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Approaching the New Galactic Year : Grounding Our Service to New Earth

Day 1 of a new wave, and a new castle, the Yellow Castle of Giving. In this cosmology of Natural Time, a wave is a 13 day cycle, and a castle is 4 waves, a 52 day cycle. We emerge from the Blue Castle of Burning Bridges to the past, with the last wave of Yellow Seed, into the Red Earth wave. Seeding into the Earth, grounding our seeds, bringing them from the mental plane, into the physical plane, into the tangible reality. This year, this castle is holding the Mayan New Galactic Year, which will be in the second White wave of White Dog - representing the Path of LOVE, and bring us to the 5th year of the White Wizard years aka The Age of Wisdom. So the process of the Galactic Year ahead has begun, with Red Magnetic Earth today. This first wave is all about grounding into our bodies, into the earth, into nature, into the Mother Matrix, Mother Earth, Divine Mother, as foundations for the life force. To give life to our creations we must reconnect and embody life, as nature shows us. We must nurture our bodies, and what is innate and natural, our primal life force. Less mind, more embodiment, less out there more in here, attending to the land within, that needs to feed our seeds so that they can grow.

Sedona Oak Creek Canyon Red Rocks Creek Nature
Red Magnetic Earth : Rianna Skywalker

The Red Earth archetype represents nature, Mother Earth, the direction of our evolutionary journey, time, the now present moment, and synchronicity. Being in sync with nature aligns us with the magic - wisdom - of creation. Red Earth is the journey of returning to the body temple, the body of the mother that created the world of form, and the life force as it embodies the temple of earth, and our bodies, and connects to the flow of life, in the water of life. As we ground, into Nature, we are nurtured. All of our ideas (Seeds) have to be nurtured in nature, we are moving from the conceptual realm into the physical realm, and so we need to observe the natural laws of creation. In the generational wave of White Wizard that we are in 2019-2032, Red Earth is the 4th point on the wave, representing this Galactic year we are about to close. Wizard is Wisdom, we are in an Age of Wisdom and the foundation of our wisdom lies in the earth, in observing nature we can align with the higher truth of reality, as above so below. Shamans are Wizards, they know the wisdom of nature, and through that they access the higher & lower realms. The further we go from nature, the more we lose touch with our true nature, and the truth. In order to serve, to give back to reality, we have to be connected to truth, the moment, to be here now.

This wave invites us home to the body, to nurture it, to return it to its natural flow state, so we can open to love, the second wave of this castle, White Dog. The love wave that will bring us into the New Galactic Year of White Overtone Wizard, the empowerment point of the journey we are collectively in. This coming Galactic year is very significant, as it was 2019/2020 which began the cycle. The Mayan Year 2023/2024 will be an acceleration of reclaiming our wisdom and power from the Dark Wizard Matrix of Trickery/Illusion/Confusion/Distraction. It is the core purpose point of the 13 year wave, and it aligns with White Overtone Mirror in the generational wave, and so speaks to the empowerment of true wisdom. What will be empowered? It is as always up to us. Are we grounded in the real, are we embodying the truth of creation, are we connected to nature, Mother Nature, Divine Mother, the life force as it pulses through the earth, all her beings, us? Are we in sync with nature or getting further disconnected by man made technology? This Galactic Year 2022/2023 was Red Self Existing Moon, calling us to open up and restructure our receptivity to nature. To align with the flow. To practice being in flow with nature, and our true nature. There is a natural technology that we are called to remember, one that connects us with our spiritual technology, that reconnects us with the quantum field of pure potentiality where we can reclaim authorship of our human and earthly trajectory. This calendar is a technology based on nature, observing the helical rising of Sirius, our binary Sun, is what gave this calendar its New Year date of 26th July. How precisely these ancient elders were able to ‘see’ this is beyond our comprehension at this time, mainly because we have become so de-natured, unable to see as clearly for all the lies that have subverted us with belief systems that cloud our ability to see what is right in front of our eyes.

To take the nature analogy, this Red Earth wave is us tending to the garden, reorganizing it, nurturing it, readying it for our seeds to be planted in the optimal way, so they grow and flower fully. They will need the resources of the earth, the life force, the water of life, then they will need the love, that will allow the wisdom of the soul to come in, so we can go into the dark unknown, the quantum garden of the dreamfield, and clear and tidy what is held there that might limit the growth, so we eventually emerge fearlessly courageous in the last wave of this castle, Yellow Warrior, on our mission for New Earth. This is bound to be an epic year, for which we will need plenty of inner resources from our ability to nurture ourselves in nature, in spirit, in love and truth.

I will be writing more on the coming Galactic Year, so stay tuned for more installments to come. If you want to know what this coming Galactic Transit holds for you, reach out for a reading. It’s time for the wisdom within you to be empowered by your self knowledge, allowing you to masterfully manage your trajectory through these intensely transformative times. We are the ones, we are now called to step up & be who we came to be.

LOVE is the light that lights the way.

In lak’ech a la kin.

Rianna Kin 13 The Cosmic Oracle

Self Mastery Guide

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Unknown member
Jul 10, 2023

Rianna can you tell me what (Gregorian) date the day out of time this year ?

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