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Love, Only Love, Lights the Way

White Magnetic Dog : Kin 170 day 170 of the 260 day Lunar 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Time : Aligning with Divine Timing : day 1 of 13 of the second wave in the 4th castle : Yellow Castle of Giving : Harvest Time

White Magnetic Dog : Way of Love

Welcome to the first day of a new wave, the second wave of 13 days in this 4th castle of 52 days as we continue our journey through the magical synchronization tool of the Tzolkin Dreamspell. Aligning with Divine Timing. Following the calendar of natural time, honoring the actual movement of the earth, moon and sun, we are harmonized back into the bandwidth of divine communication. There is an intelligent design in our reality, one that whispers the ultimate truth of Great Spirit, our unity, and of love. It is easy to miss when we live in observance of the artificial timeline, the one that hijacked us from our divine timeline of heaven on earth. In the artificial man-made time that is the Gregorian calendar we are lost, lost in time and therefore space, we are lost to the cosmic cycles that would inform us of the intelligent design, and allow us to live in love. By divorcing our time construct from nature, we have become increasingly unnatural, and that presents as sickness, mind, body, soul. In this weakened state of disconnection we are easier to manipulate, and by and by we have lost the light of truth of who we are, why we are, and what life is all about.

We began this Yellow Castle - the 4th out of 5 sets of 52 days that form the 260 day 13 moon calendar - with the Red Earth wave. Through out the calendar, whether we look at the micro level or larger expanses of time, there is a beautiful symmetry and flow, it observes the rhythm of nature, the elements and the polarity swings from yin to yang, spiraling through time and space. Red Earth was all about aligning with nature, her timing, so we can reconnect with divine timing, allow greater synchronicity into our lives. What does synchronicity mean? We have taken it to mean magical alignments, but it really just means on time. We are in the right place at the right time for the divine. This is the gift of the calendar, it allows you to be in the right place at the right time to allow the divine flow. We are being called back into that rhythm now, as we see our artificial world collapsing in more and more ridiculous nonsense. We are called back to the body, back to Gaia & Mother Earth, back to Divine Mother and to the life force we need to carry us through to the new world we are birthing together with her.

This year 2020 began in this wave of White Dog, another beautiful alignment, now we are in the harvest time of what this year has been about. Jan 1st 2020 was Red Self Existing Skywalker, you can read back to my articles about 2020 to see what I said! Red Self Existing Skywalker was a call to create our inner temple, and the temple of our home. Our sanctuary and sacred space. To see our sacred temple - our body & our home, as a vehicle for our ascension, as part of the facilitation of Gaia’s ascension. It was and is a call for us to reconnect with the divine, to step up from the human realm and reach towards the stars to make a cosmic connection with our divine truth. Clearly that’s been the only way to thrive in 2020! We were all ‘grounded’, unlike anytime in our remembered human history the whole planet was on shutdown. Told to stay home. The corona virus has so many dimensions to it, on this fear realm it is a dangerous virus, but it also speaks to the awakening & enlightenment, moving into heart consciousness, where the heart chakra rises and merges with the crown chakra to create what we would see as a halo of light depicted around ascended masters, such as Christ. It has been necessary to go deeply into our hearts like never before, and to make peace with what we are enduring and witness, to open up to seeing it all as love, and all in divine order. It has not been easy. But it is the only way. Only love lights the way.

And here we are, in the wave of love. The message of the wave is love is a magical power that aligns us with our spiritual truth. That we are spirit. That we are love. That all is love. And that when we don’t see the truth, we live in a lie of separation and suffering. Day 1 today is the theme of the wave, the focus point. We are called to focus on love, our heart, compassion, our tribe, family, soul family & loved ones. We are called to love ourselves. The supporting energy of White Dog is Red Moon, yesterday’s archetype. Red Moon is the openness and sensitivity that allows us to be receptive to love. There is no love without receptivity. And the first love is self love, the love of receiving our divine selves, and embodying that to the fullness. Be YOU to the fullness. Beautiful. The core purpose point of the wave is White Overtone Wizard, which is the Age we are in 2019-2032, speaking to the incredible power of love. Love heals, love awakens, love unites. Love is our greatest power, and the wise ones (Wizards) know this. Love is the alchemy of merging polarities. Yellow Sun is the challenge of White Dog, which places White Dog between the Sun & the Moon, fire and water, masculine and feminine. In the space of unity we are love, and we descend into form, into the realm of polarity which is the foundation of the world of form, in order to know love, to experience it, to feel it, to fully activate this body temple to know the vibration of love so we can ride this body temple vehicle home. Earth is a love school if you will, she models her love to us, and we have not been listening well enough, but now, we are being fast tracked in a love awakening in order to facilitate the birth of a new earth, where the duality of polarity is collapsed into love. No longer polarized into duels, fights and resistance, we are amazed and delighted by the myriad of diversity that this light dark yin yang game provides us to experience and know God. When we know love, we are wise, and we have magical powers, the power to create a new world.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we shall know peace. Jimi Hendrix

I can never quote that too often. It’s an absolute truth. And truth is the age we are in, since Jan 2017 when we entered the 13 year White Mirror wave, and this summer we entered the Galactic year of Blue Lunar Storm in the wave of White Mirror for the year. There is a truth convergence going on, so much is coming to light, and at first the truth is hard to swallow. But the path of love is all about truth. The intention point of the wave of love, White Dog is White Solar Mirror. If we truly seek the truth, we will find love. Love is the ultimate truth, but the journey to get there is not easy when we have created a world of lies and we live in lies to ourselves. Love cannot live in a lie. As we intend on truth, we have to go into the unknown, we have to let go of everything we think we know, and go on a vision quest for the soul, and the soul truth. This is the dark night of the soul, the next wave we will go into is Blue Night, and we both need to have the courage of heart to go there, and we can only truly know after we have been there! As we let go into the unknown, the truth rises up to meet us, in our hearts. It is a leap of faith, a leap of love. We are called now to let go of this construct, and before we can build the new earth we have to listen to the divine plan that we have been disconnected from for so long. We have to surrender to the unknown and seek our divine reconnection. The Red Self Existing Skywalker of this 2020 was calling us to ground our divine connection, so we could navigate the path of love out of this dying timeline.

The end of the wave is White Cosmic Wind, Great Spirit. The breath of life. As we breathe, we are expanding the heart chakra and opening to the divine connection that is our birth right. That is why this year we have had an assault on breathing. The cosmic clock is ticking and it will wait for no man, or his confused agenda created from confusion aka Darkness, not being in the light of love. The awakening is happening, we are aligning with the divine plan, and will have to make the necessary adjustments. We might be moved, as I was recently. I resisted and was quite unhappy about it. But I did the work of expanding my viewpoints, baby sitting my emotions, and seeking truth. Praying to see the divine. And I broke through. I saw the divine hand in it all, nothing is ever superfluous. The house I was moved to housed a beautiful holy man, a monk, who is a devotee to Yum Chenmo, the Tibetan name for Great Mother. He is a visionary architect and oversaw the creation of the Sedona peace park, that borders my new home, and the consecration of two Stupas, one to the Buddha and one to White Tara. There is a blessing above the door to Great Mother. My natal life path wave is Red Dragon, the path of the Divine Mother, and later this year I will reach my 52nd year and complete my 4 13 year archetypal waves bringing me back to my natal glyph, back to the Mother.

When I finally allowed the truth to be felt within me, and to see the synchronicities, my heart exploded in feeling the love, the love of the divine that is ever present. I was told what lies ahead, and to take note of everything that is in our hologram now, as signs towards love. We are in an epic moment, and love is the fuel for us to make it through this portal of 2020, into the new world that is birthing. Love is the ticket. And once you have it the ride is so much better, because love lights the way!

So how is your heart? Are you feeling the love? Where is it coming from? Are you feeling unloved and unloveable? Are you missing love? Can you hear your heart? What has it told you? Take time in these 13 days to connect with your heart, to seek the truth that lies within, your heart knows. Allow the magic of love to touch you, in every moment. It is there, look for it and you will find it. Seek and ye shall find. Tell someone you love them, remember those you have loved, love still, and love them more. Tell yourself you love you! And mean it, feel it. And if you can’t then love yourself enough to seek some assistance with that, many of us have travelled this path and healed what stands in the way of loving ourselves, and we are here to help you to reconnect to that love within. Breathwork is my no.1 favorite self love practice, it heals the trauma that separates us from our light body, allowing the light body to reconnect within the physical body for a visceral feeling of love, one that cannot be taken away from you again. There are beautiful people who trained in breathwork everywhere, if you seek to know love, then knowing yourself and loving yourself is the first step, invite your perfect breath facilitator to appear and begin the journey of healing so you can receive love. If you are thinking of coming to Sedona on a personal retreat, or even working with me online, reach out and begin the self love journey. The manifestation point of my life path wave is White Planetary Dog, the manifestation of love. Reconnecting you to the original blueprints of the Divine Mother, and the original divine plan for Heaven on Earth. It begins with you.

LOVE lights the way.


In lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

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