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Journey back to Source : Healing the Inner Child to Release the Magical Creator Within

We are in a new 13 day cycle in the Dreamspell 13 Moon Calendar. There are just 3 waves before Mayan New Year, and this coming new year is the finale in a 13 year cycle. Things are heating up in this initiation process that began in 2006.

Yesterday we began the Blue Monkey wave, it has been some time since I have written as there has been so much going on, on so many levels of reality, that being able to reflect and write has not been so easy. We are in the spin cycle of this time, everything is accelerating and intensifying as we prepare for the Shift of the Ages.

Indigo Child - Autumn Skye

There is a big Galactic Story and a Universal Story, a Soul Story, the Story of Gaia and Humanity, so many stories converging at this time. It really is an exciting moment to be here. And, it is only going to get more exciting as time goes on. Believe!

We just completed the 13 day cycle of White Mirror, which was a microcosm of our terrestrial (Jan 1st) cycle that we began in 2017. We are in the AGE of TRUTH. Only the truth can set us free, but the process of that is normally through being disavowed of all our delusions. Hence we are being confronted all the time in this polarizing year of Blue Lunar Night, with facing the fact that we don’t know. Facing the fear of the unknown. As I wrote at the beginning of the year, we are being pushed way outside our comfort zone to get happy in the space of not knowing. Because it is in that space that we will return to Source Consciousness, our childlike creativity and wonder, and new ways of seeing and creating solutions for our reality will flow.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller

So, after these perhaps difficult 13 days, when the light of truth has touched us, revealing the work we have to do, we land in the Blue Monkey wave of the inner child. We were in a heady space, and now we are in the deep emotional space where true transformation can occur. The Blue Monkey represents our essence self, our inner child, that soul aspect part of us that came here, full of dreams and encoded with a mission, but we encountered a difficult reality and adapted away from our true self, so much so that many of us no longer have contact with that part of us. We are walking wounded, but we must heal the wounds in order to release the wonder.

The journey of Blue Monkey is to activate the All Seeing Eye of the Heart - the Blue Eagle, representing the 3rd eye. It is in our imagination, our ability to see, flying high over the situation, seeing the past and possible futures, that will allow us to choose which way to go, which informs our mission. Without this seeing, we are lost. And this is not seeing outside in the world of distractions and illusions, but seeing deep inside, seeing into the reality of energy, seeing it all as energy - Blue Storm, and knowing that energy follows thought, recovering our Consciousness, emerging from the subconscious programmed wounded child mind, to the creator consciousness that deliberately chooses from a deeper seeing, which way to catalyse the energies that will take shape as a new reality. The end game of this wave, this journey for us all as it plays out in all our lives, but emphasized in this window of 13 days, is to reconnect to the Dream of our Soul, Blue Cosmic Night. Blue Night represents the unlimited, pure potentiality of Source, the field of undefined energy, waveforms waiting to collapse into form with the spark of consciousness. Blue Night is the dark abyss, the great mystery, the dark night of the soul, but also the dreamscape of our abundance. If we are in fear of the unknown, then it will be the dark night of the soul, taking us down into the watery depths, the underworld, and even that is not necessarily a bad thing, for often it is there that we receive the light of truth - White Mirror is the hidden power of Blue Night. If we are fearless of the dark, and enthused by the mystery, where magic and dreams can flow, then we are in the sea of unlimited potential, and we have an abundance of possibilities to create - to collapse waveforms of undefined energy into form, from the light of our thoughts, the thoughts that flow from the light of our hearts.

We have to unlearn what we have learnt, in order to be what we came to be. The child is fearless. But life is somewhat dangerous, and so fear is learnt. But many of our fears are neurosis, and false adaptations to a false reality removed from Source, from Nature. If we can recover our innocence, our child like awe for life and connection to the life force, we can reclaim our imagination to dream, dream a better world into being.

“Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller

The number one challenge of Blue Monkey wave, and for our inner child, is are we human beings or spiritual beings? How do we navigate this dualistic reality? Is one wrong and one right? How do we become evolved humans, still connected to our essence - our Soul, our spiritual truth, and navigate the density of this realm of polarity. How do we manage the separation, within and without, and from nature, and from spirit. We are ONE, and yet, we have forgotten this state of consciousness that we came in with.

The purpose of the journey back to retrieve our Essence Self - the Inner Child - Blue Monkey, is to awaken our seeing, our ability to see the whole story, past present and potential futures, and imagine futures as yet unwritten into the field of consciousness. With the Blue Overtone Eagle, we are empowered visionaries, able to see and chart new courses of action, for our Yellow Warriors to pioneer towards. In this way we attune to the Red Earth, and attune her to health and wellbeing, and get ourselves back into Natural Order. There are cosmic and natural laws that we are not aware of, and therefore do not abide by, and the consequences of these violations are heavy on our soul, on our lives and on the lives of others, and the planet. We do have contracts and agreements, these are also encoded into the Essence Self, our reason for being who we are. There is only one you for all time, and so there is a meaning to us, and our Soul is waiting for us to remember it. We cannot be distracted by this artificial world for too long, there will come a time, hopefully not when we die, that we realize the real work we came to do, and hopefully by then, we still have time to show up and shine our light in that area.

"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere."

— Albert Einstein

The intention point of this wave of Blue Monkey is Blue Solar Storm, the direction of the change catalyst. We came here, each and every one of us to create a ripple through time and space, we are change catalysts. We didn’t come to fit into a false paradigm and just slowly lose our life force because we are not honoring it, we came to be the change we wished to see, we came to create heaven on earth, as we remember it in our cellular light body memories. We are energy conduits, each having a resonance, a song to sing into the fabric of reality, our song can catalyse the awakening of another's song, an awakening of the earth’s song, and if we don’t discover our song and sing it, then it is lost for all time, and a different pattern is set into the tapestry of reality.

"A person who cannot imagine the future is a person who cannot contemplate the results of his actions. Some are thus paralyzed into inaction."

— Alan Lightman

The key day of this wave, particularly this year, is Red Spectral Dragon. Red Dragon represents Mother, Creator, birthing into form, the materialization of this dimension, the nurturing of life. We are all children of Divine Mother, and she has been hidden away from our consciousness, we are disconnected from her, just as we are disconnected from ourselves. The journey to recover our inner truth, is also a journey back to the Mother. We need to recover the Mother within in order to fully step into our Creative Power to Birth Reality. We are aspects of the Divine Mother, but we are lost to that part, and lost to our Essence, lost to the dream of our Souls the dream of the Mother. The Dragon - Mother Creator has the responsibility for creation, and we have not wanted to take responsibility for creation. This also keeps us separate from our true power. This year we will begin the ending of a 13 year cycle in Red Moon which is all about the return of the Divine Mother, through the restoration of the Divine Feminine. The rebalance of the yin within the overly yang reality of the modern world.

As we soften into being in contact with our inner child, and we mother that aspect back to wellness, healing the wounds and confusions, healing the hurts and adaptations that are based on delusions and lies, we can nurture and rebirth the magical wondrous essence self, and the innocence of heart that will reveal the dream of our soul, the dream of our collective soul within the Mother of Creation. When we do this mothering, this gentle listening, feeding and nurturing of our inner self, we feel at one with the archetypal energy of Mother, and bring her more and more into our reality. She wants us back now, as it is time for her to return and for us to remember who we really are.

Be gentle with yourself in these days of Blue Monkey, observe and note your feelings and imagine you are baby sitting your inner child, ask what age it is, or if there more than one aspect showing up, what their ages are, be curious to meet them, and hear what they have to tell you. Be aware that everyone is in this wave! Everyone has their inner child up right now, so be kind, be gentle with others, and don’t be around people you wouldn’t leave your child with, be aware of the vibrations and if they are lifting you up or down, play and rest a lot, and be in feel not in your head. Do something creative, let your inner child play. We need that energy more in the world, and now is the perfect time to nurture that aspect. Don’t distract yourself from your feelings, be a good conscious parent to yourself. We need a world full of conscious parents, who have brought themselves up and can hold space for others in the same way.

We all have a relationship with Blue Monkey based on our natal archetype that gives us more of a window into this time, and our inner child relationship. If your birthday lands in this wave, then this is the theme of your year, if your birthday was on the 18th June then this is the theme of your 13 year cycle you just began. Reach out for a reading to dive into your blueprints and remember the dream of your soul.

In L’akesh


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