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Sacred Reconnection to Receive Magical Manifestations : You Are the Divine Channel of Heaven on Eart

Red Solar Skywalker leading to White Planetary Wizard : Kin 113 & Kin 114 day 113 & 114 of the 260 day Lunar Calendar of Natural Time from the Mayan Dreamspell of Humanity Awakening to Creator Consciousness. Day 9 of 13 in the first wave of the 3rd castle : Blue Western Castle of Burning : Burning Our Bridges to the Past to Seed a New Earth Future

Red Solar Skywalker : Cosmic Connection

Day 9 of the activating and initiating Red Serpent wave, is the intention point of the wave. The Red Serpent wave is all about activating the life force, embodying the life force, flowing with and allowing the life force to purify the sacred vessel of our being, so we can receive, receive our true selves, reconnect with the Divine Plan and ground that into our Earthly Reality. Day 9 today has been Red Solar Skywalker, the intention of divine connection. Red Skywalker glyph shows the pillars of the Temple of Heaven, hovering above the Pillars of the Temple of Earth. We are the time space travellers who have to reconnect with the original blueprint, and align them with the Earth codes, to allow heaven on earth to be manifest. Yellow Galactic Human yesterdays glyph was the integration point, humanity integrating the life force such that it remembers it’s place in the cosmos, in the Galactic Family. The life force is our spiritual rocket fuel to reconnect us with our StarSeeded Origins, our spiritual truth, the multidimensional truth of who we really are, so we can stop being small and victimized and step into our power and purpose, and activate our inner magic to fulfill our dream, the dream of the Mother, the dream of no longer forgetting who we are, remembering we are love, and creating an embodied experience of love’s creation.

Red Skywalker’s glyph pillars or reeds, reaching towards the higher truth of who we are, representing the sacred balance, of yin and yang, masculine and feminine that is anchoring the embodied experience with the light body, the soul body. When we are out of alignment with these polarities, we cannot vibrate our physical bodies high enough to merge with our light bodies and know our true selves. Red Skywalker is the sacred space of the divine, and exists within us, in our bodies, balancing the polarities, in our physical space, in our relationships, in our sexual creative energies. When we expand, via the supporting energy of White Worldbridger, death and rebirth, expansion, multidimensional bridging we take all of our relationships, within and without, to a higher level. There is a divine plan, and there is divine timing. When we forget to integrate the intelligence in the life force, or we abuse that life force such that its intelligence is not available to us, we are out of step with divine timing and feel lost to the divine plan. Red Serpent wave is saying, come home and take care of inner business, so you can expand and receive higher intelligence that is available to you.

When we create that sacred awareness in all that we do, in the way we honor our body, our energies, we are able to receive the magic that elevates our reality. Tomorrow’s glyph Kin 114 is White Planetary Wizard. We are in the Age of White Wizard, we began almost a year ago on the New Galactic Year 2019 on July 26th, the rising of Sirius, a new generational wave, a 13 year journey in humanities evolution from Yellow Human to White Wizard, the 12th archetype to the 14th archetype, the bridge between them is Red Skywalker, today’s energy. And this years energy, as Jan 1st 2020 was Red Self Existing Skywalker, calling us to come home to create sacred space of the heart. It is undeniable that we are in a time of change, and a time of awakening to the truth of who we are. We are not victims of a random reality, we are magical co-creators of reality, only we have been asleep at the wheel, forgotten who we are, where we are in time - the artificial timeline has, amongst other deliberate interferences, disconnected us from the natural & cosmic time cycles that are contextualizing our experience. Red Skywalker sacred space of being & cosmic connection requires that we step out of Gregorian linear time and the disharmonic frequency it is creating, and synchronize with the harmonic convergence as Humanity reaches a nexus point, a series of portals, of which 2020 is key, for us to anchor the bridge to a higher timeline. To transcend eons of time of suffering and destruction, death, fear and disease, war and famine, all this darkness in being lost and fragmented from the light of our true selves, and awaken from the nightmare, to realize we are the artists of life, and with the life force restored, our light is restored, and with the light of love, we will find our way.

Tomorrow we will have a webinar on the New Galactic Year on the Kin 114 White Planetary Wizard, it is the Age of the New Shamans, and we are the new shamans, remembering our ancient future, and the sacred knowledge to merge with our human experiences and higher intelligence to become magical, to clean up the mess, to harness our life force and energies of the planet and cosmos, to use them in a directed and conscious way, to come from the sacred heart of love that is the Oneness we emanate from. Learn about the New Mayan Year that begins on 26th July 2020, this Blue Lunar Storm with the energy of Blue Lunar Eagle in the wave of Truth and Magic and what it means for you, and for humanity and the planet.

We are the ones, now is the time. Timelines have aligned. Let the past go, let the past futures go and open to the life force encoded future of our dreams.

LOVE only love will light the way.

In Lak'ech

Rianna Skywalker

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