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Original Intent : LOVE : Pt2/2

Today is day 12 and the penultimate day of the wave of Red Dragon that is the first wave of a new creation cycle, and the last wave of an era. Tomorrow is the Day Out of Time, and Friday 26th July 2019 will be the Mayan New Year, as heralded by the rising of Sirius.

The 12th day of a wave is the crystallization point of the journey, represented by the frequency tone “Crystal”, as we move through the tones from the beginning tone 1 Magnetic onwards tone 10 Planetary represents the manifestation point, what the process of the wave is attempting to PRODUCE, have become manifest or created. Manifestation, production, creation are all YANG, and as each day rises and falls in the waves of yin and yang, fire water, masculine feminine, in and out, the 11th day and tone is Spectral representing RELEASING, DISSOLVING AND LIBERATION. This is when all that is superfluous must fall away, we have to let go and let the autumn come so we can recharge in the winter before the spring. When all that is no longer needed is stripped away, we are left with the core creation, a second level of manifestation, the heart of the process, the crystallization of the meaning. The Crystal tone represents devotion, cooperation, partnership, it incorporates the 2 energy of the Lunar tone, relationship and polarity, but with the supporting energy of the 10th Planetary tone. In other words Divine Union. When two entities, people, organizations, groups come together and co create, because they ‘marry’ the polarities, the differences, not to be destructive and war, but to create something greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Artist Unknown : Yellow Crystal Human

The 12th Archetype is Yellow Human, and the number 12 is very connected to the human realm. In this first wave of Red Dragon, the cosmic story of the Original Intent of the Divine Mother Creator, the 12th day is Yellow Crystal Human. The message is beautiful and clear. We are here to be in cooperation with Creation, co creators with the Divine Plan. We are the crystallization of spirit into form, so we can build heaven on earth. The guiding energy of Yellow Crystal Human is Yellow Seed, we are star seeds, each here to seed some aspect of creation into creation in this incredible dance of existence. We are vessels of spirit, holding the dream seeds of The Mother, landing on the fertile earth plane. Only we have been arrested in development, landing on a barren world disconnected from the divine intelligence that was to bathe us just as the waters of our physical mothers bathed us in the womb. Our seeds remain closed off to us, unless we dig deep into ourselves, our psyche, our soul in order to unearth them, and bring them to fruition. We are the Garden of Eden, one seed at time, everyone uniquely part of the beautiful whole, all interdependent and needed to fulfill the Original Intent.

Let us return to the wave where we left off in part 1, as the 7th day of the wave relates well to the archetype of Yellow Human. Blue Resonant Hand is the 7th day of the wave of Red Dragon, representing attuning and aligning with the divine plan, the Divine Mother Creator, to know what to do, to heal what needs to heal, and to achieve what is intended by spirit. Blue Hand is the gift and the downfall of Yellow Human. In the glyph of Yellow Human, Blue Hand is the supporting ‘right hand’ energy, opposite the challenge energy of White Wind, representing Spirit. Here the message is, that we as a humanity need to balance our doing with spirit. We are doing too much, we are far too busy, and in our busyness we are disconnected from our soul, Great Spirit and the Original Intent. Blue Hand busy achieving doing, keeps us from receiving, and allowing, the flow that is the cosmic divine intelligence. We get in our own way. Less is more. When we are aligned with Creation, we are not creating against her, and then we are facilitating the Original Intent of co creating Heaven on Earth.

And this brings me nicely back to the Day Out of Time. A day to do NOTHING.



Crystal Earth Human

The Day Out of Time just as in many indigenous and ancient cultures, was a time to fast, to meditate, to let go of the past and refresh our intents and alignment for the year ahead. A reset button. Which we sadly lack in our modern Western world. The DOOT (abbrev. of Day Out Of Time) is always in the Signal Kin soul family archetypes. These are my kin archetypes, representing the Ancient Elders from the Future, we are the way showers, priest and priestesses, cosmic time travelers that connect the dots between Humans and their divine intelligence, truth and guidance, allowing them to step into their self mastery and Wizard-hood. When Humans remember the truth of reality, the natural laws, live by natural time, they will reclaim their ‘superpowers’ and be able to magically transform reality.

And we are at that point in our evolutionary history right now. Tomorrow is Red Cosmic Skywalker, the divine connector, that bridges from Yellow Crystal Human to White Magnetic Wizard, the start of a new age, the Age of the New Shamans 2019-2032 and The Great Battle. The battle to reclaim our power and to align with the divine, in order to return to the Original Intent to create heaven on earth.

It is an exciting time. The stakes are high, as above so below, what we do here ripples out across the galaxy and beyond. Many of us came for this, this time of Great Transition, the Great Awakening and Remembering, when we come out of the Dark Ages of the Dark Wizard Control and into the Light of Love that lights our way home.

I began part 1 with the 8th day of the wave, Yellow Galactic Star, which is the integration of the beautiful plan of Creation. When we have that inner knowing activated, that all is perfect, that we are perfect in our imperfection, and that even the darkness facilitates the play of light that is the beautiful art of existence, we can flow into the plan, no longer resisting it, fearing it, judging it, separating from the life force, the Divine Mother. As we accept and receive, our hearts open. The 10th day of the first wave is White Planetary Dog, the manifestation point of creation is LOVE, it is all for love. And so we have been on a long journey to experience what is NOT LOVE, and feed that experience back into the Cosmic Library so we can evolve consciousness. We have been to the edges of this creation of NOT LOVE and the time has come to collapse that and step into Heart Consciousness, to create from LOVE but reconnecting to the source of LOVE that created it all. Divine Mother.

It is crucial if we are to step into authentic loving power as White Wizards to heal and redirect our future that we heal the wounded child Blue Spectral Monkey that has felt abandoned and betrayed by the Divine Mother, by living in a world created by those that have assumed power over the matrix - but who have left love a long long time ago, they are loveless and in that they have created a darkness that is not part of the spectrum of light and dark, it is beyond that, it is evil, live backwards anti life, and therefore anti the bringer of life - the feminine, the Mother. But this is a form of insanity, they know not what they do, and ultimately they cannot win. All comes through the Mother. And, if in our free will we give our power away to those who are confused lost and in hatred of truth and love, of the Mother, then we facilitate their agenda and at some point the Mother will have to step in and stop the creation, and begin again. As she has before.

It is up to us. And no, it’s not protesting climate change or marching against so called extinction events, it’s an inside job. It’s a commitment to your soul’s awakening, to clearing the noise and deepening into an embodied knowing, reclaiming our energy, and healing so our energy is restored. Then it is using our energy mindfully, when called into action, but mostly to be patiently waiting for the guidance, once we have attuned our body temple - this flesh suit of our inner technology that was designed to facilitate our connection with Spirit whilst being in form.

And so, we are on the last day of a 13 year cycle, of Red Moon that began in 2006, the beginning of a 52 year cycle that will lead, if we choose to a New Earth. Red Moon is the hidden power of Yellow Human, and this is the key, when we soften into the YIN wu wei of being, receptive to our higher selves, the divine, to feeling into our hearts and our soul, we are better humans, we are the Crystal Humans in devotion to the Original Intent and we can seed heaven on earth as intended.

Only love. Lights the way.

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

Transformational Retreats & Mentoring

What is your mission, your soul purpose? How do you step into your truth and power, discover and cultivate you inner magic? What gift did you come to bring to reality? What is 2019 asking from you, and what will the new era 2019-2032 White Wizard wave mean for you and your place in the world?

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My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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