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Seeds of a Magical Future Timeline : It's up to us!

Welcome to the Yellow Seed wave, the final wave in this harmonic - a series of 4 waves going through the creation cycle of Red Serpent which began on Feb 7th and moved into White Mirror on Feb 20th and we just completed the Blue Monkey wave yesterday. Red initiates and activates, is the fire and physical element, White refines and clarifies, is the air and spiritual element, Blue transforms and is the water, emotional element and Yellow ripens and matures and is the earth, mental element. The 13 Moon Sacred Calendar moves through these 52 day cycles, each wave relaying towards the next and evolving step by step towards the goal of our awakening as a humanity. This particular sequence of waves is called the Blue Castle of Transformation and sits right bang in the middle of the calendar, the Tzolkin. It begins with the Red Serpent wave and ends in this Yellow Seed wave, both of which have 10 back to back galactic activation portal days and are the two most powerful waves in the calendar. Therein lies a clear message for humanity.

Marc Adamus Tree Landscape

The Red Serpent wave was all about our life force awakening, and how we move from the survival instinct to awakening our higher mind vision so we can thrive across time. In the wave of Red Serpent the goal was to liberate the vision of what we came to do. In raising our life force to the 3rd eye, we could see with our inner eye, the eye of the soul, and steer our life towards the highest timelines. In the Mirror wave we were invited to align with the divine plan, to see the truth of who we are, and transcend the illusion of reality we have created, remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience and the bigger picture and multidimensional truth of reality that all is Love. With that awakening we were then thrust back into the emotional realm of the inner child, to recover the dream of our soul, to deeply reconnect with the shadows and subconscious limitations that have polluted our field of awareness and kept us from living in our birth right of abundance and unlimited potentiality. And now we are in the wave of stepping into our power and sovereignty, to sow the seeds of a more beautiful reality, one that is in harmony with the divine plan, one that awakens a higher consciousness in humanity.

This Yellow Seed wave is particularly important as it aligns with the Equinox and the Full Moon, and many powerful astrological alignments that are all calling for the paradigm shift of the ages. The goal of this wave we are in, is to release the White Wizard. The shaman. The magical ones. And we are about to go into the Age of the New Shamans when we enter the 13 year cycle of White Wizard in July 2019- 2032.

We are all soul seeds, seeded into the fabric of reality to seed something into the fabric of reality. We are all here to play our part in creation. There is meaning to us, individually and together as a collective. As above so below. Everything is connected and interconnected. There is only one you for all time. Regardless of whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the fact is that this particular incarnation is a one off. And so, if you do not self realize who you are, why you are here, what you came to do, and do it, then that will be missing from the fabric of time and existence for all time, and all the interconnections that were supposed to align with you and your offering, your soul seed, will be subverted. This is how we lost our way. We are here to remember and return to the divine plan, realizing that we created the plan to begin with!

We have many timelines running, because we have been very scattered, and forgetful of who we are. We have been conditioned and programed away from our true nature, from natural law and natural time. So much disconnection and disassociation has left us pretty much an insane planetary civilization on the brink of self destruction, again. But we are the dream of ourselves, and we each hold the key, within us. It is an inside job to remember who you are, to dissolve the wounded ego inner child, and step into response-ability and creative power as Mothers of Creations, fully able to birth and nurture a physical reality in alignment with higher truth. We can no longer sow unconscious seeds into existence and play the victim, we are the creators of our reality. We have to study an remember the technology of how that actually works. We are magical manifestos already, only we are unconsciously creating, rather than applying self mastery and directing our creations towards the highest timelines and greater good for all.

We have sowed incredible seeds of technology but each time, these creations have the power to destroy us. Because we are driven by lies and confusion, of separation and competition. We need to reclaim the truth of who we are, our soul truth, and live from the place of knowing that all is LOVE. All that is not love, that is existing is our creation, and therefore our responsibility to dissolve. We create unlovingness by being in fear and disconnection, forgetting our true nature. This leads us to desire control and power, to protect ourselves, but there is nothing to protect ourselves from but ourselves. It is an inside job. We have denied aspects of ourselves and these denied part have been projected outside, and are experienced over and over for us to reintegrate and come back to wholeness. The darkness is simply what we won’t look at, what we hide our loving awareness from. We have free will, and we are sowing seeds of the future every day, with every thought and feeling, every act. Once we recover fundamental understanding of how this reality works, we can do the inner work to reclaim our power and redirect our creation in alignment with higher principles. To love and truth.

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

He said, "My son, the battle is between two "wolves" inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

The challenge point of this wave of Yellow Seed, is Red Serpent, and so we are taken back to the first wave of this 52 day creation harmonic. What will we do with our precious life force, which seed - or as the famous Native American story said, which wolf will we feed? If we follow the guidance of the Red Serpent wave, we will focus on allowing the life force, kundalini to flow, to purify our body’s as the temples of our soul, to allow us to receive the spiritual intelligence and guidance that is our birth right to be connected to, and reconnect with our higher selves and cosmic intelligence, so we can ground the New Earth. Our life force can be stuck in the fear control paradigm, or in lower chakras, and never awaken our higher mind and our inner sight, to see with the Eye of the Soul, the All Seeing Eye of Creation. We have to address all that is polluting our life force, and clear that, from food to water, to our sexuality, and relationships, how we give our energy away unwittingly to things that drain us, and steer us away from our truth and alignment with the flow.

All natural systems have an innate simplicity, and in this wave it’s clearly communicated that, if we use our life force in alignment then we are able to sow seeds from our soul, rather than from another aspect of ourselves, entities, identities, false gods and dogma. We choose with our life force. What we feed grows.

Within the Seed is the vision of itself, complete. Each seed is a hologram of itself, it is already perfectly encoded with what it will be. Given the right circumstances that are unique to each seed, it will flower and fruit, fulfill it’s purpose. And it is the same for each of us, we are each already encoded with who we came to be, and given the right specific circumstances which are unique to each of us, we will flower and fruit and fulfill our purpose. We will like seeds that we plant in the ground to grow food, have various challenges to overcome. We have seed casings that we must bust through, these the portals and rites of passage where we move from one state of being to another, each time, there is a transition into the unknown. Most seeds germinate in the dark, and the same with us, we are grown in the womb of our mother, and we must go on the journey back to the Divine Mother and rebirth ourselves, as both the mother and child of our creation. There will come a time when we have to push through from the dark into the light, to break ground, to be ground breaking. We will literally have no idea at each point what we are becoming, or what lies on the other side of the rites of passage but in order to live, we must grow, or else we slowly or otherwise will die. Like seeds, we must then turn towards the light, for life, and keep growing to our fullest potential. Like seeds, we all have a time and a season when we will bloom, and we will leave seeds for the future.

We have to clear the ground, pull up the weeds, and detoxify from the poisons in order to create the perfect environment in which to grow.

To step into self mastery is to know thyself and to thine own self be true. To know when we are to germinate, when we are to plant, when we are to nurture and protect, when we are to flower into the fullness of ourselves. This is stepping into our power, as magical manifestors, assisting the flow of life, the higher intelligence, no longer fighting it or trying to control it, subverting and perverting it, but respecting it, and honoring it, being facilitators of the Divine Plan. The Age of the New Shamans is waiting for us, just months away, and it’s time to step into self knowledge so we can each master the keys of our magical offering into existence. From the divine codes we left ourselves, in astrological data, we can remember who we are, and go on the journey of activating our inner magic. When we are all restored to our true light, we can cooperate with creation, and bring about the heave on earth directive we all signed up to create.

Love yourself, know yourself, be true to yourself, and all will be LOVE in the highest timeline we co created. We have to choose that, think love be love. Collapsing all other timelines and putting all those errant seeds to dormant, or detonate, to recover the energy and focus it directly towards the seeds we wish to sow that reflect the higher truth of who we are and what we came to do.

The time is now, we are the ones, and the answers lie within the seeds of our soul. LOVE lights the way, as always.


LOVE only

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

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I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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