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Could this be the beginning of A New Earth?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Today 11th July 2021 we begin the Red Moon wave that brings us into the 5th and final Green Castle of Giving. A wave is a cycle of 13 days, a castle has 4 waves, and there are 5 castles in the 260 day lunar year. As with Biodynamic Farming, the calendar is a powerful tool for us to attune to the Universal Laws of Creation by being on time with the Divine. Our Gregorian Calendar is a Patriarchal Power Paradigm artifice, divorcing us from nature, and our True Nature. By being dislocated from our Mother (Earth) just as being born human and separated from your mother, we are damaged. We are cut off from our connection with our soul, the earth and the Cosmos from which we emanate. We are made of the earth and the stars, but this calendar has estranged us from our roots, our divine guidance. Lost in time and space, lost from our roots and our guidance, we are a humanity on collision course for the 5th time.

The Galactic Calendar, the Dreamspell is a tool for our times. It is a key to unlock ourselves from a dying construct before we do what we have done before, 4 times! We have it vibrating in our cellular memory, we feel this impending doom now because we are reliving a past timeline, and we THINK we know how it will go, but now we are called to FEEL and remember who we are so we can reclaim our power over creation. Only then can we transcend our past pattern as a humanity, and level up to a higher dimensional reality, as part of the evolutionary process that is Creation.

Feeling, what does it mean to feel? How does feeling begin? Feel it, invite yourself to feel and observe the process, what do you do in your mind, body to begin to feel?

Red Moon is the wave of Feeling, the Universal Waters of life, the Divine Feminine, flow, sensitivity, purification and receptivity, openness and vulnerability. The energy of merging and embracing, becoming one with. Becoming one with the sacred flow of life. Red Moon is the hidden power of Yellow Human. What humanity needs is to feel. To open up and feel. To open up the sacred flow of life to guide them down the river of life, so they can enjoy the ride!

In 2006 we went into a Generational wave of Red Moon, so for 13 years instead of 13 days. This began a 52 year cycle of our human journey. We are in part 2 of that 4 part journey, and now we return to that wave as a 13 day window into what this journey is about. We are in the second wave of that process, and in the most challenging year of the grand cycle, the White Wizard wave of The Great Battle & The Age of Wisdom, the battle to reclaim our wisdom and therefore our power. In the growing pains of Blue Lunar Storm in the wave of Truth, and overseen by Blue Lunar Eagle - opening up our seeing, seeing beyond the illusion, confusion, seeing with wise eyes, remembering the patterns of the energies of existence, so we can harness the energy and master directing it towards a unified creation. We are in Self Mastery Academy whether you signed up or not, humanity is on an evolutionary shift trajectory. We have to wake up from the dream of forgetfulness,, that Delta wave that put us to sleep. We are called to become lucid in the dream, how, by befriending the darkness and diving in to the subconscious as a warrior of the light, to dissolve the fears and reclaim the power. Only when we can do that within, will we be able to manifest that without. That’s the game, and we are in the bonus final round. We get to shift the paradigm. Are we open to hearing that?

I know it’s a lot to take in, but I also feel you feeling me before I have even published, because we are already there, and just entertaining this material means some remembrance is underway in you and this will trigger another remembrance, and so by and by we are getting reminders all the time, and that’s creating a synergistic wave of energy, that creates more of these phenomena such as telepathy, and eventually we will all remember. What will reality look like when we remember?

Do you want to remember? Or do you want to repeat the 5th world humanity reset or do you want to wake up and remember who you are and complete the bonus round like Cosmic Shaman you came to be?

So I know it seems like to big a task but it’s not, especially if you are on time with the Divine Flow as opposed to creating disharmonic waves through all the unnecessary suffering that living in a time matrix of control with the mantra Time is Money. Shifting to the calendar of Natural Time, coming back home to our roots, and our divinity by opening up that communication, and being on time to receive it. This calendar is an encoded message for humanity to escape the 5th world hamster wheel, if we choose.

It’s here, and it’s magic can begin instantly, because it’s all right here, it’s only us that left. We have been frequency shifted before, just as we are watching this reality now, we are replaying the same story in slightly different settings as the 5th world, we have done this 4 times before. We only have to remember, and then we can choose another reality to shift to, the 6th Sixth Sun or what we have often called New Earth.

The 6th Sun is a frequency of consciousness, it is within our reach when we remember who we are, and gain self mastery in order to be who we came to be, to complete the game, as a dance of energies. That’s the only way to unlock the energy so it can shift into something entirely new. So new that you nor I nor any truly enlightened being on earth can’t imagine it, it’s beyond our individuated consciousness. And so on and so on, there are many layers of the game, we have to surrender to a higher creative power in order to experience that, unity. Which is who we are, as we are One with All That Is, was and ever will be. It’s our light riding this prism on infinite timelines. But the light comes from One Source.

The true light that is. In this fractalisation of space time, we have 2 light sources, sun and moon, masculine feminine, yin and yang and are learning about duality and polarity, and how to balance a creation between the two.

What if the moon was a mirror, a reflection of truth, would we see through the moon to the other side where our wounds lie, denied, disowned and forgotten but it’s energy that desperately wants to be free from this form, and that our soul body needs back in order to navigate the game more lucidly. We need our energy back, we need to remember we are energy beings and see this reality as an energetic map of our condition, because with energy mastery we remember that we are creators, and the creation begins within - within our fields on various frequency dimensions, so we are the ones we have been waiting for, waiting to learn how to do these ancient practices that perhaps we have some confusion around, but if we just switched on our feeling sense our super power, we would feel the vibration of everything and KNOW what is aligned with our soul, our soul purpose, keeping us on track with the end game of the Divine Plan, to create heaven on earth, to move our collective consciousness to 6th sun so the light of our consciousness through the sun gives birth to a New Earth. A New Earth, an earth no one here at this time and probably none of the so called guides who are in other realms would say if they were truly aligned., as above so below, there are confusion spirits out there. It’s a necessary part of the game that will be yin and yang, light and dark, so there are dark visions and timelines we have created, we are tempted to create by being unconscious of how we are mind controlled. So nothing of Mind at this level can possibly see the true vision of a New Earth, and yet we have been fed a lot of nonsense and don’t really know Gaia, our Mother. We are within her, she was born of the Divine Mother. She has had some miscarriages and still births as she was due to birth the New Earth of the Sixth Sun before now, and we are her 5th child, Gaia is ready, the Universe is Ready, for this creation. We are no longer in fear of it, we no longer project onto it what it will be, thereby distorting what is created, hence the repetition cycles. We surrender to the loving vibration of a higher power within ourselves. And that is our ticket to ride out of here.

That’s the only way out, but back to the Red Moon, which is calling us in. We have to go in to get out.

Feeling is healing, healing the past and getting back into the divine flow of the universal waters of life. The vibration of our tears of sadness and tears of joy, vibrations of truth bringing us home from the distorted vibrational matrix illusion we are stuck in dream mode in.

That’s all. Feel yourself free, feel the fear of feeling and fall through it to the freedom on the other side. For these 13 days.

This is our chance to alter a vibrational choice we made in 2006-2019 that has solidified this timeline, thereby time traveling to shift the timeline. Feel where we are, feel what you prefer, vibrate in the way you prefer so you can shift to the reality that is a reflection of that chosen vibration. It’s technology, we are used to it now, it’s always the technological ages that end up doing something stupid and causing a Great Reset. Only it’s not the false light technology but the inner light technology that we need to get online with.

ONLY love lights the way.

Rianna Skywalker : Kin 13


Sage to the Age of Wisdom

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15 Tem 2021

wonderfully spoken! favorite line: We surrender to the loving vibration of a higher power within ourselves. And that is our ticket to ride out of here.

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