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Soul Relationships : Soul Mate, Twin Soul or Twin Flame?

Can we tell who is a soul mate, twin soul or twin flame by consulting our soul’s blueprints?

Yes of course!  We can also see when these alignment windows will be opening, shifting or closing.

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Love is an Awakening

There are many different connections we make, as they say, some are for a season, reason or a lifetime.

Soul Mates are here to be companions on the journey, they can be challenging or supporting.  They can be our rock in the storms of life.

They can be another you reflecting back an aspect to embrace or heal.  If you share a life wave, then it’s likely they will be in your life weaving in and out or as permanent fixtures.  If they appear in a year transit, or in a life chapter, then it might be a reason or a season.

Though we might meet in ways that we think are random, there are no coincidences, only synchronicity.  When we are living with the Calendar of Natural Time we tend to experience more and more of these magical synchronicities.   We begin to see the field of intelligence working to bring to us all that we need to move forward on our journey.

You know when you meet someone and there’s that familiar feeling as though you have always known them somehow?  It’s funny how some people slip by unnoticed, and then others leave a lasting impact on our being even if we only met briefly.

Sometimes our parents, siblings or children, even pets are soul mates, twin souls, or another you.  Sometimes we are very different from our parents and family of origin, making it hard to relate if at all.

It’s all written ‘in the stars’.  Written by you, on a soul level.  When we start to look through this lens, that our soul has written the love story of our lives, we can penetrate more deeply into what on earth we were attempting to do!!   

If your relationship stories are perplexing you, a reading can illuminate the how’s and why’s.  Often that in itself can shift the dynamic.  As we open up a different perspective , we can understand and accept more.  We get clarity on how we relate, are relating, could relate better.  We are freed up from the inner turmoil of confusion in the relationship, which really frees us to be present more in them.

Sometimes our greatest nemesis is our greatest soul mate opening us up to a deeper self love, and therefore love itself.

We come in alone and we go out alone.  But in between this whole ride is about relationship.  Relating to reality, relating to ourselves on all the levels, and all the players in our dreamscape.  Ultimately they are reflections for us to remember who we are, and why we are.  They were cast by us, and mostly we see them through our filters, which may need cleaning!

Sometimes clients are afraid to consult the Relationship Oracle.  Understandably, the truth sometimes is a hard pill to swallow, but in the end it’s what sets us free. Fear is a 1st Root Chakra shadow that links directly to the 4th Heart Chakra. In a fear we close down to love.

You might be thinking of walking away from your Twin Flame, or trying to be with someone who isn’t your person but provides a distraction from truly being with yourself, and opening up to the life your soul wants for you.

In my years of experience, I see these readings only being helpful in allowing more love to flow, for everyone involved.

Love is the light that lights the way.

In lak’ech a la kin.


Kin 13


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