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Light Force Frees the Flow : Red Spectral Serpent Kin 245

We are on the 11th day of the wave of Blue Eagle, the journey of Vision. The 11th day is the liberation point, what we need to release, liberate, dissolve in order to allow the fulfillment of the process we are in. The 11th day glyph/archetype is always the antipode or opposite energy of the archetypal theme of the wave, so Red Serpent is the antipode of Blue Eagle. The 2nd chakra is the challenge of the 6th chakra, the life force is connected to our ability to see.

We live in times under great threat to the life force, and seemingly a blindness and a lack of true sight. Blue Eagle our ability to see with our higher faculties is as much a survival mechanism as Red Serpent, our embodied instinctual nature of survival. They exist in a continuum with each other, at one end, if we are overly identified in survival mindset we are unable to see the bigger picture, we are focused on the minute details of the mundane world in order to survive. At the other end of the spectrum, if we are overly identified with visioning the timelines past, future, beyond time, we might be too ungrounded to be able to tend to survival needs in the here and now. Clearly it was intended that we move between these points as necessary, not staying too long in either extreme. But the link between the two is evident, and so, if we are to trigger an awakening, an ability to see, see through the illusion, see beyond into the dreamfield, into the unknown, and reclaim the vision of creation, and our part in it, then we have to heal and raise the kundalini life force to a vibration that will allow us to see, the light of truth.

What we see is a tiny fraction of the light spectrum, and that ability is directly connected to the vibration of our life force. If our life force vibration is low, we cannot see certain higher frequencies of light. If we are identified with what we think we see to the extent that we discount the unseen world, we are lost. As we open up our energy and raise our kundalini vibration we see more and more of reality, expanding our awareness and reality. From this expanded perspective we are better able to navigate, to choose which way to go, knowingly from having a better read on the moment.

So these two archetypes are critical to our survival and our evolution, which is practically the same thing. We cannot survive if we don’t evolve. And yet, what have we learnt about either? What practices are we doing to hone these aspects of ourselves and how we use them in our lives?

Red Serpent is the second chakra, the sexual creative power, our instinct and reptilian brain body - the innate intelligence of the body, that exists slightly outside of our cognizant mind time. It has been proven that the body reacts before the mind even knows, this is the Red Serpent energy. It is our life force, but it’s also our LIGHT FORCE. The force of light of our soul is within it, guiding us towards the fulfillment of our soul’s purpose, contracts and desires.

These archetypes of the POLAR kin are all in the body, all connected to the chakras of the body, Red Serpent being the Sacral Chakra, White Dog being the Heart Chakra, Blue Eagle being the 3rd eye Pineal Gland Chakra and Yellow Sun being the Crown Chakra. This soul group of archetypes are speaking to the journey of embodied awakening. As we are all here in a body, we are all subject to the processes of awakening in the body, remembering - re member - putting back together again the truth of who we are, after the fall into the body ‘appeared’ to separate us from the light of our soul.

I recently watched an amazing talk about the sacred waters of life in terms of the therapeutic practice of CranioSacral Therapy. I will add the link below. It got me thinking deeply into the way we incarnate, how the light of our being descends - lowers it’s frequency - to enter into the waters of life, the water that can carry light. And how we might reverse engineer that process, ie ascend out of the density of embodied life, back to the light of source. Even for just a moment, just a moment of remembrance. When we are first evolving as an embryo we are bathed in the amniotic fluid which surrounds us, and from which we form. Just as in nature, all is coming from the primordial sea of the Mother. There is a process by which we differentiate & individuate, separate from the amniotic fluid and form our cerebrospinal fluid which our brain and spinal cord still bathes in, and which fills the ventricles - spaces - in our brain which connect to all our sensory organs. And our pineal gland. This space in the center of our brain is called the Crystal Palace in the Taoist teachings, the Cave of Brahma in the Hindu teachings. The walls of these ventricles in our brain are lined in Slender Light Antenna, tiny microscopic fibers, which receive and transmit light, sound, vibration and chemoreceptors to read chemical or hormonal signals. The fluid in these ventricles is the cerebrospinal fluid CSF which carries serotonin and DMT, the spirit molecule, as well as melatonin and other hormones and neurotransmitters. These ventricles make contact with all parts of our brain, receiving from our eyes, nose, tongue, ears. It could be said to be the seat of the being, from where we are experiencing this reality in this body. The Sea of the I Am within.

Raising the kundalini is speaking to this fluid, the primal fluid in what is called the Sushumna Nadi, the main column of our energetic life force that is both the water and fire, the fluid and light, the masculine and feminine, giving and receiving. The waters of life, known in this cosmology as the Red Moon, connects us all, is the beginning of life. There is no life without this water, without the receptive quality of the water that allows it to receive the light, and embody the light in form. When we consider that we are formed in the fluids of our mother, and she her mother and so on, ultimately we are all from the same waters of life from the Divine Mother. It would appear that our soul light comes into this fluid, and settles at the sacrum, awaiting awakening for it to rise up through the sushumna to the 3rd eye, crystal palace, cave of brahma and open the crown chakra to reconnect with source consciousness, remember who we are, both as the light force of creation, and as this body temple of manifestation.

When we are traumatized and in fear, the kundalini is blocked, will not rise, the fluid is stagnant. As we know from Dr Emoto studies on the crystals formed in water, our inner fluid is also prone to this phenomena. Each hormone, or neurotransmitter has a sacred geometric shape that also relates to a frequency or color, that is why the chakras all have colors and sounds. When the first chakra is blocked in fear, this blocks the heart chakra from opening, and without the heart opening, the eye of the heart cannot see. Letting go and letting the kundalini flow is allowing the light force to move freely and reinstate inner divine union, and divine reconnection. We are naturally designed for this, but our disconnected life has traumatized us to such an extent that we are getting in the way of our own awakening.

When I visualized this fluid in the center of my brain, receiving the light of my soul, I had sense of the trouble of incarnation! This light is an emanation of source light, an expression, lets say its electric and the sea water like fluid is magnetic, attracting & holding. Through this fluid we can become an I Am presence in the reality of form, there is an inner marriage of the Light Force with the primordial waters of Divine Matter/Mother. Hence the polarity of the light and dark that’s been projected out as the stories we know that put the feminine in darkness, responsible for the fall of man. When we fall from the light of truth of who we are, we are lost in the seemingly senseless sensations of this existence, attempting to chase pleasure and avoid pain. We are in survival mode. But when we remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience, remember we are light beings in form, and this form is the Mother, and the temple that houses our soul, we can learn how to clean our temple space, be reverent to what we say in our temple, what we eat, and do, When we honor our body temple and learn how to access it’s secret chambers where our soul light can illuminate the truth we need, to bring meaning and context to our existence.

This Blue Eagle wave has been about our awakening our All Seeing Eye of our soul, to see with our higher mind of our higher selves, so we can discern which way to move so we are continuously moving towards the light, to love, to truth. The key to unlocking that potential is within our body, within our light force life force, learning how to free it from the distortions that have impinged it’s flow.

LOVE lights the way.

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker Kin 13

Does Our Cerebrospinal Fluid Give Us Being? Mauro Zappaterra

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