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Journey of Enchantment : The Great Awakening Accelerates

Blue Electric Monkey : Kin 211 day 211 of the 260 day calendar of Natural Time : Aligning us with the Divine : Day 3 of the first wave in the last 5th castle of the Lunar Year 2020 : The Green Central Castle of Enchantment : Opening to the Awakening

We are on day 3 of the Red Moon wave we began on Saturday 24th October 2020. Red Moon starts off the 5th and final castle - cycle of 52 days, that is the Central Green Castle of Enchantment that will take us to the middle of December 2020. This is the last leg of the Tzolkin spin we began at the end of March 2020.

Baby Universe : Nicole Mizoguchi

This castle takes us towards the apex of the creation story that the 13 Moon Sacred Calendar of Natural Time is telling that reflects our spiritual human journey and evolutionary process. We are in the Shift of the Ages, opening to the Sixth Sun Consciousness and New Earth that accompanies that new level of human awakening. It is said that this is the 5th world, that we have imploded / exploded our world 4 times before, and that now is a unique moment in our cosmic history as we have created another dimension of reality, one that is less dense, one in which spirit and matter are no longer perceptively separate, one in which we are restored to the knowingness of who we are, and the oneness we emanate from.

Opening to receive this, to feel it so as to know it to be true, is the invitation of the moment. Red Moon - representing sensitivity, feeling, openness, receptivity, universal water of life, emotional realm, the divine feminine, flow - is the hidden power of Yellow Human - representing humanity, vessels of spirit, the conduits of the divine into the mundane. In other words, our openness and sensitivity to feeling is what empowers us as a humanity. Feelings connect us with the Divine, open us up to receive the divine, to receive ourselves and to flow with the waters of life. If we are closed, our water becomes stagnant, our thinking becomes distorted from our feeling and we are cut off from our hidden power. We are cut off from the journey of enchantment. Being open, being in the feminine yin, receptive to life, we are opening to spirit. The second wave of the Green Central Castle of Enchantment is White Wind, representing Great Spirit. Being open to the communication of spirit, aligning us with the ultimate truth of the magical power of love, allows us to see with the eyes of love, the eye of the heart, Blue Eagle that is the 3rd wave of the castle we are in. Blue Eagle is the planetary mind, the visionary, seeing from higher perspective, seeing with the spiritual eye, the vision of the Divine Plan, the 4th and final wave of the calendar, Yellow Star.

Red Moon is the key, it is the restoration of balance we need to ground heaven to earth which is the birthing of New Earth. This year, this Red Moon wave is akin to the waters finally breaking on this birthing process we have been in for many years. Red Moon is the waters of life, water is a fascinating creation with incredible qualities, some are only now being discovered. Water holds memories and there is a communication between water molecules that defies time and space. It was observed that water from the same location, a lake, was taken in two vials to two different locations, many miles apart. In one vial the essence of a flower was applied, and crystallized and the other vial was crystalized to show the same structure, it had received the ‘reading’ or message of the essence immediately in no time or space lag. So water holds imprints and memories, and water is life. Could this be how we seem to keep creating the same realities over and over, because of the memories we are holding, the structures they form, that crystallize in us and crystallize our holograms? If all is a reflection we can see that nature is reflecting to us that our waters are polluted, toxic. We can clearly see that in the emotional dysfunction of humanity during these times. We have lived in increasingly yang times, driven to deny our feelings, to despise feeling in fact, and seek to obliterate them by ‘feeling over’ and creating over what is our essential opening to divine communication. Depression is rampant, but instead of feeling our way through to a spiritual understanding, we take medications of various forms and pollute our bodies, alcohol, drugs - prescribed or otherwise, foods and behaviors that alter our moods. This has numbed us, and allowed us to carry on carrying on. But, the evolutionary process is divinely ordered and our human limiting adaptations are no match, we are on course to awakening by design, and so our hologram reflects to us louder and louder until we finally see, feel and receive the truth of who we are, where we are in time, what we need to do to leave one paradigm for another.

We travel through these energies, every 260 days, 260 is the length of a human gestation, and so we are rebirthing humanity on every spin. Evolving all of these aspects, these archetypal energies, from their shadow expressions to their exalted expressions, and each time we complete a cycle we can elevate up to a higher level of the game, open portals on the spiral of life ascending.

Today’s archetype is Blue Electric Monkey, activating the essence self. Blue Monkey represents the inner child, the magical child, and our true self, the one that came to be, before the one that adapted to the limitations of the projected reality it arrived in. Blue Monkey speaks therefore to the inner child work we all have to do, to heal the wounds that distort us from the truth of who we are, to release the unhealthy ego and connect with the unique expression of the All that we came to be, so we can reconnect to the magic of creation that we are. The electric tone is the 3rd frequency, 3 is one of those magical numbers of creation. It bonds the previous tones polarized 2 energy by bringing another element to form a dynamic spiral of movement, out of the restless opposition of duality into the creative dance where 1 and 2 and 3 are indistinguishable from each other. The beginning of harmonizing. So in the wave of Red Moon, opening to feeling, we were challenged by White Lunar Dog, to love ourselves, light dark, all the polarities within and so we can love all the polarities without. Opening to feeling, opening to the divine feminine flow of life, we receive love, and in receiving love we receive ourselves, a creation of love, an emissary of love, the pure essence being that Blue Electric Monkey represents.

This Galactic Year 2020 is Blue Lunar Storm, guided by Blue Lunar Monkey, in the wave of White Mirror, aligning with higher truth. The Storm represents change, regeneration, and the lunar is this challenging energy of opposition, polarity and duality. We are being shaken up, by a vortex of change, challenging us to heal our inner child wounds and remember the truth of who we are, why we are, and what on earth is going on! The inner child is a key to our heart, and so it is also the key to our imagination, our vision. We came in with a vision, a mission, a dream, a dream from the Divine Mother, to co-create Heaven on Earth. We each have our unique roles to play, and there is only one you for all time, so you are needed, you do need to remember. Together to get there is the only way.

Red Moon is the Ace of Cups in the Tarot, it speaks to the need to empty our vessels in order to receive. Being empty is a challenge, we are afraid of this void, this yin space, but we emanate from the void, and creation is a flow state between yin and yang. We have to let it flow, we have to let it go. We need to feel it to heal it, and open up to our innate sensitivity as a humanity as our super power, not our achilles heal. How much can you let go, how much space can you make to receive? Red Moon represents purification, and the journey of Red Moon is punctuated with the core purpose of creating the temple of heaven on earth, Red Overtone Skywalker, the radiance of cosmic connection. If the waters of life are universal, and the water is a communicative fluid, we have that telepathic multidimensional communication capacity within our body, the body temple. Do you feel it in your water? What’s in the way of being fully open to receive the divine communication that is surrounding us in the field? Suppressed emotions, de-sensitivity and numbness, toxins - in the form of emotions and other pollutants. Stagnancy? Red Moon is also about flow, the river flows effortlessly, sometimes smoothly sometimes in a torrent, the celestial moon moves rhythmically, but it always moving. We have to keep our waters moving, moving the body, allows us to feel. When we are in our head, cut off from the body, our feelings get stuck, and turn into illnesses. Opening up to receive our feelings, we can heal them - allow them to move, to let go of the memories and structures they hold, so we are purified of the past imprints and empty, ready to receive anew. The perpetual flow the the waters of life. A child is born from the waters of the mother, and as we age we dry out, losing the water element is losing life. This is metaphoric for the loss of the divine feminine and the destruction of life.

The intention point of the wave of Red Moon is Red Solar Earth, the direction of earth, how she will flow is in the waters of life, and we are all conduits of that water. Aligning with the Earth & Moon dance which is this sacred calendars gift, allows us to activate our waters memories, to open to the cosmic connections to our Galactic Families and ground our individual temples of heaven - our physical bodies into this dimension of reality, allowing us to elevate this reality to the next dimension. The end goal of this wave of Red Moon is Red Cosmic Dragon, the Divine Mother, the Universal Mother Creator. So we are opening up to creation, opening to the flow of creation, opening to the feminine aspect of creation from which life comes. We have endured an insane epoch of time in separation from the truth of creation, the truth of the Divine Mother, and the original divine plan for earth and humanity. To remember, we are called into the Journey of Enchantment, to open to receive, great spirit’s vision for creation. This castle feels so strong, as we are in epic times, opening to receive the magic - the wisdom - of our multidimensional truth so we can let go of all that is held in our individual and collective fields that is subconsciously creating the status quo of separation and destruction of life.

There is a changing of the guards in the heavens, and this speaks to the changing of the guards within. We are on the precipice of a quantum shift in consciousness, shifting us from head - the battle ground of ungrounded, disconnected ideas and egos run rampant, into the feeling heart field, where truth can be felt and known beyond words. Without feeling we will be lost, and this is the final frontier of our humanity, our hidden power must be supported and empowered, so we can rise on a tide that raises all boats. That tide is coming in now, we are cast adrift in 2020, unhinged from the artificial timeline that hijacked humanity's evolution, we are floating in a surreal transition space from one world to another, from the nightmare to the dream come true. It is up to you. It is our co creation, we can open up to receive and remember, to feel and heal so we can flow into with the Divine to the New Earth, the highest timeline, the Sixth Sun level of the game of life.

Love lights the way, follow your heart.

In lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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