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It’s Friday 30th of December 2022, we are on the 5th day of the wave of 2023. The 5th day is the core purpose of the wave. Today’s glyph (Mayan archetype) is White Overtone Worldbridger. Worldbridging is a key aspect of the time we are in, as the wave that holds the Mayan Galactic year, Red Self Existing Moon is in the wave of White Worldbridger.

For those of you who are new to Mayan Astrology, waves are cycles, in the lunar calendar they are 13 days, and there are 20 of them in a lunar year of 260 days, called a creation cycle. The 13 relates to frequencies, from magnetic to cosmic. And the 20 relate to the 20 archetypes which are organized in 5 Earth families or Soul Groups. We are born with our natal archetype and into a soul kin (family) of 4 archetypes that we will travel our earthwalk journey in, within 13 year waves mastering these aspects. This is the calendar of Natural Time, because it is based on the sun, moon and earth, and beyond. The Mayans were masterful timekeepers, astronomers and their cosmology dove tails with many of the ancient indigenous calendars and philosophies of life around the world, and through time. Our world is organized by an artificial calendar that is divorced from nature, taking us out of synch with our true nature and the real reality of the Divine. In this time matrix we are enslaved to a time is money paradigm of power over and control. This calendar is a tool for us to free ourselves from the matrix of illusion that breeds confusion, to reconnect with nature, which is an expression of the Divine, and in doing so, allowing us to reconnect with our Divinity.

And that is precisely what 2023 will be about.

The Great Spiritual Awakening : Rianna Skywalker

Let's recap where we are in the bigger picture of the Generational Waves - 13 yr cycles - we are journeying as a collective. First we began the Age of Truth, Jan 1st 2017 by entering the White Mirror wave. Mirror represents truth, clarity, higher laws, and order. The reflections of our hologram, as above so below, as within without. Then in the summer of 2019, with the heliacal rising of Sirius on the 26th July we began the Age of Wisdom, aka the White Wizard wave. Both white waves, we are in a refinement stage of our evolutionary process. White relates to air, spirit, ether, clarification, spaciousness. It follows the Red representing fire, initiation, activation, physical, the body/matter. And it precedes the Blue representing water, transformation, fluidity, emotional, which leads to the Yellow, representing earth, mind, maturation, fruition. Each day we move through these color energies, and tones/frequencies and we are moving in waves of these colors, years and cycles of years. Cycles within cycles, waves upon waves, waves that occasionally crescendo and crash down together in spectacular life changing ways. 2023 will be one of those years. Because it is a prelude to 2024 which is a portal year akin to the portal of change we encountered in 2020.

I have not written as much since 2020 as the shift in perspective was anchoring in my consciousness. I received many downloads and messages from Gaia, the cosmos, from traveling down many timelines remote viewing our potential trajectories. Much of what I came to I found difficult to integrate with ‘positivity’ to share with you and I felt an enormous amount of pressure to be responsible with what I put out there that might influence reality, as we are constantly doing! 2022 was an incredibly difficult but also incredibly amazing year. One of those that you would hesitate to say you would repeat, because the awakening and clarity that came cannot be denied, yet of course the human journey to attain that is regrettable. Such is the bittersweet nature of this paradoxical reality!

Now I have emerged from a death/rebirth ascension experience I can interpret the messages that I have held back from sharing with you with new eyes, through those new eyes I see with the higher heart of knowing, and feel the love & truth of what I need to share. Fearlessly.

So back to these waves. 2022 had us in the Galactic year of Yellow Electric Seed since the summer of 2021, merging with the Blue Rhythmic Night of the Terrestrial Jan 1st timeline. Seeds germinate in the dark, and Blue Night represents the dark night of the soul, the rhythmic tone calling us to balance in the dark, in the unknown, to alchemize the dream-field. To dive deep into our subconscious, the astral realms, clearing the garden of the negative/artificial seeds sown there from ignorance and fear, perhaps even clearing it all away and being in the void to witness the organic sprouting of what was StarSeeded within the field, for us, for creation.

This summer we went into year 4 of the Wizard generational wave, and to watering those activated Seeds in the Dreamfield, with Red Self Existing Moon. Moon represents the waters of life, universal waters, feeling, receptivity, purification, sensitivity, the feminine principle, yin, The Divine Feminine and Flow. The Self Existing 4th tone speaks to form, structure, definition, practice. The structure of the waters of life. This is extremely interesting and I continue to unravel the encoded mystery of this glyph. Water holds memories, memories that structure the water. Our emotional field, occupies the subconscious realms, is the largest contributor to our reality creation. There is no life without water, but our waters, as reflected by the earth as our body, are polluted, has lost it’s spin, vitality, structure that gives it life/light. The memories of eons of timelines of suffering & separation from truth that leads to suffering have become firmly imprinted in our water molecules, echoing through time through our DNA from our ancestors. So we are conditioned into postures, structures of being, that are unable to hold the light of our soul, and keep us circling in patterns, over and over in a descending whirlpool. Life is Light/Yang/Fire and Water/Yin/body. The light of our soul comes into the Waters of Life held in the sacred space of the brain and spinal fluids. Trauma causes crystallization of this fluid that causes blockages, patterns of being that impede natural flow, a flow state of grace of being, alive & Divine. There is now a 4th phase of water, which is interesting as Red Self Existing Moon is the 4th water. It’s all about the water! The water is what makes us human, the hidden power archetype of Red Moon is Yellow Human and vice versa, speaking to the fact that we are water beings, feeling beings, here to be receptive and sensitive to life. We live in overly Yang/Fire times and have diminished the qualities of yin, the feminine. All of these distortions are continuing the divorce from nature, and that separates us from our soul’s truth. Spirit is calling us home, and the archetypes of the coming year align for us to restructure our waters, restructure the feminine, restructure our memories so we can allow more of the light of our soul into our bodies, to awaken the beautiful truth that lies waiting within each of us to be realized, seen, embodied and brought into being. Dare I say effortlessly? Well, there is effort needed and we will go into that, but in truth all of this is natural, effortless. As Yoda says, we have to unlearn what we have learnt.

The 4th tone of Self Existing is calling us to define our waters, define the memories that are creating a field of magnetic attraction. Amazingly in March Saturn will enter Pisces and bring more power to this restructuring the waters, the dreamfield, the dream of ourselves. Saturn control, power, Cronos time, coming to the end of a cycle, another completion that is heralding the dawning of the Aquarian Age, the Age of The Awakened Ones. We will need to enquire into the waters we drink, eat, bathe in, the outer and inner waters, our feelings, our emotional baggage, our ancestral trauma, the negative beliefs that are imprinted into our waters creating our bodies, and realities. We are called to purify on every level all that affects the water. We will need to confront our relationship with the feminine, and come together in new fluid/feeling first structures of relating, within and without. Feminine first, in the Tao it speaks to knowing the Yang, but keeping to the Yin. Yin is the flow of life/light, and we have lost our flow in this world of artificial light. What are the thoughts, which are sparks of light consciousness imprinting onto the waters of our body creating feelings, energies that are drawing in experiences. What are we imprinting within and without? The 4th yr of the Wisdom Years is asking us to practice restructuring our waters as part of our self mastery process in becoming magical manifestors, stepping into Co Creative Power over our reality. Remembering; putting the water molecules back together in alignment with the Divine, who we are and what we came to be/do.

Since New Galactic Year 2022 we have been journeying in the Blue Rhythmic Night with the Red Self Existing Moon, no doubt many of us have felt down, perhaps depressed, as our waters sank to the densest part of the dream field so we could feel what was encoded there. This body of ours is a timetravelling device giving us access to the past, our ancestors and also, once we free up from these conditioned imprints, giving us access to the multiverse, the myriad of timelines we can vibrationally shift to once we are no longer lost. Lost in time and space. Lost from Nature, Natural Law and Natural Time. The danger of our fast technological advancement is that we lose touch with nature more, but it is also reflecting to us our inner spiritual technology. There is nothing outside of us, it is all a reflection. That’s why the calendar is such a gift to us, allowing us to decode the hologram by using the filter of the day to view what is arising, making sense by giving it context, for us individually and collectively, so we can orientate and make better choices to align with better timelines & trajectories for ourselves and for humanity & the earth.

Jan 1st 2023 lands on the 7th day of the wave of White Wind, and is Yellow Resonant Star. Yellow Star representing the sacred geometry of life, the star tetrahedron that is the merkabah, the merging fire & water alchemy that gives rise to life, the Divine Plan. Beauty, Art and Elegance, the elegance of efficient design. The Beauty Way of the Beautiful Truth. The 7th tone of Resonance speaks to attunement, coming into phase with, vibrating in accordance with, vibrational alignment. We are embarking on the 7th year of the Age of Truth, the truth that is setting us free albeit ‘annoying’ us first as it disavows us of the lies that we have held on to that appeared to be comforting us but in fact will be seen as the cause of our suffering all along. That’s a process I know you know, it takes a little time for the truth to be seen, to land, to be accepted, to be felt, integrated, to mobilize change and finally to be loved! It is going to be a 7 yr in numerology, a year of introspection, of gaining more self knowledge, study, the number of the mystic, knowledge of life and wisdom. The wave we began on December 26 2022 is setting the theme of the year ahead. White Wind, Great Spirit. White Wind is the archetype that represents the breath, prana of life, spirit, Great Spirit, communication. We are spiritual beings in a mass hypnosis that we are merely flawed, despicable, enslaved, powerless, meaningless creatures, destined only for death and taxes. 2023 is The Great Spiritual Awakening that will set us free from those lies, allowing us to turn away from the noise of the illusory world as we clearly see it disintegrating before our eyes, and turning inwards to study ourselves, the light within that will light our way out of the darkness of our ignorance, all that we have ignored whilst being entertained by the illusion.

How will this show up will be different for all of us, and there is no judgement on that, we all chose to ride in on our soul scripts to experience (I recently investigated the etymology of this word and it’s meaning is 'to try’) various things, mostly to free up stuck energies that are creating realities and ’try’ to liberate those patterns, freeing the energy to return it to Source Pure Potentiality. Where are you in your spiritual awakening process? Are you ready for the ultimate question of death? White Worldbridger represents death and today is the 5th day of the wave of 2023, meaning that Death will be a core issue of 2023. White Worldbridger is the wave that the Galactic Year 2022/2023 is in, again, bringing us to face this hugely feared, and therefore illusory aspect of this illusory reality we are entranced in. The Great Spiritual Awakening will be the realization that death is a lie that is defining the waters of our lives and keeping us in fear & separation from truth. What if death wasn’t what we have believed it to be? How would that change us, and change reality? What if you remembered your eternal immortal nature, and how you came in and how to leave, at any time, without any degradation or fragmentation of the light of your soul? What if furthermore you realized that dying in the lie causes that degradation and fragmentation of the souls light, and that has contributed to the fragmentation and degradation of the reality we are experiencing, illicits the continuing wheel of karma, reincarnation and is a side effect of an experiment in consciousness that we now need to see, and in seeing remember, the truth of ascension. Everything is reflecting in the hologram, the loudest of all stories in our hologram is the story of Jesus, and his ascension. Leaving no trace, restoring his luminous body, and leaving this world. Death & rebirth in the light of truth. And the part of the story that he died for our sins, is subverted, yes in his ascension he gave us the ability to ascend because we are all aspects of the All, but clearly the story shows he did not die like we die. We live and die in ignorance, ignoring our Spiritual Truth that is always surrounding us if we were Present to it. 2023 will be The Great Spiritual Awakening because death will bring us closer to spirit. It always does. We cannot be living in the truth if we fear death. And if we fear death we live diminished lives, we can see that played out since the fear mongering creation of the past 2plus years. The Dark Wizards are playing their part and the Light is riding in on the back of every possible creation because it is impossible for the LIGHT not to be triumphant. Consciousness is the light, and nothing happens outside of consciousness, though we appear to be unconscious, asleep, it’s just a dream and we are waking up in the dream, as the dreamers of the dream, reclaiming our power/lucid dreamer skills to be able to dream a better dream, dream a better world experience. The dark Night sky is the perfect backdrop for the bright shining Star, we have to go through the darkness to get the true light. Death seems to be the greatest fear of humanity at this time, and it is arising perfectly on time with the evolutionary calendar of Natural Time. The darkness of our fear of death will give rise to the shining star, the divine plan, the divine perfection, the sacred reunion of humanity and spirit.

White Worldbridger is my supporting energy as a Red Cosmic Skywalker, death was the portal through which I cosmically connect to beyond this world, dying to the limitations allows me to see, see deeper into the fabric of time, remotely viewing timelines. Skywalker crosses the bridges and signals the way. Signal kin hold the day out of time, the day before New Galactic/Mayan Year, the day that we are called to go inwards and connect to higher Truth, the Divine, the Beauty and the Dream. I know this archetype well, and I was taken on a journey this summer to see how surrendering to death was the portal through which I was to see death’s illusion in this paradigm, and bring back the teachings that humanity has lost, so we can transcend our existential fears, and see through the veils to the incredible beauty of who we are, and our creative potential in creative process. We are learning to be Creators of our Realities, learning to make a more harmonious, beautyFull reality, better music in the Multiverse. Creators within our creations, waking up to that truth, rising in love to meet the event horizon of our ascension to another level of reality. The Sixth Sun, the consciousness of 6D where we see fully, and create from the imagination of the higher heart. The Dreamspell Calendar is a device that allows us to calibrate to Sixth Sun Consciousness, decoding the current dreamspell to become lucid in the dream of forgetfulness to awaken to the Dream of our Souls, the Dream of the Mother. The Dream of Heaven on Earth.

White Wind will call us to breathe, breathe deeper, and in so doing stir the waters within to free up their memories, the patterns held that are structuring our experiences, our reality. White Wind will call us to commune with Spirit, to communicate with our Higher Selves. And in so doing we will be able to attune to the Divine Plan, Great Spirit’s plan for us, the one we have become lost from but is always ever present around us when we disengage with the false light reality projection that distracts us from what is real. There is no beautiful truth without the spiritual perspective, that is why our reality is getting uglier and uglier as we get further and further away from the truth of being spiritual beings in form, forms made of spirit, as all is spirit. The change we wish to see in the world will not happen by any external means, it is, as it has always been, an inside job. Once we realize the truth we can reclaim the wisdom, and from that we can express magic/wizdom into our experience. The Winds of Change are moving through the Waters of Life, and we will never be the same. Later in 2023 we will move into the Galactic Year of White Overtone Wizard, the 5th year and the core purpose year of the Age of Wizdom. As we attune to the beautiful spiritual truth of who we are, and the nature of reality, we are empowered with the Wisdom of the Ages, remembering our human history allowing us to manifest miracles of the highest Spiritual LOVE to redirect the trajectory of humanity to the event horizon of our ascension to the Golden Age. Yellow Resonant Star the archetype of 2023 is also the Solar Archetype of the Age of Wisdom 2019. The wisdom of Great Spirits Beautiful Plan for Humanity. As we breathe, inspiration, breathing out to let go of all that is blocking the flow of knowing our souls truth, we will come to see that plan, and our part in it. And now is the stage call to the final act, we came for this, so it is time for us to be who we came to be in The Great Spiritual Awakening.

In part 2 I shall take us through each month of 2023, with the other astrologically significant aspects that will show up. In short prepare to die, die to the lies that allow us to forget who we are, die to the beliefs that keep us trapped in suffering, die to the distractions, die to all that is not flowing with spirit. Come into spiritual intelligence around death, surrender, letting go, and it’s necessary part in the continuation of life, allowing rebirth in higher and higher vibrational realities.

Let’s get the waters moving with the divine flow, within and without.

LOVE lights the way.

In la’akech a la kin

Rianna Skywalker Kin 13

Cosmic Oracle

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