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Imagine... And so it is.

The 4th day of the wave of Yellow Human that we are journeying in the Calendar of Natural Time.

Visionary Art Eagles awakening Higher Seeing
Blue Self Existing Eagle : Winged Guardians Julia Pandit

Yellow Human represents Humanity.  In the Mayan Cosmology Human represents wisdom, free will, being a vessel of spirit.  Such that we remember our souls wisdom and get to freely choose to embody and enact that wisdom on earth.  Literally, we are the bridge that brings heaven to earth.  This wave is an archetypal story of ‘how’ we can do this.

The 4th point on the wave, is the Self Existing Tone of form.  It speaks to defining, grounding and practice. I call it the practice point, what we need to do daily to ground the theme of the wave.  In your natal reading, this would be your daily practice, what brings you into your life path.

Today’s archetype is Blue Eagle, the visionary, higher mind, the 3rd (or more rightly) the first eye/pineal gland and imagination.  Eagle flies high above the mundane world, seeing the past, the present and the future timelines so it can steer towards higher outcomes.  The challenge of Blue Eagle is its antipode energy Red Serpent, representing the 2nd chakra, the life force, survival instinct, body intelligence that is the reptilian brain.  As depicted in the caduceus, we have to lift up our Red Serpent, life force kundalini from the fears and traumas that keep it vibrating in lower frequencies, so we can expand our ability to see higher potentials in each moment. See more of the light spectrum. See deeper into reality. See through the veils that obscure. Be a visionary.

These archetypes are in the Polar kin, speaking to the need to balance the polarities within us.  We are both a body needing to survive and protect our vehicle, and also spirit, that is eternal and therefore can see more multidimensionally what best serves our evolution. Less reaction more creation. Same letters interestingly. Moving the 'c' aka see, be conscious of to the front of the word makes all the difference.

This wave of Yellow Human is the last in this 2nd Castle of Refining the Warrior that is holding the themes of 2024.  Blue Eagle is the hidden power of White Worldbridger that is the theme of the year.  With vision and imagination we are able to bridge worlds, within and without.  We are able to expand the potentials. Open the portals of greater opportunities.

We live in a world that bombards us with visual and mental stimulation.  Arresting our imagination.  Co-opting our survival instinct with the fear porn that is a constant in the newsfeed.  Every single moment of the day there are blessings and miracles, synchronicities of the wonder of reality.  But these are not what the MSM focuses on.  For good reason.  If we are the imagination of ourselves, and imagination will get us everywhere (Einstein), then the mind control (government) matrix has to subvert this amazing capacity of humanity.  If we are the co creators of reality and our imagination has been hijacked with doomsday scenarios, then we are in fact projecting those self same scenarios into manifestation.

There are two archetypes holding our focus at this time.  Firstly, the Galactic Year of White Overtone Wizard aka wisdom, in the wave of White Dog aka love.   And secondly Red Galactic Skywalker aka inner reconnection to the divine, in the wave of White Worldbridger aka surrendering to multidimensional expansion.   In other words, we are in an empowerment process of reclaiming our wisdom from the Dark Wizards.  Those who have hidden knowledge about reality from humanity, utilized their knowledge to leverage power over humanity’s consciousness, to get us to do their bidding.  We are in the Age of Truth 2017-2030, and the truth is setting us free, though at first it might be overwhelming to comprehend this darkness.  Ultimate wisdom doesn’t fear the darkness, it brings the light of love to shine brightly on all that is existing outside of love as illusion.  Ultimate wisdom knows the Universal Truth of Love.  Ultimate wisdom can only be found within, Red Galactic Skywalker represents this inner pilgrimage to reconnect with the Divine Plan, to reconnect the dots of bringing heaven to earth.  Humanity’s dream for itself and for Gaia.

Skywalker & Eagle are similar archetypes, they are both seers, seeing deep into the dreamfield.  Bringers of Prophecy.  To open our inner vision we have to come inside.  Come inside the body temple and get our inner house in order.  Clear what is keeping our life force low in fear and trauma, so we can open up our ability to see.  To see with the eye of the heart, our souls vision for the truth of the moment.  For the spiritual truth that transcends the false construct of this reality paradigm.  The Dark Wizards are the People of the Lie, inverting, subverting and distracting us from the truth within. In this way they play their role in this level of reality where we chose to forget who we are, and go on a journey to remember. Put the pieces back together again. Come back to wholeness.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.  It’s true!  We are the imagination of ourselves.  When we prioritize keeping our imagination connected to our inner knowing, anchored in the heart, we can avoid the pitfalls of seeing and believing the false projections.  Thereby cutting off that creative energy that we have been feeding to these projected timelines.  Reserving that creative power for our hearts desire, individually and collectively.  Aligning our free will with Divine Will, so thy will can be done. The original intent for humanity, to be the conduits of heaven on earth.

It is only in this way that we can freely choose what we are cocreating.

What’s your imagination for the future?  Have you absorbed too much of the fear porn projections?  Are you seeking answers outside, not feeling secure with your inner guidance system? Are you visioning and expanding your abilities to visualize and create?  Do you know your hearts desire to create in this one time expression of you? Do you know your souls dream for this life?

It’s my heart desire to help you remember.  To reconnect to the inner knowing, to strengthen the inner listening.  To clear whatever is in the way of your inner wisdom lighting the way for you.  For each of us that is reconnected, we are influencing the world around us.  Another quality of Yellow Human is influence.  And we are in a world of influencers bidding for our precious attention & imagination.  Will you be influenced or be an influencer connected to higher truth, love, beauty, compassion, peace and creative power?

There are 3 steps in the journey I offer.  First is the reading, then there’s the self mastery mentoring, and then the personalized retreats in the transformational vortex of Sedona.  If you feel the call, I look forward to being your guide.

In lak’ech a la kin


Kin 13


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