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Energy is Encoded with Divine Intelligence : We are Energy Conduits Dissolving the Distortion to Reg

We are on day 11 of the wave of Blue Storm, it’s been a wild busy time as storm waves tend to be and it’s only now that I have a moment to write about this wave. Today is Red Spectral Moon, as my writing is divinely inspired, channelled information, often I’m curious when it ‘flows into place’ for me to write. My human mind logically thinks of writing & publishing on the first day of the wave, but, my intuitive oracle side stays open to feel the message of the moment. We are traveling through time, and though we go through repeating cycles of time - such as this 13 moon Tzolkin Dreamspell Sacred Calendar of 260 days, echoing the length of a human gestation - no moment is like any other moment. This Blue Storm wave has it’s own unique signature, bounded in the context of this generational wave, and larger cycles of time. These are cosmic coordinates, with all these energies arising and falling, creating the NEW moment.

Everything is Energy, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey, most of us are aware of this now. Science has caught up with, or is catching up with Spirituality. All is Energy. More than that, Energy has intelligence. It is when we tune into this fact that we open to the realization that there is a higher intelligence, a divine intelligence. We are made of the same energy, and as such we have access to that Divine Intelligence that vibrates in all things. Blue Storm represents energy, the movement of energy as energy is perpetually in motion. Energy never dies. It simply transforms. And so Blue Storm also represents transformation, as does the color blue. This wave is the 3rd wave of 13 days in this White 2nd Castle of 52 days that began in Red Skywalker on 3rd September, and will complete with Yellow Human beginning this Saturday 12th October. The initiation of this process that began with Red Skywalker is to awaken a remembrance of our divinity. The second wave was White Worlbridger, death and rebirth, and expansion to multidimensional reality, ending in White Cosmic Mirror, ultimate truth, universal truth and realignment to that truth, it organically follows that when there is a mental realm change, expansion of seeing truth, that energy will have to reorganize itself. That’s what we have been doing these past 10 days, moving on the clarity that came before, if we are aware of it or not. Energy follows thought, but how mindful are we of what we are thinking?

Energy is the frontier of our evolution as a humanity. In the wave of White Wizard that is the generational wave we entered this summer and will journey for 13 years until 2032, Blue Storm is the 6th year, or 6th day, the balance point of the wave. Learning how energy works, how to manage it, direct it, diffuse it, align it, release it and most crucially, allow it to return to it’s Source Resonance, it’s state of innocence. In 2032 we will enter the Blue Storm era. And so clearly this time in White Wizard is our time to learn this art, the art of energy direction and self mastery. Also a time for us to understand that all that ails us and the planet is low vibrational, distorted vibrations that are not attuned to life, beauty, divine truth. Some are fearing the birth of 5G, but from an energetic perspective, this technology is a meagre translation of existing spiritual technology, and our reaction to this technology must be to raise our awareness of our own inner technology and raise our vibration so it doesn’t affect our field, physical, mental, emotional or energetic. We will need this upgrade for the coming Cosmic Storm that’s destined to come our way, or we enter it’s space in 2032 to 2045, resetting everything for the seeding & birth of New Earth.

For everything that the current reality throws at us, all the fear mongering and dark forces interference, the Truth & Light is also leveraging the situation. It is as always up to us. If we awaken as Wizards, as the New Shamans, and we understand how to work with energy in a creative way, then it doesn’t matter what comes our way, we have the knowledge and the power to direct it positively, regenerating - redirecting the intention of the wave so it’s outcome can be in alignment with Divine Intent. This is our free will, we have the free will to receive, deflect, redirect energy and thereby affect reality. We do it all the time, but we are mostly unconscious about the energy work we are doing.

We are more aware of the power of our thoughts and beliefs than we are about the power of the energy we are, and the energy around us - in all dimensions. Energy follows thought, but thoughts alone do not create things. As well we have learnt in the positive affirmation New Age phenomena, the Law of Attraction too, has given a limited understanding of the energetic process of creation and discreation. We can think “I love myself” all day long, even affirm it in the mirror, but, if there is an imprint of self loathing or self sabotage in our field, in the emotional energy, in our bodies - possibly generational, ancestral, collective via gender and so many other layers of existence that can imprint onto our pure essence including karma and soul contracts, then it simply won’t materialize or be experienced because the energy is not aligned with magnetizing that reality into being, yet. We have to clear through the debris, and, we came to do this work. Eons of time have led to many distortions in Source Energy such that we experience some of the horrors of reality that we do. But, all can be regenerated. And we hold the key.

Blue Storm wave takes us on a journey from the change catalyst point of Blue Storm, to the core purpose point of Blue Night. Blue Night represents the unknown, the dreamfield, the wu wei, the great abyss, anti matter, the nothing from which everything comes. Blue Night is our intuition, it’s the dark night of the soul too. And the abundance of our dreams come true. For true change to occur, we must move into the unknown. We must allow ourselves to be unbounded by beliefs and restrictions, and allow the seed of inspiration to grow. As we allow this space of non doing, beingness, the space of being receptive to the field of intelligence that is beyond form, in the formlessness that is closest in resonance to Source, we have gone through the process of letting go of identification, of desire, of attachment, we face our demons, we slay them and retrieve their inner gifts, we let go of the need to do anything that might spring from our human small self, our wounded egos, or societies demands, and we wait for the divine current to move us towards doing, only what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. The intention point of the Blue Storm wave is Blue Solar Hand, the knowing of what to do, the knowing of how to do it, when to do it, and that less is more when we are aligned with the flow, the universal flow, the intelligence that is innate in all that is, the energy that we are, and that surrounds us. This leads us to the end point of the wave, Blue Cosmic Monkey, the essence self, the pure magical child, that divine intelligence in form before it was imprinted with the distortions. When we process the energies, and return them to Source Beingness, then the movement is originating from Source. That is what we are here for, to play our parts in returning all the energies to Source Consciousness, so the original divine plan can evolve.

These are the key parts of the wave, the other important parts are the Yellow Lunar Sun, the challenge point of the wave, we are challenged to expand our consciousness, to wake up, to choose to be awake, to be conscious of the energy of our thoughts, our feelings, and the energies we consume in various ways, from food, from others etc. We are pulled into directions, to go further asleep, or to wake up. The mid point of the wave of Blue Storm is the next fruition Yellow spectrum day, Yellow Rhythmic Seed. When we balance the energies, we are balancing the seeds of creation we are sowing into the emergent reality. We are seeding reality all the time. When something happens that is not pleasant, even downright evil, we have a choice how we will allow that energy to affect us, how we will behave and therefore how we will pass that energy on. Can we bring all energies that we meet into equilibrium, into a balance of yin yang, so it can be moved by the divine and reset, regenerate it’s course. Energy reverberates across time, and we are the conduits of it. Sowing the seeds of what will come to us, or our future generations. We are leaving imprints on the fabric of time with our lives, imprints that ripple out affecting many lives, and the shape of our world. We really can’t comprehend the impact we have. Consider the science that says when a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Brazil, a storm is created somewhere in the world. There are no non effects. And yet, there is. As with all things in life, in this reality, it’s always paradoxical, we are energy and energy is eternal, it is seeking equilibrium but there is also this spark of consciousness that ignites it to move forward again, from the still point. The divine intelligence is irrepressible - it will flow, creating and collapsing realities as it seeks to know and experience itself in totality.

The next fruition point of the Blue Storm wave is Yellow Planetary Star, the manifestation of the beautiful plan. If Blue Storm can be seen as the energy of evolution, the regenerative pulse of transformation and change, then what is driving it? What is it encoded with? The sacred geometry of life, the fingerprint of god, the Flower of Life containing the Star Tetrahedron alchemical marriage of yin and yang, fire and water, masculine and feminine, that is the One and the Two that creates the Three that creates the 10,000 things. It is right here in plain sight to see, at a microcosmic level, our cells are perfectly designed geometry and right up to the macrocosmic level, it is all perfectly patterns, fractals within fractals. In other words, if we got out of the way, the energy itself would know what to do. I work with this principle in my sessions with people, activating their light bodies/energy bodies, allowing the energy to take over, it will let the body intelligence work to heal and awaken. Our only work is to allow the energy to move, as intended, and we would be healed, regenerative and evolve.

The initiation points of the wave are firstly Red Electric Dragon, activating the Mother Creator, that births consciousness into form. Mother Creator is Source, we are all born of the Mother, on all levels of reality, and our disconnection from her is a major energetic block in our wellness on all levels, our creative power and completing our soul mission, which is to serve her creation. We came to create, co create with creation. We came to create with the Mother. The next initiation point is Red Resonant Serpent, attuning the life force to the energy from Source, so we are co creating with Source. Red Serpent is a key to our embodiment, our sexual relationship with ourselves, and each other, are major factors in allowing the Source Energy to flow. To step into self mastery, as Wizards we will need to seriously address the sexual distortions that have persisted, and keep us from connecting with the divine intelligence that is our birthright. The last initiation point is Red Spectral Moon, surrendering to the flow, the universal water, feel it to heal it. Red Moon represents the divine feminine, sensitivity and receptivity, it’s the open vessel which receives, the yin to the Yellow Sun Yang. As we soften to feeling our feelings, we allow the energy that they are, energy in motion, to move, to complete it’s process, and thereby to clarified the emotional field that is creating reality. When we allow ourselves to fully feel, we are reconnected to deeper truth. It is only through feeling that we can obtain a higher consciousness humanity. The more we lose the ability to feel, the less human we are. And yet, we live in an insensitive world, that we have to numb out in order to navigate in. This is the distortion. When we can no longer feel, and process our feelings we are reacting and projecting, putting that energy out there, spinning in negative frequencies causing all sorts of misery for ourselves and each other, and the planet.

Opening up to feeling, is the gateway to the crystallization point of the wave, tomorrow’s glyph White Crystal Dog. Cooperating with Divine Love. The clarification, purification points of the wave are, White Self Existing Wind, as we make a practice of connecting to our Breath, we connect to the energy that we are, that is in all things. We connect to our spiritual truth, and the spiritual truth of this reality, that all is spirit in form. When we do this, we die to the limitations of this human reality, and expand to the bigger picture, integrating the multidimensional truth of who we are, White Galactic Worldbridger. In expanding to this level of reality, we touch on the truth of a higher love, a divine love. The divine love that is embedded in the divine intelligence that moves all things. We are born of that love, we are that love, and we came here to be love.

ONLY LOVE lights the way.

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

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My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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