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NEW GALACTIC YEAR 2023 : The Wisdom of Love Lights the Way : Pt 2

As we close this Yellow Castle of Giving which began on July 9th 2023, we can take a closer look at the New Galactic Year of 2023 White Overtone Wizard that fell in this 52 day cycle.

On July 26th the Sun aligns in a conjunction with the brightest star Sirius, the Dog Star, at sunrise in the East, and so it is the start of a Solar cycle with Sirius, which could be seen as our Spiritual Sun. Unbeknownst to us, but clearly well known to the ancient Mayans, the Dogon tribe in Africa, and the ancient Egyptians amongst others, there is a relationship with Sirius that influences our reality. And so this is the reason for the 26th of July being the Mayan New Year, what we call the Galactic New Year, marking a new galactic solar cycle. January 1st the New Year that we all know is also connected to Sirius, it’s when Sirius forms an opposition alignment with the Sun as it reaches it’s mid heaven peak at midnight. For this reason I refer to these dates as forming waves/cycles of time that give us context for what we are collectively facing.

Mayan Dreamspell archetype of 2023/2024 Empowering Spiritual Wisdom
White Overtone Wizard Kin 174 : Galactic Year 2023/2024

To recap on Part 1 (see Pt 1 we are now in two waves that form the second stage of a 4 stage, 52 year process that began in Jan 1st 2004, and July 26th 2006. The Terrestrial Grand Cycle of White Mirror aka The Age of Truth/ The Revelation began on Jan 1st 2017 - 2030. The Galactic Grand Cycle of White Wizard aka The Age of Wisdom/ The New Shamans began on 26th July 2019 - 2032. We are therefore in the 7th year of the Terrestrial cycle, and just entered into the 5th year of the Galactic cycle about a month ago. These White waves are related to the Air/Ether element, and represent a time of refining, clarifying. The White color in this cosmology is spiritual, and so we are in a Spiritual Age, bringing us the truth that is needed for us to reclaim the wisdom of our our Soul. We are spiritual beings, having a human experience, but we need to remember our spiritual intelligence in order to elevate our human experience.

The 5 White archetypes in this 13 moon calendar of Natural Time that aligns us with the Divine Timeline, are White Wind, representing Great Spirit, Prana - the breath of life, communication. White Worldbridger, representing death, rebirth, transformation, bridging worlds - multidimensionality, surrendering to the bigger picture, opportunity (opening the portals) and expansion. Dying to the limitations to be reborn in a higher dimension of experience. White Dog, representing love, the heart chakra, loyalty, soul tribe. White Cosmic Dog holds the center of the calendar as Kin 130, again highlighting the influence of Sirius The Dog Star, and perhaps our binary Sun of the Heart, representing heart consciousness. White Wizard, representing wisdom, the alchemist, energy master with the knowledge of technology of heaven and earth, the magical manifestor turning lead into gold. And finally, White Mirror, representing truth, clarity, reflections, as above so below, law, order, Higher Laws and alignment. White Mirror is the truth surgeon that cuts us free from the illusory world, realigning us with our true nature, and the true nature of reality. Spirit.

So these are the prevailing themes of our times, between 2017 through to 2032 we will be moving through waves in each of these archetypes, refining and clarifying us. The only way to comprehend what is happening in our reality, especially now, is to see it through a spiritual lens. Expanding out to see what this cosmic process is about, we can innerstand and find some peace, even hope & faith, that the process is evolutionary despite the events that are occurring in the surgical revelations stage that are necessary to set us free from what has estranged us from truth.

The expansive view is that we are in a time of Revelations of Truth, and that is facilitating our Spiritual Awakening. They say the truth will set you free, but at first this might ‘annoy’ us a bit. There has been dis-ease in our reality, and we see it reflected in our own health collectively, on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well as in the health of nature, the natural world around us. And the time has come to exorcise what is causing this disharmonious trajectory. As we are spiritual beings, we must remember who we are, and the spiritual intelligence we need to bring ourselves, and reality back into a harmonic alignment. This harmonic alignment I call the Divine Plan, the original plan for creation, perhaps called Heaven on Earth. What could that mean? Could it be that when we fully embody our soul & allow Spirit to move us, so we are one with the Great Spirit manifest in nature, that will collapse the illusion of separation between these realms? What will it take for us to remember our spiritual nature/ truth?

Jan 1st 2023 we went into the year of Yellow Resonant Star in the wave of White Wind. The 7th resonant one is of attunement, bringing two qualities into phase with one another. Yellow Star represents art, beauty, elegance/efficient design, the sacred geometry of life, the fingerprint of God/Source, the Divine Plan. I called this year The Great Spiritual Awakening, as we can only access this attunement if we breathe into our hearts and communicate with Spirit, to see what is this other quality of beingness that is a reality, a realm, running alongside our human one, separated by the veil of forgetfulness that is the trial of having incarnated in this time. These times are akin to the Dark Ages, the Kali Yuga, where we are cosmically furthest away from our Spiritual Sun, Sirius. It is always darkest before dawn, and so we have come to be in the transition of the Ages, from the worst of times to the best of times. We are indeed brave spiritual warriors, each with a part to play in facilitating the shift.

And so I write this today on Yellow Cosmic Star, the last day of the Yellow Warrior wave, I am tuning into the Yellow Star of this Terrestrial year and the waves of this Yellow Castle of Giving that holds this Galactic Year of White Overtone Wizard. This castle is a journey into how we are to serve, what we are to give back to reality. The first wave of this cycle that began on July 9th 2023 was the Red Earth wave. Red Earth represents nature, Mother Earth, Daughter Gaia, timing & synchronicity, grounding and presence in the NOW moment. The Red color is the fire element of initiation, activation & physicality. In order to serve, we have to be present to what is needed. This can also be seen as saying that our first service is to the earth, to nature. This wave was calling us back to The Mother, Red Overtone Dragon, to the nurturing of her creation, Earth, and the remembrance of her dream for Earth & her children, Humanity. Grounding back into this creative source, we can access the intention of the life force. A survival instinct & awakening creative power (kundalini) that we need to direct moment to moment, allowing us to open to the cosmic flow with the Divine. There has been a lot of focus on nature, the earth since this time, mostly in distressing ways. Truths being revealed about the way in which we have neglected to serve nature first, or be in tune with her. The Gregorian calendar itself is a prime example of how we have created a reality divorced from nature. Tomorrow we have what is known as a Blue Moon, which is an artifice, as in truth there is and only can be one full moon in a month, month being a word deriving from moon. The only reason why we have this Blue ‘unusual rare’ Moon is because August named after Emperor Augustus has 31 days to denote & revere his power. How can it be sane for us to live on Earth and not harmonize with her cycles? Throughout our world it is evident that the further we get from nature, the worse our lives become, physically, mentally, emotionally and of course spiritually and energetically. There are so many things we have accepted as truth, and therefore see as knowledge which are actually lies, and therefore disempowering, as knowledge is power.

This brings us to the second wave, the White Dog wave of Love, that holds the Galactic Year of 2023 which landed on the 5th point of the wave, the core purpose. As we ground into presence with nature, The Way of the Tao, we are reunited with spirit, as nature is spirit in form. As we open to the divine, we open to love. A Universal Higher Love, the love of The Mother Creator. The archetype of The Mother has been largely eradicated from our reality, and we are all wounded children separated from this the ultimate quality of creative power to birth into reality. Blue Lunar Monkey is the challenge of the year, representing the wounded child, polarized, separated and divided. It is the wounds of the inner child that keep us from receiving the love of The Mother, and through that, accessing our creative life force and being able to experience life lightly as the children’s lullaby “row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream”. To magnetize the light of love that will light our way home, we will all be called to heal the inner schisms that separate us, within, and without. It is the wounded child aspect of humanity that keeps us in victimhood, perpetually traumatized and disconnected from our hearts therefore our soul. And it is this separation with our hearts wisdom that keeps us from the spiritual intelligence that would empower us to remember who we truly are. Creator beings with a sacred mission to fulfill.

In this Age of Wisdom we are being confronted by what I have called the Dark Wizard, these are protagonists that are playing the shadow side of knowledge, power. They say that power corrupts, and does so absolutely. Knowledge that is divorced from love, is a dangerous force that we are now seeing plaguing our reality. Loveless power lives to control, manipulate, coerce reality to meet its insatiable need for more power. When we entered into the White Wizard Grand Galactic Cycle in the summer of 2019, I knew we were going to be in the throes of a Great Battle, it’s a spiritual battle for the truth that will set us free. The Dark Wizards are The People of the Lie, who have obscured truth and therefore manipulate knowledge, for the few to have power over the many. We are now in a very important year in the 13 year cycle, we are in the 5th core purpose point. White Overtone Wizard is the empowerment of our hearts wisdom, soul wisdom, calling us to radiate that wisdom into reality to reflect back to it a higher truth, a higher order. As above so below means that we are in a biofeedback dynamic with reality. As we awaken a higher spiritual intelligence, a higher spiritual love, we are able to bring that into this reality. Love and truth are the same qualities expressed in different ways. As we magnetize a higher love, or the power of love, we are able to intentionally align with the spiritual truth, which brings us into peace, oneness with creation.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we shall know peace - Jimi Hendrix

It is only when we are returned to love, to the wisdom that love brings, that we can align and reflect the love of Great Spirit, taking this loving spiritual light into the Darkness, and the 3rd wave of this castle of giving. First we grounded in service to the moment, and the earth, then we opened to love and the wisdom of love that aligns us with spirit, to empowers us to go into the Great Battle with the unknown, to reclaim the dreamfield. The Blue Night wave is a journey into the subconscious, the astral realms, the dark night of the soul, the shadow - what is hidden, denied, rejected. It is the supporting archetype to Yellow Warrior, speaking to the need for us to face our shadows and transmute them, to face our fears and overcome them, to be able to be fearless. To no longer be victims to ‘false evidence appearing real’. This Blue Night archetype is the manifestation point of the White Wizard. We are the dream of ourselves, only we have forgotten to be lucid in the dream. The Dark Wizard is the projection of fear into the dreamfield. Fear is the opposite of Love. Fear cuts us off from life, and our true nature. Fear is held in the first chakra, the root chakra, speaking to our embodiment on the earth, being here now fully present to what is real. The first chakra and the 4th chakra of the Heart are connected, if we are wounded in the root of our being, we are cut off from the heart of our being, and as the heart is the seat of the soul, this is the first way in which we have lost our spiritual connection.

In this castle of giving we are being called to step into our Spiritual Warriorship, and to do so means to go on a quest, into the unknown, into the dark abyss where we have discarded & denied parts. To make the unconscious conscious.

If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you.

Jesus - Gospel of St Thomas

Of course this is not a journey for the faint of heart, we need to be courageous, ie to be heart full, so we do it for love. For the love of life, for the love of truth, for the love of beauty, for the love of creation, for the love that is All That Is. The hidden power, therefore the quality emerging from, Blue Night is White Mirror, the truth that sets us free, free from the delusion illusion confusion that is the shadow of Blue Night. It is only then on the spiritual quest that we go beyond our fears, and see with the eye of the heart, what is true, who we are, and why we are, what we came to do. Then we are restored in the field of dreams, the quantum field of pure potentiality, having cleared the astral realm weeds that ruined the Garden, we bring the light of loves consciousness to activate what was StarSeeded in the dream of our souls, within the Dream of The Mother.

Finally, the 4th wave of the Castle of Giving that is speaking to this Galactic Year 2023/2024, is Yellow Warrior, the journey of awakening, being conscious creators intentionally seeding what is within us, divinely, to co-create the beautiful plan. Today’s glyph Yellow Cosmic Star is the end goal of the wave, and the castle, representing the Divine Plan, which leads us into the 5th and final Green Castle of Enchantment, where we flow with spirit to see the beauty of creation as we fully ascend to 6th Sun Consciousness. This is where we have been stuck on a loop in our reality, fear is the block that is keeping us from opening up to the enchantment of life and really being able to go into this 5th castle, elevating our consciousness to fearlessly be artists of life. What life would we dream if we were not afraid to dream?

These are the cosmic influences of the moment, the evolutionary path we are on. I hope this will help you to have faith in the darkest moments that are bound to happen & have already been happening in this year. 2024 is an amplification of 2020, it’s the next important step in the process of our awakening Spiritual Intelligence, Wisdom and Self Mastery. The self mastery that is necessary to bring the power of love to heal us, individually and collectively, and in so doing serve Earth, the heart of Creation.

In lak’ech a la kin.

Rianna Skywalker

Kin 13


Sage to The Age of the New Shamans

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