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We Must Unlearn What We Have Learnt : Breathe Ourselves Awake

We are now on day 2 of the 2nd wave in this 52 day countdown to the end of the 2018/2019 Tzolkin 260 day Sacred Calendar of the 13 Moons. And the countdown to the shift of the ages, as we leave the 13 year Red Moon wave 2006-2019 and enter into the 2nd generational wave of White Wizard, in the 52 year cycle that we are journeying.

Today is Blue Lunar Night, day 2 of the White Wind wave. White Wind represents Great Spirit, the Breath, Prana, communication, the ether, air, messages on the whispers of the wind. The second day of all of the 13 days waves, correlating to the 2nd year in the 13 year waves, are always challenging. Moving from the focused magnetic energy of the first day, the beginning point, we expand to the polarity, the dualistic separation, and contrast point. Lunar is about relating between two points, and can be challenging and restless. Blue Night represents the unknown, the deep dark abyss, the dark night of the soul, the dream field and therefore the field of pure potentiality, abundance, the wu-wei. We were in a terrestrial (Gregorian 1st Jan) Blue Lunar Night last year from Jan 1 2018, so we have a little experience of what it is like to be thrust into the unknown. The message here is…

We must unlearn what we have learnt.

We must step off into the unknown, because we have been misled, and we are ignorant of the truth of who we are and what we are capable of.

In order to awaken a new intelligence, we must go into the space of not knowing, and no resist this space enveloping us in our fears and projections, but allow the darkness to embrace us and awaken inner seeing, awaken trust, and intuition. A new way of navigating, not based on the past, not based on conditioning, not based on belief systems or agendas, but based on being here now, sensing feeling and receiving the abundant potential of the NOW moment.

White Wind is the intention point of the White Wizard wave we will be going into this summer on July 26th 2019 and be in til 2032. As we intend to awaken our spiritual intelligence, we will in fact be awakening our magical powers. Of course what we call magical now in 2019, will not be what we think of as magical in 2032. For those who are Star Wars fans, this White Wizard generation is the era of our Jedi Training, we are invited to become One with the Force.

White Wind also represents the breath of life. Prana. As we breathe, we arrive in the now moment. Conscious breathing allows us to drop out of the Mind and it’s Monkeying, and into our body, aware of this body temple and it’s intelligence. Try it now for yourself. Stop. Drop down into noticing your breath, breathe in - notice, is it short or long? Breathe out, notice, is it long or short? The body is telling us something about life, but we rarely take a moment to listen. If we are not listening to our bodies, where will we be? This body temple is a superior spiritual technology, and we have to awaken it. When we do, we will awaken our inner magic, our super powers and be magical manifestors of a new reality. If your breath is short on the in breath, then you are full and afraid to receive, if your breath is short on the out breath, then you are afraid to let go. If your breath is long on the inhale, you are hungry and needing more, and if your breath is long on the exhale, you are ready to let go, you have had enough. When you notice these things, don’t judge your body, it’s being HONEST with you, as only it can. It is letting you now where you are at. We need to take this inventory regularly or we lose connection with ourselves. Too busy, too in our heads, we divorce from the body, and disconnect from our hearts, and from our spiritual connection. White Wind is an invitation to breathe ourselves back to life, the true life of being spiritual beings having a human experience.

breathe into life

The breath has many more gifts to offer other than bringing us into the present moment, it can also take us to other realms, heal our trauma and bring us to a vision. Dynamic breathwork increases DMT, dissolves the chemical imprints of trauma, freeing us from the past and allowing us to be here now, fully present with all our being. If you have not already experienced a dynamic breathwork, this 13 day cycle of White Wind is a great time to attend either a group offering or have a private one on one journey. This is not the yang practice of pranayama, where we learn to control the breath, which has it’s place and is beneficial also, I’ll elaborate on that below, but dynamic breath is a more powerful process of breathing that ultimately is about surrendering to the body. Once the active breathing takes over, the body breathes us, and we are not in control, but on a journey, going on a process to process what we need to process!

Pranayama is the practice of controlling the breath, there are various methods, with alternate nostril breathing, which is powerful for hemispherical balance, and then there is the expansion of the breath in various states, expanding the inhale, expanding the held inhaled breath, expanding the exhale, and expanding the space held with no breath. All of these have effects on our psyche, and should be experienced, find a class and discover for yourself the power of this work.

Conscious breathing will bring us into dialogue with our higher selves, with spirit and allow us to be more heartfully present with ourselves, each other and the world around us. If we are breathing deeply into our body, into the earth, we are connecting to nature’s breath, we are plugging into the qi of the universe, where we are all one with source. Qi Gong is an energy practice that also includes breath practices, breathing into our organs, breathing with the trees and the earth. Bringing us back into alignment. All the ancient spiritual technologies incorporated breathwork in their practices. For good reason.

We arrive into this reality with a breath, and we leave with a breath. Breathing is life itself.

luis tamani - breath of life

This journey in White Wind has the core purpose of White Worldbridger, death and rebirth. Worldbridger represents the portal of one reality to another, the multidimensional, within and without. As we die to one reality, we enter another. Nothing ever truly dies, energy cannot be destroyed, it only transmutes from one expression to another. As we breathe out, and hold our breath out, we can slow down time, we can enter another space of being. And so it is when we take our last breath in life, we are entering another reality. Our soul is infinite. Each new breath has the potential of being whole new reality. And so it is we are constantly dying and being reborn, each breath, and on a cellular level millions of our cells are dying and being reborn. In nature we see this, and yet we have become so afraid of death, fear death and by and by have lost connection with the spiritual truth of death.

We are all Worldbridgers, spiritual beings incarnated here for a ‘spell’ of ‘time’. Earth School where we learn how to run around in these flesh suits with these incredible sensations and manifestations of our spiritual technology. We are learning what it FEELS like to be in form, to experience our creations. And all of these experience are being fed back into the Cosmic Library files of Emotional Intelligence, so we can awaken a new level of consciousness within our human reality. Day 9 of the wave of White Wind is White Dog, love. It is all about love, and the journey to love begins with our first breath into this body, and hopefully by the time we get to our last breath, we will know love. For that is ultimately what we came for.

Feel to be Real.

The goal of this wave of White Wind is White Cosmic Wizard, to awaken the inner magic. And so these 13 days we are now journeying is to give us a taste of what these 13 years of White Wizard will be like. We are being called to step into our power, knowledge is power, self knowledge is the ultimate power, and when we really know our true power, we will no longer be fearful and slip into power over games of control. When we remember who we are, and what we are capable of, we are reconnected to the LOVE that we are, and more profoundly the LOVE that is ALL THAT IS. Then we can co create from there, from our hearts truth, our soul truth.

breathe into your soul

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we will know peace - Jimi Hendrix

The breath contains it all. We can heal ourselves with our breath, we can open up latent powers with our breath, we can journey into our 3rd eye with our breath. We can experience whole body orgasms with our breath, we can birth our babies with our breath orgasmically, we can reconnect our light bodies with our physical bodies with our breath. We can enter our hearts and feel the love of source with our breath. We can forgive ourselves, and others, with our breath. The breath brings us home, to our body intelligence which is the gateway to our spiritual intelligence. Breathing is free, we do it all day long, but we are unconscious, and mostly we are not breathing properly, our body is stuck in trauma and pain, avoiding breathing fully so as to remain in control of uncontrollable feelings that need to be released but we don’t know how.

I have been facilitating breath for over 10 yrs and it is the most beautiful offering, that will move you from wherever you are, closer to yourself, to your heart, to your soul and to LOVE.

LOVE only LOVE lights the way.

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

Transformational Retreats & Mentoring

What is your mission, your soul purpose? How do you step into your truth and power, discover and cultivate you inner magic? What gift did you come to bring to reality? What is 2019 asking from you, and what will the new era 2019-2032 White Wizard wave mean for you and your place in the world?

Reach out for a deep dive into your soul blueprints. Commit to awakening your full potential with a 3,6,9 and 12 month coaching program to activate your soul blueprints and live your best life yet, not only that, but play your unique part in the shift. I only work with a few clients in this deep way, contact me for a free 15 min consult to see the stars align for me to be your guide!

Personalized Retreats in the Vortex Powered Ancient Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona, 5 days to activate a transformation process towards self knowing, soul purpose, true love, self love, healing the past and seeding a higher, brighter, more joyful timeline future.

It’s my purpose to guide you back to your higher self so you can be all that you came to be.

My readings provide you with the map back to your soul’s truth, activating your self realisation. I work with you identifying the keys to your healing and awakening, self fulfillment and place in the world, your moment to shine. I connect you to a global team of teachers, healers, facilitators and therapists, to continue the work of becoming your true self.

My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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