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Harmonic Convergence Timeline Complete : Open the Portal to a New Era

Yellow Cosmic Sun 2024 brings to a close not only this Tzolkin spin, but also marks the closing of 52 Tzolkin spins, 260 castles and the 37th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

Cosmic Sun portal, with ripples of time radiating.
Harmonic Convergence II : STALLMAN – Stephen Stum

A time matrix is closing.  A matrix of time.

The Tzolkin is a sacred calendar count, a 260 day lunar creation cycle.  It directly correlates to the length of a human gestation.  It is a cipher for humanity.  Charting the creation story, and evolution pathway for us to reclaim our creator consciousness.  The level of consciousness we are at the event horizon of, opening the portal to the Sixth Sun consciousness.  The consciousness of being awake in the dream of forgetfulness.  Transcending the illusion of limitation.  How that expresses will no doubt be different for all of us.  This is the landscape of The New Earth.  Multidimensional. Many timelines, many worlds within worlds, accurately reflecting higher truth. We are simply about to pierce the so called ceiling.

The Mayans clearly ‘awoke’ to their multidimensional nature, leaving us the codex for us to remember who we are and the nature of this game/reality.

Central to their cosmology is the Dog Star, Sirius.  The Stargate through which we can move through the heart of creation back to source.

37 years ago we reached a nexus point in spiritual awakening marked by The Harmonic Convergence.  We can argue til the cows come home about the dateline providence, it doesn’t really matter because their was a creation and intention.  Therefore a wave rippled out across time and space from that gathering that took place all over this realm.  And we are reaching the shoreline tonight.  our collective intention at this point will be creating the next wave.

Do you doubt we are evolving?  Where are you looking for evidence?

So let’s investigate the sublime symmetry and mathematical artistry of this space time capsule we are wrapping up today.

Remember 52 is the Sirius cycle, a castle.  13 days in a wave, or 13 years.  4 waves 52 days or 52 years.  Sirius is our Spiritual Sun.  January 1st aligns with Sirius at the zenith of the skies aka the midday sun point.  And July 26th, the Galactic New Year aligns with Sirius rising with our Sun 🌞.

In these 52 Tzolkins we have completed 260 castles. A perfect fractal of time, a piece of the puzzle of life, slotting into place…today.

Today we rise into the Yellow Cosmic Sun 🌞 portal.  We have been journeying the last wave of Yellow Star, the journey of Time is Art. Awakening as artists of our lives, conscious co-creators of The Beautiful Plan.  The evolutionary journey through the creation story brings us to the 5th castle, perhaps the 5th world is a reflection of that.  Many of the indigenous peoples of the world describe this reality as the 5th world, speaking to the ‘destruction’ of 4 previous worlds. The journey out of this world is taken in the last castle, a journey that begins with the Moon and ends in the Sun.  Yin to the Yang.

This calendar is pure poetry.  That’s why it inspired so many artists, already in the creator consciousness zone to an extent.   All we have is time… time is our blank canvas.  Only we haven’t fully understood that process of returning to the full white blank canvas in the truest sense.  It’s all a trick of light after all.   In terms of light, all the colors come from the Source White Light.  In density we have experienced challenges of residue, frequencies stuck reverberating through time beneath the surface of our attempts at new creations.  Instead, round and round we go, working with the mess and getting deeper into the mess.  It was a wild ride whilst it has lasted but, I don’t know about you, but I am over it, and I know many are too… we have looked through the canvas into the quantum multidimensional background, and collapsing the duality consciousness that perpetuates the mess.

The Tzolkin is a gift to humanity for this journey of recovering your seeing, seeing through the canvas.  Seeing right back into the heart of creation, and our own hearts.  The seat of our soul.   

Each spin cycle we are washed free of illusion, delusion and confusion.  Lightening up we are enlightened.

I caught the sun rise and I’ll be with the sun set today and in between, in super conscious awareness of this tapestry of life’s reflection, and a more full spectrum seeing of self.  Yellow Cosmic Sun shines on us all equally so today we are all ourselves, our natal glyphs.  I invite you to invoke your ‘I Am’ today, throughout the day.  A mantra to activate Source Consciousness.  Say it inwardly, let yourself feel it imbibe your being with remembrance.  Say it outwardly, feel the vibration of the life that you are.  The you that is tethered to all the you’s across time and space, right back to the One we all are.

The Sixth Sun is when we fully know the in lak’ech a la kin.  The I am another you.  And that there is no wrong you have done that I have not done, there is not greatness that you have been that I have not been.  That we each know the fullness of being in form, and the mind blowing amazing bravery it is to have come into be, human, here, now.

From this space, a new heart is birthed… notice that heart and earth are the same.  It is through this new heart, this new love consciousness that New Earth arises, or more correctly is received!  It is already here. It always was, and will be.  It’s our dream.  And we are becoming lucid.

Sweet dreams.

Tomorrow we birth a new dawn, a new day, a new fractal of time.

Let’s create Artfully & HeArtfully.

In lak’ech a la kin.


Kin 13

Cosmic Oracle

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