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273 Days to The Shift of the Ages : Last Call to Complete the Process & Embody the Magical Multi

We are now beginning a whole new Creation Cycle, a tour through the Tzolkin, 260 days, through 20 waves of 13 days. This cycle will be the last full cycle before we shift into the Age of the New Shamans, the White Wizard wave July 26th 2019 - 2032. Today is Red Magnetic Dragon.

Autumn Skye Morrison

The first wave is a microcosm story for the whole of creation. Red Dragon represents Mother, Creator of Form, that births reality, nurtures and protects the life she has created. Red Dragon is synonymous with Divine Mother, Kali, Durga. Her glyph is that of a volcano, which is both destructive and creative. In many cultures and indigenous myths, there is a direct polarity relationship with the energy that creates, also destroys. That there is no creation without destruction, on some level. As this wave lands in the Autumn/Fall time, it is easy to see the reflection of that around us, the fecundity of nature, inevitably dies down, disintegrates in order to rest and restore and reinvent itself the following Spring season. In between there is the Darkness of Winter, a time where nothing grows. We as modern day humans have not allowed space for these natural processes, we push ourselves to achieve more, and more, reach higher without having moments of letting go, and disintegration, so we can rebirth ourselves from Source.

We have been in a 13 year cycle since 2006 which is now coming to a close, this Creation Cycle beginning today, and ending July 13th 2019, is the last one to complete the process. We are in the Red Moon age of purification and restoration of the yin, the reconnection with the Divine Feminine, the return of the Divine Mother in consciousness, so we can restore the life force, the waters of life, and birth the New Earth. Red cycles are initiation processes, and so we have been initiated to awaken remembrance of all of these things. This Red Dragon wave is a message from Divine Mother, that confirms the intention of creation. What we are all here for, ultimately, is to create heaven on earth. We are the mothers, whether we are male or female, that are called to facilitate that birth, as we are cocreators within this matrix. Matrix is Mother. Our relationship with the Mother Archetype will be up for review in these 260 days, to get a reset, so when we begin the next Creation cycle in July 2019, we will be back in alignment with the original intent, her original intent.

Greg Braden has taught that in the teachings of the Essenes, a mystical spiritual community related to Christ Consciousness, there are ways in which our life in this dimension of reality, is mirroring to us various pieces of the puzzle on our soul journey. In particular, the mirror of our parents, and in this case, our mother, is said to represent our relationship with Divine Mother. I invite you, to really enquire into the feelings, thoughts, hurts, and the nature of your relationship with your mother, to get a window on the soul’s attempt to resolve a distortion, so it can return to Source Consciousness. We each need to clean up that story, and open ourselves to the Mother Archetype, integrate the creative power that lies within that, the power to birth reality. We are all free willed divine beings having human experience that has estranged us from The Mother, eons of time under the Age of Patriarchy has removed her from our day to day lives, our language, our consciousness and therefore disconnected us from ourselves.

Autumn Skye Morrison

We have to rebirth ourselves in the light of truth that we are Creator Beings, we are the Mother’s of the Future, and call in those qualities of responsibility, care, nurturance, creative passion and connection to life force. It could be said that we as a humanity are in our teenage years, we have run riot on the planet, creating but without connection to the Mother, many of our creations are destructive, and out of alignment with nature, natural law, life itself. In remembering her, we remember ourselves, we remember love and our soul purpose.

In opening up to rebalancing the yin yang, mother father, light dark that is this dimension of reality, we can reach self mastery, and in that self mastery, and reconnection we can access our magical powers in creation, and step into our individual White Wizard aspect, be the new shamans that will dance with the energetic matrix of illusion, and confusion, redirecting that energy back into the blueprints of the original divine plan. The Sun aspect of this Moon aspect of Red Magnetic Dragon 26th October 2018 is Blue Resonant Eagle which is in the wave of Red Moon. We are being called to remember the vision of the Mother, the vision that holds the flow of life. Blue Eagle represents vision, future sight, the 3rd eye, all seeing Eye of the Soul. Resonance is attunement. In the Red Moon wave, this is a message that we must be mindful of the water, it holds memory, and within that information, there is encoded the vision, of Creation. Red Moon is universal waters of life, and so, as we are completing this cycle, we continue to cleanse and purify our bodies. These bodies are gifts of the Divine Mother, the reflection in this reality is we are born of our mothers. These bodies are a highly sophisticated technology, and we are being called to awaken this technology, activate the water of our bodies, liberate the memories, the information, that will guide our way back into alignment with the Divine Plan.

The last day of the Red Dragon wave is Red Cosmic Skywalker, my glyph. The pictorial for Red Skywalker shows the Pillars of the Temple of Heaven, attempting to connect with the Pillars of Earth. Red Skywalker is the priestess, The Oracle, the ancient elder from the future, that has the blueprints for Heaven on Earth and is connecting the dots to bring them into this reality. Red Skywalker precedes White Wizard, and it is through this archetype that we can connect with our inner magic, realized our Soul Purpose, and bring it into Creation. So that the magical transformation of our reality can begin, with each of us, attuned and aligned, awake in mind, body and spirit, to the Mother’s Dream of the potential for Humanity.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, we have been waiting to grow up and realize - real eyes, see with our inner sight, the deeper truth of reality. Instead we are bombarded by external visual distraction and have not done our practices to activate our cellular memory and connection to the field of intelligence that would light our way towards a more blissful, loving, peaceful and creative timeline.

Brad Holland

We have been hijacked, this is an artificial timeline, our time is not connected to the earth, the moon and the cosmos, it is a political artifice of power, greed and control. The Mayan 13 Moon calendar is a gateway for us to begin to disconnect from the artificial timeline and attune to the highest timeline for humanity. That timeline is headed our way, in the coming Age of the New Shamans, in 2020, we will collide with a future timeline that is being created to meet us and restore us to the original timeline.

Now is the time to do the work so we can build the bridge, and leave this illusion behind, step into the fullness of our potential, and create from there. Create from truth, love and from light - life - force. It is time to connect to natural time, and see how that simple shift can open up new ways of seeing reality, remembering ourselves and the connection between each other and the moment. How can we be in the right place at the right time if we are lost in time and space? There is a resonance, a frequency in the harmonic relationships between all things, in ourselves and our relationship to ourselves, our bodies, our energy, our thoughts, each interaction creates a frequency, and that frequency is either in harmony with health, inspiration, abundance, with life or it is not. We are in a harmonic of dysfunction, disconnection, dishonesty, despair and destruction. Keeping our vibration low, our intelligence low, our connection to real time, natural time and natural law disabled. We have to shift our frequency, in order to access all that we have lost, and then, move forward from there.

These 13 days are a window into the creation cycle for the 260 days ahead, tune in to the calendar, join me in my 260 day program, following the waves and familiarizing yourself with the archetypal messages of this sacred calendar for humanity’s evolution. To birth your inner magic, you need tools, this calendar and the self knowledge of your blueprints, gives you tools to manage your energy, and the energy around you, of the moment and your relationships, in an optimal way. In nature there is a time for everything, there is an intelligent flow, and we need to reconnect to it to allow the miracles to flow into our reality, transforming everything.

The core purpose of this first wave of Red Dragon is Red Serpent, survival and creative power, life force. The intention is the flow of that life force, and the goal of the wave is the reconnection of the life force with the Divine Truth. As we individually awaken to the inner temple of our bodies, that connects us to our higher self intelligence and the whole field of Source Intelligence, we can come together and create a much higher intelligence reality. A reality of love, the 10th day of this first wave is White Planetary Dog, representing love. The Mother birthed us through love, we are beings of love, in a reality all about love, awakening love consciousness, attuning consciousness to love only. Consciousness is neutral, but in that neutrality, it has created maya, many distortions, all of them to inform the Cosmic Library of the Emotional Intelligence, what is love and what is not love, and to calibrate our creations to love only. We are must awaken the LOVE of the Mother, and be agents of love in the creation of her Dream, our dream.


In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation Readings

& Mentoring

My readings provide you with the map back to your soul’s truth, activating your self realisation. I work with you identifying the keys to your healing and awakening, self fulfillment and place in the world, your moment to shine. Online Mentoring Programs and Personalized Retreats in Sedona, Arizona, USA, incorporating transformational shamanic breathwork to bring this knowing into the body, initiating your journey. I connect you to a global team of teachers, healers, facilitators and therapists, to continue the work of becoming your true self.

It’s my soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of the calendar, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records that knows the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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