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  • Rianna Skywalker

Activating the StarSeeds to Flower a New Earth

Yellow Magnetic Seed : Kin 144 day 144 of the 260 day 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning Us with Divine Timing : the first day of the last wave in the 3rd castle of 52 days in the Tzolkin : Blue Western Castle of Burning : Burning Bridges to the Past to Sow Seeds of the Future

Mark Henson : Seed Sharer : Yellow Magnetic Seed

We have reached the final wave of the Blue Castle, a 52 day process that began July 12th 2020 and embraced the New Galactic Year. This castle is the 3rd in the Tzolkin, and represents a deeply transformational process. It has been intense! And today we shift into the Seed wave that contains 10 galactic activation portals back to back from Sat 22nd Aug, the second of only two 13 day waves in the calendar that has these 10 portals, both of these portal laden waves are in this Blue Castle. Blue represents water, emotional realm, transformation as water is always transforming states. We underwent activation with 10 portal days in the first wave of this castle, the Red Serpent wave of the embodied life force, and then we had a moment to breathe into the clarification process of White Mirror, alignment with higher truth, and then yesterday we completed the Blue Monkey wave of restoring the inner child to the mystery of existence, to allow us to reconnect to the magic of creation that we are.

Today we edge into the fruition phase of this castle, the Yellow waves are all about the flowering, the manifestation of what has been processed before. We are Star Seeds carrying the Seeds of the Future to be sown into reality. We are the conduits of those seeds, we need to maintain the fertile ground of our being, to weed our minds, weed our emotional toxicity, weed out all that would strangle the original seed/intention that we came to bring into fruition with our life’s journey. Nature demonstrates the truth of reality for us. As above so below, as within without. We are born with the seeds within us, and our job is to activate those seeds, and ensure that those seeds emerge from the undefined pure space of creation, yesterdays’ Blue Cosmic Night. Some seeds remain dormant a long time, some need fire to make them burst into life, some need water, some just need to land in the right soil. Seeds have a hologram of what they will be already encoded in them, they don’t need to be engineered, they just need their time, right place, and all the elements in the right order. Seeds need to push through limitations, seed casings, keep pushing through and then burst through from one dimension, underground, to above ground, and reach towards the light. Then burst forth with fruit, fruitful with seeds for the future, so there is a continuance of creation.

If we are StarSeeds, have we worked out when is our time? Have we worked out what activates us? Have we doubted that our time is coming, thinking its taking too long? Are we prepared to bring ourselves into fruition? This is a key question for us now, as it is our flowering that allows all our seeds to flower fully. These are the seeds of our ideas, our projects, our innovations, our children, our gardens, whatever we create that takes on a life of it’s own, is infused by our beingness. If we are not activated, then we can’t activate our seeds, and we see them flounder and fail. We rush to get something out there, running to a timeline that is artificial driven by addiction to productivity being a sign of worthiness. Again, nature shows us, all things in good time. Not human distorted time, but natural time and more correctly Divine Time.

The archetype of Yellow Seed is in the Gateway Kin, the soul group that is connected to the soul of the earth, each Galactic Year is in the Gateway Kin. Red Moon initiates, representing the divine feminine, the universal water, the waters that bring life. White Wizard, the age we are in 2019-2032, is the wisdom of our spiritual intelligence that allows us to be magical manifestors, having the powers of gods. Blue Storm, is the regenerative energy of change, that keeps the whole creation moving, movement is life. We are in the year of Blue Lunar Storm, challenging catalyst of change to bring us into alignment with Higher Truth. And the last of the Gateway Kin is Yellow Seed, the wave we entered into today.

The supporting energy of Yellow Seed is Blue Eagle, and Blue Lunar Eagle is the second year of the White Wizard generational wave we are in, it is the ‘overseer’ of this Blue Lunar Storm year July 26th 2020-2021. Yellow Seed’s challenge is White Wizard, the Age of the New Shamans we are in. White Wizard’s shadow side is control, and power. Having knowledge, and the wisdom to know how reality works, the alchemical process of creation, can be dangerous. Power seems to corrupt, absolutely. That is why the hidden power of this Age of Wizards is White Dog, representing Love. Love is the key to it all. With an alignment to love, we are aligned to truth, and to spirit. When we are in love with power, and seek to control, we move out of alignment with spirit, and truth, and further and further away from love. This is where we are in our human history now. The Dark Wizards have moved away from the light of love, the light of truth, and been entranced by the lure of power.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we shall know peace. Jimi Hendrix

I use that quote a lot because to me it is so profoundly simple and true. White Dog represents the heart chakra, and we need to be in our heart space for us to see with the Eye of the Heart Blue Eagle, and thereby see into the seeds we are sowing for the future. When we can rightly see we can sow at the right time, in the right place, do all the right things to facilitate the full flowering of creation. We are the Guardian Gardeners, here to sow heaven on earth. It is not our creation, from the small self, but from our divine spiritual collective self that these seeds have come, they come from existence, and we are merely stewarding them into reality. Just as our children are not ours, but are divine beings who came through us, and we agreed to nurture and steer towards their highest potential.

The hidden power of Yellow Seed, is Red Earth. Seeds needs to be planted in the earth to grow. We were seeded into Earth to grow, this is an evolutionary process of embodying spirit and bringing more and more of our spiritual seeds into being in our reality. Red Earth is nature, Mother Earth, Daughter Gaia, our mother and our daughter as we are responsible for her and we are cocreating with her. When we assume our rightful roles as Guardian Gardeners our Daughter Gaia can heal from the trauma of the Patriarchal Age which has raped and controlled her, defiled her beauty and upset her rhythms. Nature is our savior, and we are hers. This narrative that seeks to portray humans as a plight upon the earth is very damaging to the planet. We are one with her, made of the earth and the stars. With our Star Seeds we are to bring balance to what has become unbalanced, and to sow the seeds of a reality that moves closer and closer to Heaven on Earth. We are learning how to do that, perhaps we have been learning how not to do that so we can have the wisdom to know what we should not do. We are clearly at a time of great change, the Age of the New Shamans is calling us into self mastery, to step into our divine truth, seek our cosmic alignment, and receive our magical powers (knowledge of creation) so we can play our part in the Shift of the Ages.

The wave of Yellow Seed takes us on the journey of empowering the beautiful divine plan for creation that we are seeded into, so we be intentional humans, knowing what we are here to do, and how to do it, how not to do it, so we can be fearless Warriors of the New Earth.

Aligning with Natural Time is a key factor in our stepping into the magic of creation, it is a calendar that reflects the movement of the earth and the moon, within the Galactic. Our Western calendar is a Patriarchal construct that has divorced us from nature, and creates distortions in our energy fields, disconnecting us from spirit and nature. In order to sow the seeds we have come to bring into fruition, we need to activate them within us. We need to tend to the garden of our soul, this body, and allow the divine truth to speak to us, through us, guiding us out of the maze of confusion in this matrix of illusion.

We are the ones, and now is the time, the Age of White Wizard is all about releasing the Star Seeds of the Divine Plan. The kin number 144 speaks to the 144,000 carrying the codes of Heaven on Earth. We each have a role in the Awakening. Remember, Love lights the way!

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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