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Bespoke Jewelry

Bespoke Jewelry

Imagine having a pendant, or ring, or other jewerly with your archetypal glyph and tone, to remind you and empower you to be you!  In silver, gold and incorporating crystals to suit your reading.  A perfecf gift to yourself or the ones you love.


Artist Bio


Arizona artist and fine-metal smith, Arthur Brubaker has always had one foot in the fantastic and one foot in the mystical realm of the imagination. 


Arthur began his metalwork studies in 2009 at Yavapai Community College, studying for 3 years, and has continued his journey traveling far and wide on a quest of self realization, never giving up on his dream to bring beauty and inspiration into the lives of those around him through his work creating Extradimentional Artifacts from recycled metals with natural crystals and untreated gemstones. 


In his newest line of creations Arthur will be teaming up with Mayan astrologer Rianna Skywalker to bring the most cosmically inspired and deeply personalized pendants yet, incorporating information divined from the higher realms of creation, and corresponding glyphs specific to each piece and person. 


While Arthur puts much planning and love into each of his art pieces, he also allows for a bit of spontaneity in the design, letting the metal guide him to the final form, in a slow motion fire dance, a new piece of life is born. 


This silver & gold accent piece features a purple sapphire and a natural blue star sapphire.  


We can't wait to create a piece for you!

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