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Die to the Illusion to Expand beyond the Confusion : Remember You are Multidimensional

White Solar Worldbridger : Kin 126 day 126 of the 260 day Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning with the Divine Plan : Cosmic Orientation for the Elevation of Humanity’s Consciousness : day 9 of the 2nd wave of the 3rd castle : Blue Western Castle of Burning : Transformational Times

White Solar Worldbridger :

Welcome to the 9th day of this wave of truth that is White Mirror. The 9th day/year of a wave of 13 days/years represents the intention point of the wave. The Solar tone is one of directional energy, just as the suns rays are directional, carrying the intention of awakening consciousness. We move along a wave moving in and out of yin and yang, inward and outward energies, yesterday’s glyph was Red Galactic Serpent, integration - inward, yin - the life force, and today, we move outwards yang with intention informed from the previous point in the wave. In this journey of opening to the Higher Truth of Reality, when we integrate the life force, activate the kundalini energy body that connects spirit with matter, we are able to intentionally connect and communicate with Great Spirit, White Wind. We go multidimensional, White Worldbridger.

White Solar Worldbrigder is the glyph of the day, speaking to the fact that in our pursuit of truth, we will need to set our intentions to go higher, to seek the multidimensional truth, not settle for one dimensional perspectives that can skew the truth, and subvert life. We will need to die to the lie, in order to expand to the truth. Worldbridger represents death, rebirth, change and transmutation. Bridging worlds is obviously multifaceted, there are worlds within us, as above so below, and worlds around us, in this dimension and beyond. These are worldviews, how we perceive the truth depends on our worldview and how expansive we are in being able to let go, surrender our concepts, ideas and beliefs and explore beyond what we think we know, into the unknown, in order to perceive beyond the edges and grow in consciousness. The supporting energy of White Worldbridger is my own glyph, Red Skywalker, representing the time space traveller of cosmic connection. In order to bridge worlds, we must travel. Traveling is both a physical and metaphysical phenomena. We leave one place, one reference point, to go and be in another, experiencing an alternative reality. Paris is one reality and Dehli is another. Planet Earth is one reality and Mars is another. Working at a school with children under 11 is one reality and working on a trading floor is another (well maybe not, but that’s another exploration!) I think you get the idea. We are creators of worlds, each world has it’s own language often, and it’s own value systems, core beliefs and therefore their own truth. This is the multidimensional truth, there are many truths from different perspectives, but when we expand to embrace them all, instead of fighting and arguing the toss over this or that truth, we enter into the realms of Higher Truth, and things get simpler.

We need to expand at these times because we are in the Age of Spiritual Awakening, stepping into self mastery of our human and spiritual truth. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and in the human dimension we have got stuck in a contracted disconnected mindset that has limited our conscious awareness of the bigger picture we exist in. Without this context, we have become very lost. But now is the time for us to find our way home. Home to the Heart of Truth, home to the truth of Love.

The challenge of White Worldbridger is Yellow Warrior, the part of us that won’t surrender, that is on a mission, driving forward relentlessly. These two archetypes are within the same kin/earth soul family, and are in a continuum with each other, apparently polarized, but really requiring us to travel the spectrum between them. Sometimes we have to completely surrender, to a higher power, and sometimes we have to be completely committed to our mission. You can see therefore that if we don’t ‘feed’ both sides of the polarity, we will be unbalanced. And ideally we would find that in allowing both aspects to feed into each other, we would maximize the results. This speaks to the Lunar energy that is the frequency of this New Galactic Year, Blue Lunar Storm 2020. We have to learn how to balance the polarity, to embrace the contrast at the extremes but also to learn how to embrace all the different permutations in-between, and see how one opposite feeds into the other, and then the polarity is no longer duality, but creation. Creation is fundamentally a process of merging opposites, the yin and yang, to bring the non material into the material. To bridge worlds. From spirit to physical. When we surrender what we think our mission is, and expand, die to the self imposed limitation, we are able to communicate beyond the physical into the non physical, and connect to the higher truth that resides there.

The hidden power of White Worldbridger and this day, is Blue Eagle. Blue Eagle represents vision, the ability to see with the higher mind, the Planetary Mind, with the eye of the soul. We can only see with this higher seeing when we surrender what we think we see, and expand beyond opening to see what is, rather than what is appearing. Blue Eagle is the second year of the White Wizard era that we began in 2019, that we are now in. Blue Lunar Eagle is the context within this New Galactic Year of Blue Lunar Storm is happening. The storm of change is happening in the realm of our ability to see, in this year of 2020 perfect vision. Do you want to see the truth of reality? That is the question! This is the wave of White Mirror, truth and clarity, and the reorganization in alignment with Higher Truth. We have been in this process since Jan 1st 2017, and now that is moving to the next level, and we are being pushed by the Storm of Change to see the truth that will set us free, and in order to do so we will need to learn how to work with the energy of White Worldbridger, death and surrender, letting go, expansion beyond the known, exploration beyond the edges, to step into the bigger picture and reach towards higher realms of understanding our multidimensional reality.

White Worldbridger is the end goal of the wave of White Wizard, the generational wave we began 2019 and will ride through to 2032. That is why we are facing the concept of death, and in so doing the contrast of life. We are the worldbridgers we have been waiting for, humans are the bridge between matter and spirit, and we are called to remember who we are, the truth of who we are, so we can align with the divine plan we all came to serve.

How can you expand to see the truth of who you are, the truth of why you are here, and what you came to do, what is happening in our reality? Look to your breath, are you able to breath out completely and let go? Can you hold out the breath and coast in the non breath without anxiety? What does surrender feel like to you, is it a comfort or a fear? What is the bigger picture of your life? Do you think you can function fully without being aware of the larger forces at work within and without you, and within and without your reality bubble? Look to where Worldbridger shows up in your life path wave, look at what your natal glyph and Worldbridger make together. See what the universe is calling for you to surrender so you can expand into the truth of who you are. We are all called now to align with the truth, and set this paradigm free from the lies and illusions that have beset us with confusion.

This is the Great Awakening.

LOVE lights the way.

In lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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