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Embody the Knowing

February’s Theme in a sentence - To Do or Not to Do, how to know?

We made it through the first month of this powerful year.  How was the surrendering? What transformed as you let go and let god? Now we stride into the second month, and the challenge of knowing what to do, and what not to do.

Hands Open to the Magic of Creation

The real question is the knowing.

How do we know?

What is the state of knowing?

Are we outsourcing our knowing to externally given facts and figures? In this time of Surrendering to a Higher Truth - the theme of the year 2024, we are surrendering the ways we have relied on to know what to do and what not to do.  We are exploring a wider perspective.

In the Mayan cosmology, the archetype of Blue Hand, represents doing, embodiment and the knowledge that comes from doing & achieving.  As we do it, we come to know it.  This is a world lesson vs a word lesson.  We live in times when people seem to think they know, rather than actually having the experience to know.  It’s good to question ourselves.  Do we know?  Or do we think we know based on information we are receiving in the mind field - which is a minefield!.  So many are being pulled into duality through this dilemma.

Not knowing seems to trigger insecurity, fear, anxiety even anger.  We have become so identified with needing to be right, needing to define things, or get the definitions from a ‘trusted source’.  It’s an interesting condition.  We are desperately holding on to ideas as knowledge as a security blanket. We are so busy doing, that we never stop to be in the non doing, and the not knowing, the space of definitionless awareness.

Carrying all these definitions, limits us. When we were children, and we supposedly didn't know anything, were we more embodied? More able to flow with life in the moment. Fresher, more imaginative, creative, inspired, amazed. We were in an unlimited consciousness. We didn't need to be right, we weren't afraid to be wrong. We were in the experience. Of being. Where the magic is.

The hidden power of Blue Hand is the archetype of the generation we are in, White Wizard, representing wisdom.  A more expanded wisdom, the wisdom of heaven and earth.  The wisdom that allows us to Do Less & Achieve More. A self mastery that allows us to be energy masters, directing the Storm of change, to facilitate manifestation.  This type of wisdom can only be accessed across the abyss of the not knowing, which in itself is only accessed through the willingness to enter into non doing.  As described so well in the teachings of the Tao.

Another aspect of the Blue Hand is healing.  Healing comes from the word whole.  We are healed when we are whole.  Out of balance, and unhealed, we become polarized in either busy over doing, or a depression of feeling lost from knowing what to do.

Hands are extensions of the heart.  When we move from love, from our heart space, what we do brings healing to ourselves as the doer and the world/others as the recipient of that offering.  Whatever it is, writing a poem, baking a cake, building a house. When we do it from love, it carries the vibration of that state of being. Do it with love or don't do it at all might make the world slow down a bit, but might it be worth it. We have the slow food movement to counter as the fast food disaster on our health, maybe life is not meant to be rushed just for the sake of doing something? We have been so busy doing our busyness that many of us have lost touch with the wisdom of our heart, the seat of our soul. We are called to surrender to what love would do.

Love is another theme of the month as well as being the core purpose of this year, and the theme of the Galactic Year we began last Summer.

What if love invited you to do no-thing?

How do you feel contemplating that now?

I know when I was confronted with that in 2012 it was hard.  I was in Bali at the time, very sick and had to be in bed, resting and recovering.  I was challenged to stop doing, and realized how much I was identified with being productive.  It was all about The Projects.  I had been an architectural designer working on projects for years at time.  Creating tangible edifices to my busy doings.  Who am I if I am not doing anything that can be seen in the world?

Of course once I dropped in fully to meet the space that being forced into not doing presented, I had to meet all the unloving parts that were driving my busy doing.  On the other side of that, I began to write, challenging the wisdom of this cosmology.  Moving my fingers across the keyboard was something I had just about enough energy for, and I could do it lying in bed.  In the space of non doing, something always arises, from within.

This is the challenge of Blue Lunar Hand, can we let go of doing, and just be.  Can we trust in existence, and allow the flow.  In the Tao it is said ‘do nothing, and everything is done’.  This is speaking to Creation, which we are both within, and active agents in.  Consciously or unconsciously we are ‘doing’ - having an affect on reality. When we stop doing, we meet the unconscious limiting beliefs that are keeping us from knowing ourselves. Knowing our hearts desire. How can we love ourselves if we don't know ourselves? How can we do what we love, if we don't take this time to stop and be? Be here now, where the magic aka wisdom of the moment is waiting to meet us.

Sandwiched between the White Worldbridger archetype of surrender, death, rebirth and expansion, and the archetype of Yellow Star (beauty & art) this challenge is inviting us to let go of what we think we know, what drives us to be busy doing x y z.  Let go of the addiction to busyness, and drop into the healing, the return to wholeness from which something beautiful can arise.

In the non doing, we witness that life is happening, things are moving.  We can lean into that movement, and discover an authentic response that arises, a knowing of what to do to facilitate what wants to happen.

We become part of the flow.  This is the realm of being a Wizard.  Having the wisdom of what to do and, as importantly, what not to do, in service to a greater plan that is coming from a higher, more loving intelligence.  This is how we embody being vessels of heaven on earth.  If you want a more practical example, you could swap Wizard with Gardener, who knows when to plant and when to let the field rest, to align with the forces of nature, to follow the flow of life.

Luckily February is a short month, albeit longer this year as we have a leap year.  We have a powerful conjunction with Chiron, the healer, in Aries with the North Node, which will also add to this inner enquiry. Are we being true to our hearts desired actions, or are we doing for others for love/status/money at the expense of ourselves? How can we find the sweet spot between Aries the fire of individuation, and Libra, airy communion & partnership with other? How do we heal the shadows lurking in the polarity between them, and come to know, what to do to bring more wholeness, healing, and love in.

Love is the light that lights the way,

In lak’ech a la kin


Kin 13


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