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Sweet Surrender : Embracing 2024

Is there really a sweetness in surrender?  It is a major theme for 2024, and in particular this first month of January, so let’s explore.

Let’s start with our beliefs about surrender. The collective response might list giving up, submission, failure even.  If that’s the case, no wonder we resist it! 

In contrast to those sentiments, in the Mayan cosmology the glyph of White Worldbridger representing surrender also represents death & rebirth, change & expansion to the bigger picture. 2024 began on the 8th day of the wave - a 13 day cycle - of White Worldbridger, and so this  energy is ruling over the year, more so in the first month. This archetype is all about bridging worlds, within and without.  So from this perspective, surrender is expansion to a higher viewpoint, or an expanded worldview.  

And what or who exactly are we surrendering to? Oooooh! Now I’ll really get mind-bendy!


First, let’s take it down to the micro level, our embodied experience, in our literal living bodies.  Where is the locus of control? Do we surrender our feelings to submit to the dictates of our mind? Or vice versa?  What is driving the surrender? Fear, habit or conditioning? Beliefs about the hierarchy of things? Mind over matter, perhaps? 

Whichever way it is, this either-or perspective is limited by duality –  that one way is right and the other therefore must be wrong.  

What if we surrendered that? Whoa! If you’ve been living in a binary way of knowing, you may not even conceive that another way is possible.  It’s kind of like the goldfish that doesn’t know water exists until it jumps out of the bowl!

This is where trust comes in.

Surrender is an act of trust. We trust that we’ll arrive at an expanded sphere of influence on the situation.  Perhaps this is what makes it sweet.  When we reach a point of exhaustion, when no new perspectives are arising, when we are stuck, what do we do? If we can embrace the act of surrender, we can let go of all that contraction, focus and attachment.  Then we enter into a spaciousness.  In the spaciousness we are able to connect to a higher state of consciousness, higher mind or perception.  We are surrendering our small world view, or our stuck point of view, allowing new dimensions of seeing to come in.  January 1st 2024 brought us the archetype of Red Galactic Skywalker as the glyph of the year, representing space & connection. It is the supporting energy of the Worldbridger, speaking to a surrendering of the limitations to be connected to a wider, more beautiful way of seeing.  

It gives us these new perspectives, perhaps:

Surrendering to the moment is not giving-in to being stuck, but letting go of being stuck.  

Surrender is letting go of what no longer serves us and is in the way of our growth.

Surrendering to our feelings, is not wallowing in them, but no longer resisting feeling them. It is honoring them, embracing them, and trusting the journey that they are inviting us into. Our body, like nature, has a higher intelligence, when we surrender to it, we expand in awareness of our inner truth, and the greater truth of reality.  When we get out of the ‘mind control’ habit, we can witness the wonder of the life force in action.  This is the path to the flow state. 

Surrendering what we think we know allows us to expand enough to embrace something that might have been beyond our world view if we stayed contracted and small.  

Surrendering the need to be right allows us to expand by questioning the world around us with curiosity, rather than judgment. This is how we operated as children before family and society taught us to “other”, or categorize things into binary yeses and nos.

In the calendar of Natural Time, this 2024 Journey of Surrender is leading us to a higher truth. We’re being called to let go of the attachments that are limiting our evolution. Put another way, we are surrendering who we think we are, in order to experience our true selves.  

If surrender is leading us to this marvelous opportunity, why then would we resist it?  

Mostly this is because we have never learnt the art of sweet surrender.  We live in a world of yang, the masculine fire of action, the external vs the internal, go go go, driven expectations and attachments.   In this energy, we use our sheer will to make ‘things’ happen.  But it only takes a moment of presence with the natural world, in its balanced  yin & yang, to see that life is evolving. Nature moves through cycles and has a momentum that exists outside of our plans and projections.  

What if we surrendered to this natural momentum? Why have we created a reality that is not synchronized with it, when clearly it doesn’t work? The farmer knows that they have to surrender to the natural cycles.  In doing so, through history, whole cosmologies of understanding have arisen.  Invariably the ancient knowledge has always pointed to a higher organizing intelligence that is orchestrating life. Many call this influence the Divine.

And this brings me back to the question of who or what we are surrendering to.  We are in a spiritual age, and according to Mayan Cosmology, we are being refined by the Age of Truth 2017-2030 and the Age of Wisdom 2019-2032.  

The surrender to our spiritual truth enables us to let go of despair and instead embrace a wisdom that is not polarized, opposing and contracted.  This deep knowing feels expanded, magnetic and completely safe – safe enough to “Let go and let God.”

This January, let me encourage you to surrender and experience the trust in a higher power.  Source, God, Goddess, the Universe  – whatever word you want to use –  is an all-loving power that shows evidence it exists all around us. It’s woven through the beauty of the natural world.  It’s woven through the genius design of our body, the temple of our soul.  It leads us to the magic that flows when we are aligned with our authentic selves.

Surrender to synchronize with the Divine within you and all around you.  

In lak’ech a la kin 


Kin 13


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