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On the 20th of January 2024  Pluto will move into Aquarius.  There is added power to this move though that not many are referencing.  The fact that the Sun will conjunct this moment.  Pluto and the Sun will meet to share the last degree and seconds of an era, a 248 year era.  Do you know what the date was 248 yrs ago? 1776.  Does that ring any bells for you?

The Astrological Dance of Time

And that’s not all!!

Jan 20th 2024 will be Yellow Magnetic Human.  The start of a new wave in the calendar of Natural Time, the Tzolkin.

It is the 4th wave in this 2nd White Castle of Refining the Warrior.  The 4th wave is the wave of fruition.  We began this castle with the Red Skywalker initiation, and then travelled into the New Year 2024 in the second wave of White Worldbridger.  This gave us Red Galactic Skywalker on January 1st as the archetype of the year, with White Worldbridger as the theme of the year.  See my blog and earlier posts for a little more about that! We are currently in the 3rd wave of Blue Storm, the wave of transforming the energies to allow the flow back to essence, to a pure unconditioned (limited) state.  I’ll elaborate on that in another post.  Let’s get back to the 20th Jan 2024 amazing potential!

When I checked 248 yrs ago the Jan 20th it was Yellow Cosmic Human. Very interesting!

OK, those are the main players in the scene, so let me introduce you to them.

Sun in the Mayan cosmology represents consciousness, awakening, enlightenment.

Sun in Western Astrology represents our individuation, our unique consciousness expression, denotes a particular soul path, alongside the other planets and celestial players in our blueprints/soul charts.

It is connected to the Crown Chakra and the 3rd Chakra the Solar (hint hint) Plexus.

Worldbridger is akin to Pluto, in the Mayan cosmology it represents death, rebirth, change & transformation, transcendence.  It is surrender, to the bigger picture.  Pluto is the furthest celestial being that is ‘holding’ our reality.  Small but not insignificant.  In Western it represents fate, karma, death, destiny, transformation and transcendence.

The archetype of Human represents humanity, what we are in the story of creation.  In the Mayan cosmology, we are vessels of spirit.  We are the wisdom of experience, we are agents of free will, here to awaken and evolve creation.  We are the influencers.  Here as children of Divine Mother/Creation, and her embodiment Mother Earth, and guardian gardeners of Daughter Gaia, as our free will influences reality, the realm of form.

So Sun conjunct Pluto lining up with Pluto closing out in Capricorn and entering Aquarius is a big deal.  I have yet to find the last time this happened, but I thought I would get this out anyway.  It’s enough to know that 248 years ago it did not align, then the Sun preceded Pluto into Aquarius.

Yellow Cosmic Human is the apex of humanity, it is the Cosmic Human, a humanity that has awakened, as this is the last point of the wave of Yellow Sun, the journey of awakening.  Awakening to be conscious creators of our reality.  Awakened to how our thoughts harness energy to create.  At that time we must have been at an apex of consciousness to have birthed the Declaration of Independence.  It is interesting to note that as the Sun preceded Pluto at that time, perhaps we were consciously ahead but the planet of Fate was not really ready for us to be free.

It seems like 1776 was a pinnacle of humanity in some way.  Our consciousness evolved enough to create Declaration of Independance but Pluto was not aligned - we still had some karmic stuff to work through as a humanity for the Earth Ascension trajectory.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn.  It is the sign of freedom.  But based on breaking free from the old, breaking loose of confinement.  Limitations.  It is the sign of utopia.  The Age of Aquarius is the Golden Age.  An Age of Time is Art, an age when we are reconnected to our spiritual sun.

My initial sense of this alignment is that it is speaking to a really significant moment in humanity’s evolution.   A portal to a new consciousness is opening with this alignment, a new consciousness means a new humanity.  A new humanity means a New Earth.

Yellow Magnetic Human is the start of a new humanity.  The journey of this wave brings us to awakening the Star Seeds that are encoded with the seeds of New Earth Rising.

Of course if this is the potential - the cosmic window that it opening, there will be an equal and opposite force arising to meet it.  We are in a polarized reality about to transcend into a trinity consciousness, move out of duality and embrace a new consciousness that allows polarity to catalyze creation, and not descend into destruction. As has sadly been the case for eons of time.

So the window is opening, the portal is opening in this opening the portals year - aka year of opportunities - and we have to find a way to receive what is coming in, and allow that shift of consciousness to be embodied.

This brings me back to Red Galactic Skywalker, the archetype of the year, what we are called to do.  Come home to the body temple, make that sacred space within for the reunion with our soul.  This is for the remembrance of our multidimensional nature, beyond time and space.  Beyond all limiting beliefs that this matrix of reality has running, so we can remember the wisdom of our soul.

When we remember who we are, we can step into the power and purpose of what we came to do.

I shall elaborate on suggestions to prepare for this amazing opportunity in the next posts.

In lak’ech a la kin


Kin 13


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