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  • Rianna Skywalker

Devotion to Doing what we came to Do : Bring Heaven to Earth by Co Creating with Divine Truth

Well we have come to the end of the Yellow Warrior wave that began on 5th December 2017. The Warrior wave is all about our mission, what did we come to do. Do you doubt that you have meaning and purpose in existence? Have we come here to study to work to make a living and die? I’m pretty sure no matter where you are on your spiritual path, you know what is not true. So what is true?

The truth is quite mind blowing. There is ONLY ONE YOU FOR ALL TIME. This incarnation that is you, is utterly unique. In the vastness of the cosmos and time, there will never be another you. You may believe that your soul has had many lives, but each one would be a different individual, a different blueprint, a different mission. So yes, there is only one you for all time.

If you contemplate that, what do you feel?

Is that by accident, a mistake, just randomness or is there an intelligent design? Are there any patterns that indicate that actually existence makes no mistakes, and has perfectly pattern unfolding through space and time. And you are a part of that. Part of the dance of existence. And in this lifetime you have a role, a purpose, a mission, a set of contracts and lessons, gifts and challenges. You are plunged into the maze of life at a particular coordinate, with a trajectory towards a goal. Along the way there are many lessons to learn, things to let go of, things to get, which determine whether you reach your goal.

In the Mayan cosmology Warrior represents Intelligence, Pioneering, being fearless and courageous - in your hearts truth. It is supported by Blue Night, the dream and the void, the unknown. The Warrior is always facing the unknown head on because there is an intelligence of the divine in his heart (women warriors also, but the energy of Yellow Warrior is YANG and masculine). The challenge is White Worldbridger - death and rebirth, going beyond this limited reality to another bigger reality bubble - bridging worlds, and dying to the limited ideas of who we are and what we are capable of. Worldbridger is about surrender also. It is the polarity energy of Warrior, so there has to be a balance between knowing what to fight for and what to let go of, of knowing when to surrender and be guided and when to be focused and target without distraction. Often we might get carried away on a mission with a particular goal in sight that we don’t humbly check in and see if that goal we picture is evolving and so our mission and approach also need to evolve. Or else we get where we were headed and realize we are no place at all.

The hidden power emerging from this fearless, directional energy that knows it’s mission and purpose and knows how to when to go for it, is a huge boost of life force in Red Serpent. This speaks volumes to us as a humanity facing so much depression, illness and death, loss of life force. Because if we are not living our purpose, we are not honoring the life force that brought us here, and so we lose it.

Know thyself and to thine own self be true. That is it. Know that you are love, and be true to the love that you are. Know what you came to do, and be true that calling. We are all being called now to step into our soul mission and purpose, because we are in the quickening. We begin the White Wizard Wave that I call The Great Battle in 2019-2032. If we are aligned with our true purpose and mission, it will not seem like a battle, we will simple be who we are, and all the illusion and delusion will fall away, effortlessly… Because the truth of who we are is divine co creators of reality. We can only know and embody that when we surrender to the divine plan that we drafted and rode into existence on, take our places and begin the dance that we came to do, not floundering around trying to make this delusional reality work.

The journey of Yellow Warrior is to awaken humanity that it is sowing the seeds of reality, and that we came to sow the seeds of Heaven on Earth. That is our true power. We must reclaim it.

The twelfth day of this wave, yesterday was Blue Crystal Hand, cooperating with the mission, doing what we came to do, devoting our lives to it, and having a hand in the beautiful transformation of reality to better reflect the truth of LOVE that we are, that is All That Is.

We each have a relationship with the Warrior archetype that reveals the nature of our mission, I have a mission to reconnect you with your true purpose and calling, to look at the blueprints of your soul and guide you back to living your purpose. Your wellbeing, mental emotional, physical and spiritual health depends on it. Because we need you to play your part. We can only get there, together.

Together to get there.

In L’akesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Mayan Mystic

AstroIntuitive Guide

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