for yourself” Albert Einstein

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake” Henry David Thoreau

“The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking” Robert Schuller

The end goal of the wave of Blue Night, is Blue Cosmic Eagle, the ultimate visionary. Blue Eagle is the seer, the ability to see. See the past and how we got here, and the future timelines that are emerging from the now into the dreamfield. 2020 perfect vision is the second year in the wave of self mastery White Wizard, humanity awakening in wiz-dom, is Blue Lunar Eagle, challenging us to see, to stop seeing with our limited and conditioned eyes, and to realize real lies with real eye of the heart. We need a vision of the future, a dream, as we are creating from this vision. Where is your vision coming from, the tele-a-vision programming device or your soul? Have you bought into the dystopian future that we are bombarded with in films and now increasingly in the supposed ‘news’? If we are the dream/imagination of ourselves, then you are allowing something outside of you to control your creative power to dream your own reality into being. Blue Eagle is the antipode, challenge of Red Serpent, the life force. The kundalini energies rise up from the sacral to the 3rd eye allowing our physical bodies to vibrate higher and see more of the light spectrum, transcend the illusion and confusion and access real sight. Being in fear lowers our life force, keeps us in this dimension of seeing as a necessity in fight, flight mode for our in the moment survival, taking our eyes of the longer term projections of our now moment decisions. We are the creators of our future, and we create that future now. Timelines are creating and discreating all the time, depending on the amount of life force that is given to that potential reality. To dream into the unknown, we are letting go of all the programming and diving deep into the light of truth and the dream of the Mother, the creator, the giver of life, the dream that furthers life, love and light lies within.

So dive in!

Not knowing is the most creative place we can be, as we let go of defining how things are, how they should be, and we journey into discovering what’s eternal, so we can create from there. As we bring this light of our consciousness into the dark unknown we will be invincible, empowered, with our knowing, so we can step into our mission. Blue Night is the manifestation point of the generational wave of White Wizard we are in, inviting us to master the dreamfield and reclaim the dream of our souls.

“Dreamers can’t be tamed” Paul Coelho

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt

LOVE will light the way.

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

Feeling lost in a sea of possibilities? Or afraid of the future? Reorientate with a cosmic perspective and reclaim your power of inner guidance. Book a reading and begin your journey of self mastery, live your best life yet and play your part in the Great Awakening. You are here now for a reason. There is a purpose to you, and there is only one you for all time. Love yourself fully by seeking to know & be true to you.

Only love.

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