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Loving You is Loving All : Love Lights the Way : Let Love Flow

White Rhythmic Dog : Kin 110 day 110 of the 260 day Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning with Divine Timing : Day 6 of the first wave of 4 in the 3rd castle : Blue Western Castle of Burning : Transformational Portals to Activate the Seeds of the Future Now.

White Rhythmic Dog : Love Lights the Way : Artist Unknown

Day 6 of the wave, the balancing point, of the activating Red Serpent wave, is White Rhythmic Dog. The Rhythmic tone is all about balancing the yin and yang, the masculine and feminine, in a harmonic creative dance. 6 is a magical number, it is both in the physical realm and the spiritual realm, it’s both 2 and 4 and 3 and 3. In sacred geometry it is the 6 pointed tantric star tetrahedron, the core of the merkabah, our light body vehicle. It is the fire - upward triangle and water - downward triangle, merging. Alchemy. In this wave of the life force, of our kundalini, sexual creative power, our survival instinct and the juice for our healing and awakening, raising our consciousness to new heights, the balance point is love. White Dog represents love, the heart chakra, loyalty and soul tribe bonds, family, soul mates. As we awaken our kundalini, we bring our hearts into balance. We receive our yin and our yang in equality, we fall in love with our divine self, that the life force connects us to. When we use our sexual energy in an unconscious way, we do not raise this to the heart, and the heart closes. When our heart is closed we lose our balance. And we lose the life force. Love is, the way and the key to the whole of this Human Experience.

The story of love from this cosmology perspective is shown in the details of the glyph of the archetype. The supporting energy of White Dog / LOVE is Red Moon, the glyph for yesterday. Red Moon represents the divine feminine, the openness to flow, it is the universal water of life. It is receptivity. There is no love without receptivity. If you try to give me love but I am not open to receive it, then love cannot flow. Receptivity is the key to love. And receptivity is very yin, it means softening to open, being vulnerable. We are generally not well trained in being receptive. And this has impeded our ability to love. One of the key ways in which we lack receptivity is to ourselves, to our true selves, our divine self. We generally don’t know who we are, and therefore don’t love ourselves. Opening to receive begins with self love, opening to you, knowing you, accepting you, seeing yourself as divine, and seeking to understand the divine plan as it is expressed through you, and your experiences. Opening to receive the gift of life that we have been given, which we often struggle to accept. Yes we may go through trying times, but if we do not open to life, we cannot receive the good that always comes with the so called bad. Red Moon asks us to say yes to the flow, the life force flow, and when we do, we know love.

So many are seeking love, and yet, the source of love is within you, it is the life force that flows through all things, and it flows through us. This Red Serpent wave is about getting back into the body and opening the gates of love, the chakras, to allow the energy to flow as it was designed to do, and in so doing, this inexplicable feeling and knowing of love comes. We live in a multidimensional reality, and we have separated those dimensions and experience reality through these filters. In our disconnection from the truth of our spiritual reality, and the spiritual technology that reconnects us, we have reduced sex to a loveless experience, but the language we use is trying to remind us, we say ‘making love’ but have you really thought about the Science of Love? We are not using our life force in a loving way, and it is not flowing as it was designed to do, and so we are not activating the love that is within us and connects us to all that is. Red Serpent wave holds the codes to how we might reclaim that life force and direct it correctly to activate this love, the love that will light the way into the wave of truth that follows this one, and into the wave of Blue Monkey the inner child to reclaim the magical child, and the divine seeds that lie within the heart of self love that is the love of all that is, as we are One with all that is, so we can sow this loving consciousness into the seeds of the future we are preparing to create now.

Love lights the way.

It is a simple sentence but it is profound. Today is inviting us to come to a place of balance in love. Do you love yourself? All of yourself? Are you loving your masculine and feminine aspects equally? Are you using your sexual creative energy in a loving way towards yourself and to the other? Are you loving your life force, supporting it to express it’s innate divine intelligence? What is love? Do you know it? Are you searching to know it? Where are you looking for love? How will you know it? Can you receive it? Do you know the difference between toxic love and pure love? If love lights the way then we must be Warriors of Love’s Awakening.

This year Jan 1st 2020 we went into the 4th year of a cycle of Truth, the White Mirror wave, and into the White Dog wave with Red Self Existing Skywalker, the theme of 2020 is to create the sacred space to know love. To awaken the love within, that is connected to the Divine Love of Creator, to come into a higher resonance with who we really are, so we can come from Love Consciousness and co create in alignment with the Divine Plan. Without healing the lovelessness in our world, which we all hold a piece of, then we cannot create a world from love. This is the evolutionary, or what I have called the luvoltuion, that we are currently undergoing. I know it doesn’t look like it but remember the multidimensional nature of reality. Yes on this dimension of our current world affairs and what is being triggered, there is indeed a lot of lovelessness appearing in full view. But this is just an expression of the lovelessness that was laying hidden within. They say better out than in. With the truth being revealed in many areas of our life, the public stage, and the personal stage, we get to see where we are, and it is only when we know where we are that we can begin to take actionable steps towards a better place of being.

This wave of embodiment can only take place with the balance of love. The balance of knowing that loving me, and doing what I need to do for me to heal, to awaken my full potential, is the most loving act I can do for others, and for the whole of creation. We have not embodied fully the love that we are, from the level of spirit. This is the call now as we are in the Age of the Wizard, awakening the inner technology that will realign us with truth, and love. A key part of this inner technology that will make us Wise Ones no longer lost and seeking, is this life force activation and flow of the life force. The life force holds the codes, and receives the updates so we can navigate and bring creation into alignment with the Original Plan for Heaven on Earth. We are all called, we each have a role, but the process begins universally the same for us all. Love yourself, know yourself as love, receive the gift of being your unique self and bring those gifts to reality.

Love will light the way.

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

Join us tomorrow for the Red Serpent webinar, the first in 4 of the Blue Castle series. Book the whole series of 4 and get free access to the New Galactic Year webinar, and other bonuses, including a lottery for a free Orientation Reading for the New Galactic Year. It’s time to align with Divine Time, activate your reconnection to your divine truth, step into your power and purpose.

Only love.

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