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Will Power & Purpose of the Life Force : Activate Ascension Timeline is our Mission

Red Planetary Serpent : Kin 205 day 205 of 260 in the Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning with Divine Timing : day 10 of the 4th wave of 13 days in the 4th castle of 52 days : Yellow Castle of Giving : Harvest Time

Vrindavan Das : Yogi : Red Planetary Serpent

We have reached the 10th day of the Yellow Warrior wave, the manifestation point of the journey of stepping into our power and purpose. Red Serpent represents the life force, the 2nd chakra, the sexual creative energy, and the kundalini. It is the hidden power of Yellow Warrior, and so it is the manifestation point of the wave that is taking us towards awakening our Spiritual Warriorship. When we are on our spiritual mission, we have the life force behind us, as we are listening to the life force. When we are not on our spiritual mission, our life force diminishes. We lose power, we lose energy. We are not passionate about what we do, and we choose our goals from external, mental, societal sources rather than, going within to the energy body to reconnect with the light/soul body and align with our higher purpose.

I have been writing these transmissions from the 13 moon calendar for over 8 years now, I’ve been studying and working with the calendar for 20 yrs almost. It is such a beautiful system because it is multilayered, it is simple and yet profound. There are many levels of interpretation that even after 8 yrs I am discovering more and more messages encoded within the system. We are on a journey, individually and collectively and as such, things change, perspectives change, and somehow the calendar is alive and changes with these shifts. Right now the alignments between the artificial timeline - the Gregorian Calendar of Control, that has divorced us from nature, and the natural movement of our celestial planetary family, thereby disconnecting us from our higher intelligence, from our cosmic history, knowledge and our divine gifts - notwithstanding the intention of this control mechanism to subvert the integration of spirit in humanity, the alignments are converging in incredible ways. It is palpable that we are in epic times of change, transition and that despite the fear and confusion, we will emerge from this into a new reality, one that awaits us to freely choose to be in resonance with.

Red Serpent is a major key in our ability to choose, our choices on a soul level were made before we incarnated, though we have free will, ultimately we are to awaken to Thy Will is my will, the realisation that we have a soul contract to fulfill, that is both for our soul’s evolution and a part of the evolution of humanity, the planet and universal significance. Will Power, demands all our life force, and the Warrior cannot fully step into it’s mission if it has no energy, no passion for it, if the soul is not on fire for what it came to do, then it is very unlikely that it will be able to withstand the distractions, interference and other assaults that beset us in this part of our evolutionary history. There have been eons of time of assaults on our life force, our connection to it, and it’s true potential as a manifestation power. Trauma, misinformation about our divine sexuality, self loathing - which includes the climate change narrative that has perpetrated the concept that the earth would be better off without humans. I could write a whole book on this subject, on many different levels, it is so deep and pervasive. We have much healing to do in order to reclaim, purify and awaken our Red Serpent kundalini life force, to get plugged back into the LIFE FORCE of the universe. And that time is now, we are witnessing the challenges on our life force this year, we are in the 2nd year of the White Wizard generational wave of 13 yrs, corresponding to the Blue Lunar Eagle, the challenge of seeing, in the Galactic Year of Blue Lunar Storm, the challenge of change, shifting energies and regenerating the energy we need to see clearly through the illusion. 2020 has long been known as perfect vision, Blue Eagle represents vision, and Red Serpent is the challenge of Blue Eagle. They are both in the Polar kin, they represents the chakras in the body and the technology of activating the light /soul body. The symbolism is everywhere, throughout the world, the concept of the rising serpentine energies of masculine & feminine, fire & water, rising to the 3rd Eye, the eye of the heart/soul, the All Seeing Eye, opening the wings of the Eagle, as we see in the caduceus. If we are stuck in lower vibrational energy, such as fear and trauma, stress and lust, our life force stays low and doesn’t rise. Various traumas at different ages lead to blockages in our chakras, energy body, by and by impeding the flow of energy to the pineal gland, reducing our ability to see, which is seen physically as we age, but also it is the closing our our spiritual sight.

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies - unknown

There is a direct correlation with the vibrancy of our life force and our ability to see. The light spectrum is increased as our energy increases. Those of us who are energy workers, have elevated our energy vibrancy allowing us to see energies, colors, frequencies etc. There is much more to our reality than meets the eye - literally, our First Eye is blocked and we cannot see clearly. We are in a dream, an illusion, and cut off from our life force we haven’t had enough Will Power to wake up. The fear control paradigm has created a perfect storm of trauma to continually dumb us down from connecting to our true power. Why? Well this is another book in itself, because there are a myriad of ways of looking at and answering that question, we are multidimensional and all things have many levels, the truth is something we have to expand in order to see, rather than contract towards. In this wave of Yellow Warrior, which is all about intelligence - knowing who you are, why you are here, what this time is about, what your role is, how you serve & when you are called. Knowing all this is power, knowledge is power, and we have lost our knowledge, of our body technology - how the life force works as a spiritual activation & connection tool, alignment with the Greater Good. True power is having no fear, as the ultimate warrior is fearless, fearless in knowing Truth and the ultimate truth of aligning with the Life Force is aligning with Love.

Red Serpent is our connection to the body, and to the soul, it is the bridge to our purpose, and it is our power. Our power to create reality, as well as life. In seeking to know ourselves we have to activate the life force, in my work, using powerful dynamic breath, we activate the life force and allow it to reclaim the body, working through all the not self energies that have become attached, or been identified as self, that block us from connecting with and being our true selves. Breathing in the life force we are breathing in our soul body, and that vibrates in our highest truth eliminating everything else so we can finally know ourselves, receive our truth within, feel our life force fully and know our true power. Honoring the life force once we have actually met it, is easy, until then we may abuse it, with foods, drugs, alcohol, unconscious unloving sex, and other ways in which we allow our life force to be depleted. Without being aligned to our life force all our goals are doomed to failure, as we are not aligned with our soul purpose, our energy will deplete. When we are connected to our soul purpose, we reclaim our power and we have all the energy we need. In fact we tune in each step of the way with our life force, as a guide to the moment from our higher intelligence, interfacing with our body. Allowing us to be here now, and to know precisely what to do, to evolve and not devolve. That is our Warriorship, to elevate our DNA, to heal the distortions of the past and reactivate the life force & our spiritual connection. It is the only way out of the Nightmare of Confusion we have created.

Are you listening to your sacral, your life force? What is it saying? Do you appreciate that your life force and your sexual energy are one and the same, and that your sexual energy is a conduit to your soul? Are you honoring that? Do you feel depleted? Could it be that you are not in alignment with your soul purpose? Red Serpent is the key. If you are feeling lost, if you are not feeling passion for life or self expression, for yourself, then pay attention to the 2nd chakra, the body, and allow that energy to activate, purify, and elevate to show you the way. Everything you need is within you. There are guides and facilitators to help you, readings help as we each have our own unique ways of activation, and seeing your souls blueprints is an activation of the life force in itself. Activating you to remember from within, just by a little reminder you left for yourself in your name and birth details. The life force is intelligence, and the Warrior needs to have that intelligence to activate remembrance of their role, so they can step fearlessly forward when the time is right, do what only they can do, and by and by as we all step into our right place, doing the right thing, so much will shift in our reality, shifting us back into alignment with the Divine Plan, to ground heaven on earth, and to live in the glory of LOVE Peace & Harmony with Creation. And so it is…

This is the Warrior wave, in the Castle of Fruition, bringing us into the fullness of our power & purpose, in these generational waves - The Age of Truth 2017-2030, The Age of Self Mastery & Wisdom 2019-2032. The truth of our power is being revealed, inviting us to step into self mastery of it, to purify the darkness (forgetfulness of love) so we can use it, with a higher consciousness of love to leave this level of the game of life, and enter the Golden Age. It is up to us, we are the conscious creator agents, this is the truth we must acknowledge and assume responsibility for, taking our power back - the life force, we can honor and listen to it, and protect & preserve it, allowing it to descend fully into our body Temple, so we can ascend reality out of darkness into the Light of Love.

Love lights the way.

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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