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  • Rianna Skywalker

Darkest Before Dawn : 2022 The Tipping Point

Well, here we are at the day before Winter Solstice 2021, and it has been quite a year. Firstly I apologize for not writing much this year, and waiting til this last moment to prepare you for what is coming. I have struggled to write as I have traveled down timelines, remote viewing them, so many timelines. And it is hard to articulate, positively, what I have seen, what I have been shown, what I have felt. I have not wanted to project a prophecy, precisely because I know we are in a time of convergence and collapsing timelines. True to my Cosmic Skywalker nature I have cast myself adrift in the dream field and attempted to see what is taking shape there that will come into manifestation, into our experience. And each journey, I reemerge from the horrors, many timelines I do not want to happen, but probably have already happened, and it keeps coming back to “all roads will lead us to the event horizon” and the light, the light of love always wins.

So with that said, lets expand out and reorientate where we are in Cosmic Time. This calendar has become so profound in these last few years, I was receiving these messages and decoding what was coming, and now to be in ‘lockstep’ with the calendar is - well it’s hard to find a word that adequately expresses the magic of what this ‘DECODER’ can do for us. For those who are new to my writing, I am connecting to the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, a 260 day lunar calendar of natural time. The moon, sun and stars are our cosmic clock and we have been divorced from nature and our cosmic nature, finding ourselves in an artificial timeline, with a Gregorian Calendar based on a power paradigm, creating irregular months, even creating an anathema of two full moons in a month - which is logically impossible if the word month relates to moon and the cycles of the moon are quite literally like clockwork. The Mayans had amazing knowledge of the cycles of time, charting Venus, Sirius and the Procession. And it seems to me that this calendar is right on time with what we are facing, and as such provides us a context, a road map to navigate and faith in the overall outcome.

So we have a Natural Timeline, which the Dreamspell Calendar speaks to, with a Day Out of Time on the 25th July and a New Galactic Year on the 26th July, marking the heliacal rising of Sirius. Sirius has long been postured as our binary sun. And we have a Terrestrial Timeline aka the Gregorian Calendar with Jan 1st as the New Year. In this cosmology there are waves of time, 13 days or 13 year cycles, that form 52 day or 52 year cycles. The 13 day cycles are microcosms of the longer 13 year cycles and so on, expanding and reducing. The cycles are moving energy, yin to yang and back, rising falling. Each aspect is a key, the color of the archetype or wave relates to an element or quality, the frequency tone, and the archetype itself, all weaves a story, a timeless story about time.

In the Terrestrial Timeline Jan 1 2017 began a 13 year journey in White Mirror. White represents refinement, clarity, transparency, the air element, and therefore spirit. Mirror represents truth, clarity, reflections, as above so below, and endlessness - as in the reflections between two mirrors. I have called this The Age of Truth. And I know that you know what I am talking about, it is undeniable that we are in an age of disclosure, that truths are being revealed for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear are seeing their reality turn upside down and inside out. What do you do when that happens? Why could it be happening for the best possible reasons? We have moved into a Spiritual Age, an Awakening, a realignment with Higher Truth of who we are, why we are, and where we are in time, what we came to this moment for. We are moving from limited human towards our magical - aka wise Wizard. The bridge to cross over is my own glyph, the archetype of Skywalker, to seek to make a cosmic connection, to remember our Divinity, and the Divine Plan or Play and our role and intention in it. It could be said that we have been living in an illusion, and White Mirror is the sword of truth that is cutting away at the illusion, a bit like a surgeons blade cutting out diseased tissue. The truth will set us free, but it might ‘annoy’ us along the way. Freedom, how much do we want it? How much truth can we handle? How much can we cut away at the fabric of our reality? Well we are in this process from 2017-2030. 2030 a date we maybe now all familiar with.

Alongside this cycle we have the Galactic Timeline in which we began a new cycle in the summer of 2019 when we went into the White Wizard wave for 13 years. White again, representing Spirit, clarity, truth, purification, air/ether. And Wizard, which simply means someone with wisdom. The wisdom of Heaven & Earth. Wizard is the 14th archetype in the 20 archetype cosmology that basically reads as a Creation Story. Human is the 12th archetype, and Skywalker is the 13th, the number 13 has long been demonized, but simply represents that step beyond the human realm that reconnects us to our multidimensional truth. So Humanity is in a process of Truth & Wisdom, of course there can be no wisdom with out truth, which is why the cycle of truth began before! Ah there is an intelligent design? A comfort to know in times of apparent chaos.

So on a collective and personal level we are ‘awakening’ on whatever level we are, to the lies that have underpinned our reality, and if we look to this cosmology, after the liberation of truth, there is a storm of change. Things will need to reorganize around the new truths that become self evident as we go along. Only we need to observe a process of calibrating to truth. How do you know what is true? This might be the mantra of the Age of Truth. We can see it playing out in our reality now, the battle for the right to the truth about this or that. The censorship of truths that do not fit into the prevailing narrative. What is the prevailing narrative and why do we even have one? And another rabbit hole opens… and as a time traveling skywalker I have dived down many a rabbit hole for many many years on my spiritual journey. They are not for everyone, they are not for the faint hearted. And, ultimately they all reduce down to a formula, an equation, a journey outwards in polarity duality and a journey back towards the center, the heart of the matter, the heart of the material world. And the heart of the matter in this calendar is in the White Mirror Wave. The wave we are about to go into on Monday 27th December 2021 which is my birthday, so I will begin my own personal White Mirror wave of 13 years, and we will begin the wave of the 6th year of the process we began in 2017. The wave of White Mirror lands in the middle of the calendar and the last day of the wave is the center point of the calendar, and it is White Cosmic Dog. True Love. Love is the center we are returning to, it is the portal through which we ‘ascend’ move successfully on our soul journey. And this is a soul journey, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. A simple and often articulated sentence. Perhaps we are jaded towards it but, try to breathe into it now. Ah the vastness of the space we can connect to, outside of time, and yet we are here in this time. Paradox. Life is a paradox and we are paradoxical beings, swinging from one extreme to another and attempting to center, center ourselves in the truth, the truth of love.

Ok, come back to reality, whatever that means now! We seem to be far from love, but look again, there is much love coming through in these crazy times, and it will be this love, and it’s light, that will guide us on our way through the darkest hours that are coming. I have not wanted to write this but, I know you now see it very clearly and feel it, so this is the moment to share. It is always darkest before dawn, and it is only in the dark, when the false light of the illusionary world falls away that we can access the true light of our soul, remember who we are and the dream of our soul. The Dream of the Mother, the dream of heaven on earth. The dream of peace, unity, love, living in harmony with the earth, and each other. The dream of freedom, to enjoy the gift of our free will.

On Jan 1st 2022 we will go into the 6th year, the balance point of the wave of White Mirror. I call it the Tipping Point because it will break us or make us. Don’t forget, we choose. That is why in the reality now we are facing choices. We are presented with choices but we have many more choices, we have infinite choices when we remember we are the dreamers of ourselves. Jan 1st 2022 will be Blue Rhythmic Night, Blue representing the water element, transformation, emotional realm, felt sense. Night representing the void, the dreamfield, the dark abyss, the dark night of the soul, the quantum anti matter waveforms that have not been collapsed into form, the nothing from which everything comes, the subconscious, the astral realms, intuition and abundance. 6th year and a 6 year. 6 is a magical number belonging to both the material realm numbers of 2, 4, 6 and also dancing with the prime numbers of 1, 3, 5, as it is the union of 3 + 3. It is depicted as the star tetrahedron, the sacred geometry that is at the core of creation. The upward facing triangle representing fire, and the downward facing triangle representing water. Alchemy and Divine Union. In the cosmology 6 represents balance between the masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang. So we are going into a Dark Night of the Soul, and we are seeking to bring balance to this space, one which we mostly avoid, the unknown. We have projected much fear into the unknown, into the undefined space. We have lived in a reality that is defining - and therefore reducing reality by definition. We have not encouraged the dreamers to explore beyond the known, as many indigenous cultures have done. We live in a reality of Day and Night, and yet we have not really understood this Night Time, the astral realms, the unconscious, the dreamfield. And yet we have over the recent years become aware of the subconscious having a huge impact on reality, in fact, 90% or should we play along with the game and say 99% of reality is a projection from the subconscious.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

C.G. Jung

What does it mean to be lucid in the dream? It means to be conscious that you are dreaming. And when you become aware of your dream state, to interact with the dream field rather than to submit to it, to feel powerless as to where it is going. I have long been a prophetic dreamer, I recall having dreams and sharing with the adults around me, and freaking them out somewhat. I have some proficiency at lucid dreaming but I know I need so much more. That is why I have longed to create a Dark Room Retreat, to facilitate and experience the dreamfield explorations. When we look at the two waves of Mirror and Wizard, they both feature Blue Night in prominent places. In the Wizard Age of Wisdom cycle we have Blue Planetary Night, the manifestation point of the wave. This speaks to having the wisdom to manifest the dream. But first we will be balancing in the dream, finding our balance in the unknown, facing the yin and yang, the light and the dark that is there, being able to find the true light of loves vibration to navigate through the dream. What does that mean? Well in my own experience, and others, often things present themselves in dreams in a deceptive way, they might appear - project - a facade but when you are able to be in ‘feel’ you can sense that they are not who they seem to be, quite often this happens in sexual dreams, which is why I strongly suggest that at the very least you create a lucid dream technique for waking up whenever that type of thing happens in the dreamfield. As many of you may have done psychedelics, the dreamfield is a reality that requires a whole new ‘spiritual intelligence’ to navigate. And as above so below. This waking dream is still just a dream. And that is the next level of truth bomb we are ‘awakening’ to.

The prevailing powers that be have coined the expression Dark Winter, and it would appear that they are using the calendars as they are what I have called the Dark Wizards, who have the wisdom/knowledge of heave and earth but have left the center, left love, left truth, and are the People of the Lie. They are coopting everything, and distorting it, or as the bible says, inverting it. It’s their trick, but not our treat. They are creating a resistance towards the Dark Winter, aka Blue Night, because they reign supreme in that realm as they have scared us to death, literally, of going there. Truth is the Blue Night is a beautiful field of dreams where we get to recharge, where we let go of everything, lose all definitions, labels and limitations, we return to pure source energy, quantum wave forms dancing possibilities abundantly. We are being called to RECLAIM THE DREAMfield. That is what the cosmic clock is ticking towards, that is our spiritual intelligence process. If all things are possible, what is the dream you would like to experience? If we cannot answer that question, how can that dream ever come true?

In Divine Union, within, where we are at peace with our light and our dark, where we have not disowned and fragmented our shadows to fester in the dark, we are able to find love, true love. Love from source, love from within that bridges to the love that is All That Is. All the divide and conquer games of this distorted reality is designed to keep us from this inner union, which would lead to outer union, and take us out of the reach of their game. I have not watched their truth drop films of late but I know they set up the predictive programming, occupying our imagination with their stories of our future. Stories where their power paradigm continues, on and on and on. Perhaps they are agents provacateurs in our awakening? I think it is best to view them that way as when you travel on the multidimensional timelines you can clearly see that what looks dark at one level of reality is actually light at another. So if we reduce it down to this energetic play, yin yang black white men women night day, what does it appear that they are pushing us towards, and therefore what can we leverage from that push?

Let’s come back to the Galactic year we just went into this summer, Yellow Electric Seed. Yellow representing fruition, the ripening and maturing, earth element and mind. Electric representing activation, leaving the Lunar tone of polarity and opposition, into a dynamic flow of the 3 energy, which bonds the forces together in service to movement. And Seed which represents the start of something new, the emergency (the real emergency we are in) of what will grow into our future. It is the flowering of the vision. Seeds are our ideas, concepts and innovations. They are supported by Vision - Blue Eagle, and they have encoded within them everything that they will be, given they are planted in the right place at the right time with the right support, nutrients etc. Anyone who has ever sprouted seeds will know that all seeds germinate /activate /come to life in the dark. We are germinated in the dark womb of our mother, and this dark is Blue Night. The Nothing /No-Thing from which everything comes. Yellow Electric Seed is guided by the archetype of Yellow Star, the beautiful plan. Essentially the StarSeeds are being activated. In the process of White Wizard this 3rd year is Yellow Electric Warrior, activating the mission. Together we get Activating the StarSeed mission. Does that sound too woo woo for you? Well it’s time to remember that you are made of the earth AND THE STARS. And this is precisely where humanity is right now, being pushed to the limits so they remember their divinity, their spiritual origins, so they can reorientate their human experience accordingly.

I know 2021 has been LONG oh so long, so hard. It has been devastating for many, I know it’s already gone too far, much further than we could have ever imagined. When I wrote at the beginning of 2020 that we would not recognize reality and it would be like a bad dream, I didn’t know the way it would go, but I can see from the calendar why it’s going the way it is going. And with that why, I am able to hold on to the light, hold on to the best possible outcome for humanity, because I know, I have seen it, so it is there, waiting for us. Yes, all the rest is there too, and I haven’t wanted to share those timelines with you, and true be known, I don’t have to, we have already been through them, there is NOTHING new under the sun, we are just remembering. Remembering, putting the pieces of the puzzle back together again, and whilst we are doing it we might not like what we see but, as I have long said, when you are seeking truth at first it will shatter our beautiful illusions and we will see only ugliness, we may want to turn away, not go there, but, we must keep going, keep pushing through, until we come to the beauty. Because the Ultimate Truth is Beautiful. So we keep going until we see the light, the light of love shining through it all, even the terrible bits, and I have been through much that has been terrible, traumatizing, horrifying. And still, through it all, I can see the LOVE. That’s the journey, we came in as love, we got lost from love in a reality that is LOST so lost from love, and we came to seed a new reality of love. Those seeds are already seeded within us, there is nothing to go get from out there, there is nothing really to do out there - yet, timing is everything remember. Nature reflects the higher universal truths of reality, everything is seeded within, and all seeds need to be activated in the dreamfield, the dark unknown field of pure potentiality. I was within the womb of my grandmother when she carried my mother. The fruit on the trees have the seeds of next years growth. But, our seeds have been genetically modified, and controlled for nefarious reasons, for profit and power. And now, the dark wizard latest ploy is to modify the human genome. To alter the seeds of the future, to their vision. And their Television told us their visions and we have been asleep at the wheel, consuming whatever they threw our way, by and by forgetting who we are. And wham, the Age of Truth and the Age of Wisdom dawned and we were rudely awakened to see things as they really are, and to face the unknown, just as a gardener has to go out into the garden and clear the ground, prepare it for the sowing of the seeds, this is what we are called to do now, in the Dark Winter/Blue Rhythmic Night.

We have to Reclaim the Dreamfield and attune it to the heart center of creation so that all that flows from the field into reality comes from that love. What that looks like for each of us will be different, we came in alone, and we will go out alone. Our reason for being here is unique to our soul, and yet, we have a interconnected thread that weaves us all together, and every single one of us has a part to play.

I did a card reading for what lies ahead and it’s a beautiful synchronistic story with the Mayan astrology.

Card 1 9 of Swords : Cruelty. Where we are now, we are seeing a cruel world, a wicked world, abuse of power reigns and even families are divided. Swords represents the mental realm, and it is a mind virus that is creating all this suffering. 9 is the number of completion. We are in this completion process of being done with this cruelty, within and without. The I Ching corresponding to this card is Hexagram 6 (6 again!) representing Conflict. We are in a war, a spiritual war, a war of minds, a war on our bodies, on nature, on time, on the divine timeline. What are these 9 swords, that we need to pull out from our reality and allow to heal? Swords also connect with Mirror, and the sword of truth, that will set us free.

Card 2 is The Tower, unsurprisingly, representing the fall, the destruction, the coming apart of the structure of reality. Ruled by Mars, it is the Tower of Babel that we built with our misguided drive for power. This is our technocrats, the dark wizards that have the arrogance to go outside of Natural Law, Universal Law, outside of nature, outside of love, to create their reality, not the Divine Plan for Gaia and Humanity. The tower crashing as the lies of our reality are exposed to the light of truth, a spiritual lightning flash that brings the whole house of cards tumbling down.

The second card and the number 2 is indicative of what we must face, the challenge, what we have to relate to. So to end the cruelty we have to let the tower collapse, we have to bring it down. We have to let the light of truth be revealed, no matter what, or else the cruelty will continue. So here it is, what they have gambled the game on, our fear of this collapse, this destruction, especially in the face of the unknown. It’s one thing to be presented with an alternative reality to choose, but it’s another for us to let go into the unknown without a plan, to really surrender into the dream. We have not been trained for this, but this is what 2022 will be bringing us to. Dreaming beyond the edges of what we know, or think we know. Maybe we can only go there, beyond the known, when the house of cards falls and we realize everything was a lie, and we are still standing, in our body temple, still able to build, build what? Something, something we dreamed of, long long long oh so long ago, and yet, something that lies waiting in our future experience.

The 3rd card is Mother of Stones in the West, Spider Woman, weaving the world. The labyrinth that is the maze of life we are navigating through. Card 4 is Mother of Swords in the South, Nut, the Egyptian Goddess of the Night, representing the quantum dreamfield. I loved that these two cards appeared together. The Mother is a key aspect of this process. In the Age of Truth White Mirror wave she appeared on year 4, which was holding 2020. That is why we were all locked down, grounded, told to stay home, come home to what is real, what really matters. The Mother aspect has been removed from our reality, it is one of the major distortions of the Dark Wizard. All that is manifest, is actually in truth womanifested into reality. Nothing comes in but through the Mother. We have to heal our Mother wound and reactivate the Mother aspect within us, this aspect brings us out of our wounded child where we feel victims of life, into the power of responsibility for life. Humanity is in a state of Arrested Development. We are wounded maladapted children, unaware of our power, creating unconsciously from our wounds. Mothering ourselves back to wholeness, we heal those wounds that make us vulnerable to manipulation and abuse, heal us from being part of the power over paradigm, bringing us into the heart of love, the Love of Creator, that birthed reality from love. Spiders have long been worshiped in many indigenous cultures, as is the art of weaving. The tapestry of life. We are the weaver dreamers of our life tapestry. We are at the Great Reset, another coopted expression that in truth has a positive potential, when we reclaim it as such. It’s time to pull out all the threads, and even to dismantle the structure, the waft that holds the weave. We are about to dream ourselves a new tapestry and we can’t do it with any of what was before. Nature shows us this, as we head into the darkest depths of winter in the Northern Hemisphere tomorrow on the solstice (which will be Yellow Resonant Human, attuning the new humanity) everything seems to die, nothing grows, there is a pause. A pregnant pause. We have not embraced the teachings of nature, and the distorted timeline has made us addicted to doing, yang, never stopping, never pausing, never expanding into the NOTHINGNESS to recharge ourselves in the primordial sea in the womb of the Divine Mother Creator, to be reborn in the spring. These two cards speak to our needing to come back to the Mother energy, heal the distortions, pull the sword of truth from the stone, and liberate creation from this chapter of cruelty, to return to the Original Dream for creation, for humanity, for heaven on earth.

Card 5 is the 7 of Cups, 7 is the number of the mystic, of knowledge. Cups represent the emotional realm, and this is our emotional intelligence that allows us to transcend the illusion of success, to really feel and know, what true success is. We have built our lives on a structure that has promoted ‘successfulness’ as money and power, and it seems that the Dark Wizard is going to take those false idols away. As we reclaim the dreamfield and the Mother, we see through the false illusions of success and steer towards what will really bring us joy.

Card 6 is the Seven of Wands, 7 again, echoing this Age of Wisdom, and attaining the knowledge of what has been mystical to us, and Wands represents what we do, our skills, our passion and fire, our actions. This is the card of Courage. Courage has the French word for heart in it. It speaks to spiritual fortitude, strength. It relates to the Yellow Electric Warrior, being activated by the knowledge/intelligence to act, to pioneer, into the unknown, fearlessly. And this fearlessness is the key. We can see that our fears are being played against us, but our fears are False Evidence Appearing Real. In the Blue Rhythmic Night 2022 we will be called to turn and face our fears, to collapse them, as a Vision Quest, and emerge fearless to forge ahead with our mission. This card represents us facing obstacles, and the I Ching is Hexagram 40 Deliverance. We are all called to be courageous, to be true to our hearts, that is the attitude we have to assume as we face the obstacles being thrown in our way. That is the attitude we have to have to turn into the unknown, to meet the darkness and dissolve the fears. Again, the echo of the need to center in the heart, in love. And this is paramount, whatever happens, if you are true to love, then you have succeeded. So if somehow the dark wizard play has led you astray but you have come from love, you are protected. For at the end of the game, when your heart is weighed, if it is light, light as a feather, having been true to love & your heart, you will be able to pass through the eye of the needle. Again and again, whichever way the chips may fall, love is the light and the way.

And finally card 7 The Wheel of Fortune. Echoing the Tipping Point of the wave of Truth, we are begin called to the helm of the ship of fools, to course correct. When we have endured this dark winter, this dark night of the soul, and reclaimed our power over the dreamfield we can turn the wheel of fortune, turn the wheel of karma, the wheel of time, to the New Age, the Aquarian Age of Freedom. Freeing ourselves from mental cruelty, enslavement, from the illusion, appreciating this stage in our evolutionary process, but now finally ready to turn the corner and experience something new, something else, something true to our hearts. Heaven on Earth.

So there is it, my first message for 2022, and I am calling to the dreamers to dream beyond the edges, to vision the future timeline that we want to anchor ourselves on, one that we know as the Golden Age. It’s up to us, it’s already within us. We are being activated by the cosmic story, so tend to your garden, inner garden as well as the garden of your reality. Become a Jedi warrior, energy master, lucid dreamer sowing seeds of a New Earth from the Awareness of Sixth Sun consciousness. That is the portal of opportunity, that is what is lying in wait in the dreamfield for us in the Dark Winter.

LOVE will light the way.

In lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

Reach out for your 2022 reading to orientate what the year is bringing for you and how best to leverage the moment.

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Jan 20, 2022

Thank you for such a well-crafted artistic expression of cosmic truth. I really relate to so many references you made.


Dec 22, 2021

Wowwwww. Thanks Soooook Much for manifesting these Messages. So much of what u shared is healing and appreciated. We've missed your posts.

As we know, physical death is merely a transition. Here is an additional perspective which reasonats with many and helps deal with the Global Plandemic.

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