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NEW GALACTIC YEAR 2023 : The Wisdom of Love Lights the Way : Pt 1

On the 26th July 2023 we will enter into the 5th year of a cycle that we began in 2019. The 5th point of a wave (a cycle of 13 days or years) is the Overtone frequency, which has the qualities of empowerment & radiance, and represents the core purpose point of the wave. Overtone means the merging of tones, it's the merging of the first 4 frequencies - 1Magnetic 2Lunar 3Electric 4Self Existing that we have journeyed these 4 years. Yes, that means that we are reaching a nexus point from where we started this journey in the summer of 2019. I'm sure you are aware how potent this must be, given the world wide events that occured in that Galactic Year 2019/2020. It will be, in a matter of days, the Galactic Year 2023/2024 of White Overtone Wizard. If you find yourself reading this, you are one of the New Shamans that this generational wave of White Wizard 2019-2032 is activating. It is time to remember the magic YOU came to bring. Mayan Soul Astrology & the Calendar of Natural Time is a gift to humanity for us to decode our soul purpose in the Greater Divine Plan, especially at this time.

The the power of LOVE overcomes the love of power, we shall know peace.  Jimi Hendrix
White Overtone Wizard : Merge Polarity to Transcend Duality : The Magical Power of LOVE

Let's expand back a bit to embrace the significance of this year. Firstly a little recap of this Calendar of Natural Time, the Mayan Dreamspell, which is a lunar calendar, also called the 13 Moon Calendar. Most indigenous cultures have a lunar calendar, as the moon and her very predictable cycles are a natural celestial time piece in the sky that we can all see, and recognize the phases of without too much dispute. In aligning with a Natural Calendar, we are able to reconnect with our true nature, our spiritual nature, and bring in the wisdom of our soul, remember who we are, and where we are in time and space, so we can be the vessels of spirit we came to be, to be the pillars of the Temple of Heaven on Earth. In case you forgot why you are here!

When the Power of LOVE overcomes the love of power, we shall know peace.

Jimi Hendrix

The calendar is a 20 archetype and 13 frequency creation story, making a 260 day calendar called a Tzolkin, which means spin. 260 is a very intriguing number as it relates to the length of a human gestation, and when we look at the 260 day calendar with the Portal Days highlighted, these form the double helix of our DNA. The reason for this 26th July New Year date is because this is the time when Sirius rises with the Sun. Many cultures speak of Sirius as our binary Sun. Jan 1st also connects to Sirius, it's when Sirius is on the Midheaven, aligned with the Sun at the midday. The Ancient Mayans were incredible astronomers, inexplicably so, charting a Solar Calendar, a lunar Calendar, a Venus Calendar and many others. We have lost touch with our ancient wisdom, and become lost in time, and space, we don't know where we are, from our inner compass but rely on an external system that is a blatant lie. October Oct representing 8, Sept representing 7, Dec representing 10, and the illogical months of 28-31 days is built on a man made artifice around a Political Power Patriarchal (not Divine Masculine) Paradigm that is a virus, the virus, that has plagued the earth for a very, very, long time. All we have is time, but what if our time has been hijacked and distorted, what if a time is money overlay was divorcing us from nature by not aligning with nature at all, not harmonically flowing in perfect sacred geometrical cycles but creating a disharmonic, discordant, disconnecting, destructive force that is the key to these destructive cycles we are stuck in? If we are not on time, we will miss the mark, be in sin (true meaning of the word sin is to miss the mark). That's a little background as to why this calendar is significant, and why it is relevant now, and why I fell in love with the system to begin with in 2000.

We live in waves of time, timewaves, that have their rising and falling movements, and intersection points - convergences - that create a mandala of life. All is by Intelligent Design, Divinely Designed, there is a perfect implicate pattern to all things natural. From the micro cellular level to the macro stellar level. Everything is energy, energy exists in waveforms of pure potentiality and along those waves we collapse into points. Quantum Physics has shown us that nothing exists unless it is observed, and when it is not observed, by the light of consciousness, it is returning to the wave, the ocean of life. Everything is a hologram, as above so below, all that nature reflects to us is about us, and the nature of reality. Only we have not been able to see, not with our true eyes because we are entranced into a false light reality, created by unnatural frequencies that are distorting the fabric of time, warping it. This calendar is a cipher, through which we can see through the veils of illusion and reconnect with nature, and therefore Great Spirit and the Divine Truth. It is a living calendar, one that you must journey with to open up your own unique soul perspective. You can learn the archetypes, and the frequencies, but it is when you feel your unique relationship to these energies day by day, that it becomes yours, a tool for you to see through the distractions, synchronize with the synchronicities that abound when we are on time with the Divine.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.


OK, so now, where are we? There are two waves of time that we are riding in our reality. I call the Jan 1st wave Terrestrial Time, and we have the Galactic Time wave of 26th July. On Jan 1 2017 we went into the White Mirror Wave, which will take us to the now infamous date of 2030. I surely don't need to remind you what hugely significant event occurred in January 2017. White represents Air, Spirit, clarity and refinement. It is the second of 4 colors in the creation harmonic. So this is the second wave in a creation cycle that began in 2004., and will run 52 years. The Mirror archetype represents Truth, Order, Higher Law, Clarity, Reflections of Truth, Revelations of Truth, as above so below, as within, without. I have called this therefore 'The Age of Truth'. This time is one of the sword of truth cutting away at the lies of the illusion & confusion, to set us free. It's like cosmic surgery to bring us back into alignment with truth. We have strayed too far and have got very lost, and the time has come to have a realignment. In brief, the journey of The Age of Truth takes us back to the core purpose of Spirit, we are spiritual beings first and foremost, and everything is made of spirit, and it is only in the consciousness of Great Spirit that we are One. The intention of the journey is Death & Rebirth, in the truth of our Multidimensional Nature. And through these gateways of remembrance we will graduate in returning to the Ultimate Truth of Reality, and All That Is. LOVE. White Cosmic Dog is the end of the White Mirror wave, and relates to the year 2030.

On July 26th 2019 we began the White Wizard wave, a generational wave of 13 years that will take us to the year 2032. White again, meaning clarity, refinement, Spirit, and the air element. So we are in a time of clarity, refinement, a Spiritual Awakening Age. First the truth is setting us free and then the wisdom can flow in when we are no longer living in a world of lies. Wizard means wisdom, it is the archetype of knowledge, the knowledge of heaven and earth, the alchemist, the energy master, it speaks to self mastery as the ultimate knowledge is KNOW THYSELF. For only then can we be true to ourselves. True to LOVE, true to the Oneness of Creation. I have called this The Age of Wisdom. And the Age of the New Shamans, of which I am, as I was born in the previous cycle of the White Wizard wave July 26th 1967-1980. My natal glyph/archetype is Red Cosmic Skywalker, the 13th glyph/daykeeper that precedes White Wizard. As such I herald the Age, as the Day Out of Time, the 25th of July 2019 was Red Cosmic Skywalker. Skywalker is the bridge between the 12th Yellow Human archetype, humanity and White Wizard, the Wisdom of Creation. Skywalker represents the cosmic connector, the time space traveller, one of the Signal Kin that are the ancient elders from the future. A seer, the oracle, bringing prophecy as we navigate through the Dreamfield, surrendering to the Multidimensional Portals to reconnect the pillars of The Temple of Heaven with the Temple of Earth. The message is that humanity has to reach towards the skies, astrology, to remember our Divinity and activate our body temple, so our sacred life force can flow, allowing the Light of our Soul to be fully embodied, so we remember who we are, why we came, and what it is we must now do in service to the Greater Good, the anchoring of Heaven on Earth.

At the beginning of 2020 I wrote about how hugely significant the year was going to be, please look back through my blog posts to read that channelled message that I barely knew the significance of at the time of writing. Being a seer is an interpretive art, I can remote view future timelines, of which there are many, in various states of density aka probability, that are in a state of flux dependent upon the collective energy that is invested in a current time narrative that leads us to that timeline trajectory. I will see, through the cipher of this Sacred Calendar, what the cosmic potential of the moment is, and I saw that it was going to be A Great Battle, a battle to reclaim our wisdom from the Dark Wizards who have kept knowledge from the many in order to leverage power over humanity. They created the Gregorian Calendar and have chopped and changed time, to hijack the timeline of humanity's evolution, and with that the Earth, which is the heart of the universe and humanity's home. They are the People of the Lie, but we are in the Age of Truth, and so their time is up.

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

Winston Churchill

(seemingly their lies got all the way around the world in an unprecedented way in 2020 the Galactic Year of White Wizard)

All will be revealed for those who have Eyes to See. Unfortunately our ability to see is directly related to our beliefs, and our life force vitality. Living in a world of lies and distortions, we have accrued many beliefs that we will fight to defend that are simply untrue. It's a classic game of the narcissistic parasite - Archonic Consciousness, to gas light and create trauma, to feed on the life force, slowly but surely destroying it by chipping away at it so it fragments the light of our soul, casting us asunder, in a confused chaos. They are an opposing force to creation, bringing only destruction. With erroneous beliefs and trauma creating crystals on our optic nerves and energy blockages in our chakras, we do not have enough aligned life force energy to see with our higher mind - our spiritual eye, the All Seeing Eye of the Heart, the seat of our Soul. It is only with this eye that we can see truly.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

And so we arrive at the wave that is holding this coming Galactic Year. The wave of White Dog begins on Saturday 22nd 2023, and on the 5th day of that wave we will begin the Year of White Overtone Wizard. White Dog represents love, the heart, loyalty, soul family, the bonds of love. Dogs of course are epitomes of the quality of unconditional love, a perfect reflection in our hologram from nature. So the themes of the year we are entering into is LOVE & Wisdom. We can play around with different ways of saying that to tune into what will be coming up for us, individually and collectively. The Wisdom of LOVE, the LOVE of Wisdom. Have we been activated by this White Wizard wave since our realignment aka RESET of 2020? Have we fallen in love with truth and wisdom? Have we seen the wisdom of LOVE and Truth? Have we seen through the divisive Dark Wizard plays that take us away from love, and therefore away from our true wisdom? The heart of humans is the center of our body, it is the center of this Tzolkin calendar that the wave of White Mirror takes us to. Heart and Earth. Love is the light that lights the way of truth, the light that brings us home to the center of creation.

Can we receive this light? The supporting energy of White Dog is Red Moon, the receptivity of Universal Water, the yin, opening to the flow of the waters of life. The Galactic Year 2022/2023 that we are now closing is the 4th year of the Age of Wizdom, Red Self Existing Moon. In this year we were called to purify and restructure the waters, within and without. It was an invitation to let go of the memories of the trauma held in the water, that is refracting the light of our souls, and projecting the false light reality of fear, separation, lovelessness. We receive the knowledge of our soul through feeling. Red Moon is the hidden power of Yellow Human, in other words, feeling is the super power of humanity. If we lose our ability to feel, we are dehumanized. Feeling, is an experiential state of being present to the field through this body temple. It is the language of the soul, connecting us to our intuition - our inner wisdom - which connects us to our higher selves, our soul wisdom. It connects us to what is true, for us, and it is meant to be our navigation system, but we have been so traumatized that we are now mostly operating from the yang mind, which is divided into two hemispheres of awareness, a computer processor that was never meant to lead us but simply serve the will of the heart, the will of th soul, the will of the Divine, Thy Will is My Will is when we awaken into the Oneness that there is no separation between our Spirit and our Human, it is simply an illusion, perpetuated by the trickery of the Dark Wizards.

Given that 2020 was so pivotal, it is clear that this coming 2024 will be another key point on the journey of our Awakening Wisdom so we can reclaim the knowledge of our true nature, and the nature of reality, so we can remember who we are, and the magic (wisdom) we came to bring to bear at this critical time. This Terrestrial Year, Jan 1st 2023 is Yellow Resonant Star, in the wave of White Wind, attuning to the Beautiful Plan of Great Spirit, a year I called The Great Spiritual Awakening. There is a plan, a beautiful plan, a Divine Plan, but we must align with it. In the bread and circuses distraction attraction entertainment entrainment game that is this world, we are the creator beings. We hold the life force, the light force of love, that always wins. Darkness is akin to ignorance, and we are ignorant when we ignore our feelings, when we deny the reality right before our eyes. When we are not in our hearts, we are not at home, we are lost. When we are asleep to ourselves, and the nature of reality, when we are ruled by our subconscious unconscious patterns and do not step into the light of self mastery. By seeking to bring the unconscious into awareness we can transcend the fate that is being projected on to us through the resonance of fear and separation. We become unwitting agents of darkness, because we do not love ourselves, love ourselves enough to know ourselves truly, and in that knowing, reclaim the wisdom that has been lost to us.

If ignorance is bliss, is it folly to be wise? We are free will beings, we get to choose. White Overtone Wizard Galactic Year 2023/2024 will invite us to step into empowerment, to radiate the wisdom that comes from within, within the heart, our soul. It is The Great Spiritual Awakening, and now the New Shamans will be bringing the Light of LOVE to light our way through the Dark Wizards Dark Play. The Day Out of Time on the 25th July 2023 will be Red Self Existing Skywalker, traditionally a day of meditation, celebration, a day of art that enlivens the heart, bringing us back into resonance with the Time is Art timeline that is taking us towards the 6th Sun Consciousness that gives rise to New Earth. The invitation of this day is to create sacred space, to ground in the body temple, to open to the heavens, to be a pillar of divine union, yin balanced with yang, bringing in the Divine Light of LOVE that will empower the magic to radiate through you into this reality, shifting the paradigm, as divinely intended. And so it is, already done, on a timeline that my ancient elder Signal kin came from. Have faith, be heartfull, courageous and do not succumb to fear - False Evidence Appearing Real. We are the ones, and we have been waiting for this remembrance.

I will continue this in Part 2 going through the months ahead in more detail. If you feel called, I offer Deep Dive Soul Readings, and Self Mastery Mentoring, with personalized transformational retreats in the sacred Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

In lak'ech a la kin, I am another you. ONLY LOVE, love only.

Rianna Skywalker


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