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Beauty Lights the Way of Truth

Yellow Overtone Star : Kin 148 day 148 of the 13 Moon Sacred Calendar of Natural Time : A Synchronization Tool to Align Us with the Divine : Day 5 of the last wave of the 3rd castle : Blue Western Castle of Burning : Burning Bridges to the Past to Sow a New Earth Future Now

Yellow Overtone Star : Beautiful Truth

Today is the core purpose point of the wave of Yellow Seed, the purpose of our StarSeeding onto and into Mother Earth /Daughter Gaia, is to co create the Divine Plan. Yellow Star is the finger print of God, the Grand Design, the organizational intelligence that creates Beauty. Beauty is the manifestation of Truth & Love. Yellow Star is the star tetrahedron that is the building block of creation, the center of our Merkabah our light body vehicle. When we look on a microscopic level at the inner structure of our cells and extend to the macroscopic towards the patterns formed by the movement of the planets and stars, we see nothing but beauty. The beauty of creation is the ultimate truth of creation.

Beauty and Truth, Yellow Star and White Mirror, exist in a continuum with each other. Both are Signal Kin in this cosmology, representing ethereal concepts from a place outside of time. The signal kin are the Ancient Elders from the Future, these energies hold our Days Out of Time, as they are the bridges beyond the material world. We are in the Age of Truth, White Mirror, for 13 years since Jan 1st 2017, and this Galactic Year of Blue Lunar Storm is in the wave of White Mirror also. The hard cold light of truth is shining on us all now, and we are seeing more and more of the truth of our reality every day. In this process of discovering truth, it can feel like all the beauty has gone away. We do not see the beautiful plan of the dismantling of our illusions. We feel lost, we feel adrift, what we thought were our beautiful plans are no longer viable and we are suspended in the unknown, represented by Blue Night. In this wave of Yellow Seed, we are reminded that seeds germinate in the dark, and so, we are invited to surrender into the mystery and allow the original seeds of creation that we carry within us, and within the field of abundance to emerge, into our consciousness and into our thoughts, into our words and into our actions.

Yellow Overtone Star commands the creation of beauty. We are called to remember even in the darkest of times, that there is a beautiful plan for us, and we are agents in that beautiful plan. It is up to us, it’s in our hands. Yesterday’s glyph of Blue Self Existing Hand invited us to do what we know in our hearts to sow the seeds of love into reality. Yellow Star is our highest expression as a humanity, it is the last wave of the calendar leading us towards Yellow Cosmic Sun, awakening the consciousness of Creator to transcend the illusion of powerlessness and step into being artists of life. In the calendar of natural time, Time is Art, and as we watch the world of Time is Money disintegrate in this Age of Truth (2017-2030), we are called into Self Mastery - to step into our Inner Wizard in the Age of the New Shamans (2019-2032). The liberation point of the White Wizard wave is Yellow Seed, and the liberation point of the White Mirror wave is Yellow Star. When we seek the truth, we are ultimately seeking the beautiful truth. Beauty is the signature of the Divine, god’s fingerprint on creation. If we are in the midst of the ugliness of the journey, then we have to soldier on until we enter the Garden of Eden, and we see it all as beautiful.

If you are going through hell, keep going - Sir Winston Churchill

The supporting energy of Yellow Star is Blue Monkey, the inner child. We have to keep this magical child alive within us, and allow her to play, creatively. The seeds we came to sow are within the child, and we have to heal the wounds in order to remember them. We have unlearn what we have learnt, that has taken us away from the beautiful truth, and open our hearts to remembering our truth, our beauty, and the art of being who we came to be. When was the last time you sang, you danced, you painted, you allowed that playfulness free? We are sometimes too serious, and in that space creativity can be lost. Children are naturally creative, and their imagination is unbounded. We need to reclaim that unbounded imagination because we need to expand our vision of what the future holds, we are seeding the future with our imagination, consciously or not. If we are in fear, buying into the false narratives of doomsday scenarios, our imagination is blocked, our life force Red Serpent will be low, in survival mode, and there will be less energy rising to the Blue Eagle visionary center of the 3rd eye pineal gland. As children have the most life force, they have the most active imaginations.

We need that vitality for life in order to appreciate the beauty around us, and the beauty within us, and to create from that, only beauty. Beauty feeds the soul, and we need it as much as we need the air that we breathe. Have you made room in your day for beauty? Do you allow yourself to appreciate the beauty of you, inside and out? Do you honor that beauty by expressing it into reality? Yellow Seed is asking us to sow seeds of beauty, so we can allow the temple of heaven to land on earth. We are the seeds, and we carry the seeds of the future. When we see the beauty that is us, our purpose, our powers, we are able to activate the beautiful seeds we came to sow, and create a world of beauty for ourselves and each other.

What if this was all an artful drama and you were the director? What are you creating for the next chapter? Yellow Overtone Star is guided by Yellow Warrior, the fearless pioneering intelligence that takes us forward. What would you create in your life if you were fearless? What do you need to know, get intelligence on, in order to create your dream reality?

Empower the artist within. If you can take some time today to play and be artful in some way, even in cooking or rearranging your space, see how design affects your mind and your heart. Take a moment to behold the beauty of a flower, or a vista. It takes you out of your head, and into breathless connection with the magnificence of spirit. We are surrounded by beauty, we must let is feed us, and we must feed into it, with all that we do. There is so much inefficiency and lack of elegance in our reality, let's envision how to make things flow in a beautiful way.

Let love light the way.

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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