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It's Always Darkest Before Dawn : 2018 The Challenging Unknown

The Age of Truth 2017-2030 : Returning to the Light of Truth

Today we are ending the Red Moon Wave, a 13 day journey to recap our longer journey since 2006 which we will be completing between 2018-2019. Each wave of the Mayan 13 Moon Dreamspell feeds into the next wave, over and over we go through these cycles, in spirals, evolving through our archetypal journeys and accelerating towards longer eras of time, with each part perfectly designed. We exist in a contiuum of events, time and space. But that is only one level of our reality. Life is slowed down to this pace so we might observe it, we have separated out various threads and are traveling along them. Back to source because we forgot where we came from, but also, with a trajectory in mind. We are part of a creation process. We are a process of creation. We are creation in process.

2017 began with the White Magnetic Mirror. I called it the Year of Truth. And what a wild ride it has been, many disclosures, part disclosures, leaks and revelations. The White Mirror archetype is all about truth, clarity and order, but it’s shadow aspect of course is the reverse of that, delusion, illusion and confusion. Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves, to let go of truths we have been given, adopted or chosen, and allow the real truth to be revealed.

2017 was the beginning of a whole era of reorganization. Until 2030 we will be in a White Wave of refinement and clarification, dispelling the illusions and delusion, cutting through the dross, and coming back to the light of truth. The Order of Heaven. The process of the Mirror is to reflect the truth of reality, which is as above so below, that there is a continuum, endlessly mirroring from one level of reality to another. As within without and so on. We can look at anything and see it as a hologram, a microcosm or macrocosm of the whole, depending on our viewpoint. We really need to get our heads around this process of reflection, self reflection, inner reflection, outer reflection, the reflections of our societies and histories, our ancestors. There are patterns there for us to see, and it is only by becoming conscious of these that we might hope to transmute them and realign what has become subverted from truth. That’s the process that began last year. And it’s going on for 13 years. Of course this process will be hardest at the beginning. But we must remember.


2018 begins with Blue Lunar Night, in the wave of White Wind. Lunar years are challenging. Magnetic years are attraction points, bringing everything to a point. In fact you could say that this last year has actually had everything in it that will be in our process for these 13 years in the White Mirror Wave of our times. Only now we will go through the elements meticulously unravelling and getting clearer and clearer until we are at the point in 2029 when we enter into the White Cosmic Mirror year of truth and transparency. Perhaps we will be fully telepathic then, no secrets everything out in the open, and only compassion for our individual and collective processes.

After the epic 2017 we are now going into further confusion, and darkness. But do not fear, remember to look at nature and see how there are cycles that are necessary for life. Blue Night precedes Yellow Seed. All that is comes from the void, and so in returning to the void, we might alight upon a new light of truth, and create from Source.

With all the different versions of the truth that we are given in each second of the day at this time in our reality, we are being battered and bruised in any and all ego identifications we have about knowing anything. This year ahead will be to do that, to let go and just put up our arms and say you know what - I DON’T KNOW. And how challenging the year will be will depend up on how hard it is for us to say that. If we don’t want to let go of our political opinion, if we don’t want to let go of our tribe identification, if we don’t want to let go of our religious identification, if there are so many belief structures that hold us together that we are petrified that letting them go will be our annihilation, then, we are swimming against the cosmic tide of Truth that is coming to save us, and we will suffer.

The Blue Night is the void, the mystery, the unknown, the dreamtime, our intuition, the sea of pure potentiality, the wave forms that are the dark matter from which all that is emanates, and therefore our true source of abundance. The supporting energy of Blue Night is Yellow Warrior, we have to be brave, we have to be courageous - have the truth and light of our heart to guide us when it is most dark, so we do not lose faith. Faith that we are in process, and that there is a higher intelligence, and that we are a part of that higher intelligence, and that there is a communication with that higher intelligence that we can access, through our dreams and intuition, if we were only to remember how to use those skills.

Lunar energy is like the devils advocate, it is polarizing, wherever we choose to firmly stand, there will be a counter force that comes to challenge us, but this is a process of making us stronger, stabilizing us after the year of intense attraction point that many have felt overwhelmed by. We will feel conflicted within and without, and see conflict externally played out. It is about time we really saw the end of these wars, and war games that we have endured for eons of time. The White Mirror era is to bring us back to realizing that the conflict out there, is reflecting the conflict inside us.

Before we rush to demonstrate against this or that, we need to look within at how that external situation is happening within us in some way. Everything is energy, and all dynamics are a clash or harmonization of energy, either combining forces to be creative or destructive. We have the Source Creator consciousness to choose, which way we direct our conscious energy, and we have a RESPONS-ABILITY to investigate our subconscious drives, and how they might be affecting the reality in us, around us, and on a larger global scale.

Blue Night is also the subconscious. If we are to awaken to the truth, then we are going to have to do our shadow work, individually and collectively, in every area of our reality. In the media, in the corporations, in government, in entertainment, in religion, in science. Absolutely every where.


What I see when I am decoding the Magical Mystical Mayan Messages is actually great hope for us as a humanity at this time. But we are in a process. What I see and feel for this year, is we will be pushed even further to return to the Divine Mother, and the truth of who we are, and how things are, Natural and Cosmic Law.

Upto 2017 we were in the initiation process of Skywalker, to make a cosmic connection, to return to the Divine Mother in order to survive - to stay alive. Our life force comes from her, all that is birthed into our reality is birthed through her, and us, because she gave us co-creative power. In the Mayan Calendar we are in the 12 th year of the Restoration of the Divine Feminine, the Red Moon wave we are in today as a micro wave. In July 2018 we will enter the Red Cosmic Moon year to complete this 13 year generation. And so this Blue Lunar Night gregorian calendar point plays perfectly into that initiation process.

We must let go of what and who we think we are so that we can become all that we came to be.

'We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.’ - Joseph Campbell

Blue Lunar Night is a very yin year, and Red Cosmic Moon is the absolute yin. It is only in the darkest night that the moon can be seen. These two energies are screaming let go let go and let god - source - the divine mother - envelope you in a new dawn.

If we let go, we make space to receive. And we need to receive guidance now, we need to be reminded of truth, we have created a world of lies and manipulations, secrets and subterfuge. And we are getting more and more lost, but with the arrogance of thinking we actually know what we are doing!

That magic carpet is going to be pulled out from under our feet and we will have to let go of it all, because something much better is attempting to create with us. We have to let it in, we have to reconnect with our truth, our higher selves, our intuition, our dream of who we are and what we came to do. We have to reconnect to Source, the Mother. And from there, we will remember and be realigned.

In 2019 the Mayan Dreamspell wave of White Wizard begins at the summer rising of Sirius. We are being called to be the New Shamans, the Wizards of light and love, of truth, that will transform this reality. This year of Blue Lunar Night, in the wave of White Wind, is for us to let go and let god show us our true power to create reality, and our individual and collective roles in The Great Battle of 2019-2032. As I have said before, this won’t be a battle if we have reconnected to the truth of our power, and thereby disempowered those shadow aspects that have taken power over the collective and Gaia.

It is not impossible, it is inevitable. There are forces of time that are aligning for this eventuality. It is only us that stands in the way. We must come back to the dream of ourselves and wake up from the nightmare of our fear creation.

The first full moon of the year will be a supermoon in Cancer - The Mother.

Smile at these amazing synchronicities, and know that the Divine Plan is at work, and that our work is merely to attune to our blueprints, our purpose, our healing, take our roles and play our parts, in full faith of Creation. Even in the darkness of Blue Night, there are clues, just as our dreams have messages. There’s a message for you, to make sense of these times, there are processes for you to be better at hearing, seeing, and feeling those messages. Now is the time for you to hone those skills because outside sources will be confusion, challenging you to go in and find a truer source of intelligence, in your blueprints, in your heart and soul, in your visions, and in the arms of the Divine Mother… ask and open up to receive.

Know thyself and to thine own self be true.


In L’akesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Mayan Mystic

AstroIntuitive Guide

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