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Surrender to the Mission : Thy Will is My Will for the Win

Yesterday was Day 11 of the wave we are in, the wave of Yellow Warrior. The journey of stepping into our power and purpose, courageously discovering our mission, questioning our purpose in the bigger picture. The 11th Spectral tone is the frequency of letting go, dissolving, surrender, releasing and liberation. The 11th archetype in the wave is always the challenge archetype of the theme of the wave, in this case, Yellow Warrior’s challenge is White Worldbridger. These two archetypes are in the Cardinal Kin Soul Family, and form one axis of polarity in that family of archetypal energy. Warrior and Worldbridger are opposites in a way, the warrior is on a mission, unstoppable, directed focus. Worldbridger is death, an anathema to the Warrior, it is surrender, letting go, expanding to the bigger picture, and being reborn in that reframe. However, though polarized, they relate to each other, and as with all that is polarized, we are seeking to find that perfect sweet spot between them for each moment, each quest. If the Warrior never surrenders the mission, they might go chasing false goals relentlessly disconnected from the now moment having devoted themselves to something without allowing that to evolve. How many of us have got to where we were going only to realize it wasn’t what we hoped for? In the journey to own our power (intelligence) and purpose, we have to give up, let it all go, and come back to the emptiness that is represented by Blue Night, the supporting energy of the Warrior. The hidden power of this journey into the unknown is the light of Truth, White Mirror that comes forth. As we die to our limitations, our definitions that limit us, we can expand to a more expansive perspective, and bridge worlds, within and without. In surrendering the mission, we are letting go, letting god - source re-inform us, expand upon the mission so we can adjust our sails to the moment, and reach our goals, the real goals, the deeper goals. All too often we need to have a mission so we adopt one, or perhaps we have a sense of our purpose and we go chasing it, single mindedly, and to a point this is a part of the process, but it is also part of the process to occasionally let go, and allow the vision of the mission to be more complete. Blue Eagle - vision - is the hidden power of White Worldbridger. It is the yin to the yang, and we can only succeed when we are balanced. White Spectral Worldbridger is the ultimate letting go, surrender, it is the moment at which we allow Thy Will to be My Will. Thy will is our higher self, our soul, Great Spirit, the higher intelligence that we receive when we are open, when we expand, releasing the hold on how we think it should be, and what we are doing to make things happen in a particular way. It is the humility of accepting there is a higher power, and inviting that relationship in to help us to succeed, with the deeper truth of our purpose and mission.

Blue Crystal Hand Kin 207, Mayan Calendar, Mayan Glyph
Blue Crystal Hand Kin 207 : Rianna Skywalker

From this surrender we move into the 12th day of the wave today, and Blue Crystal Hand. The crystallization of the knowing of what to do. Blue Hand is what we do, achieve, the healing, the knowledge through embodiment that leads to wisdom. As we journey in the wave of Warrior we are seeking to know, to go on a quest, to question, why we are here, what we are here to do, how do we do it, what we need to heal to fully allow our power to be manifest, to tangibly be felt, known and materialize reality. Blue Crystal Hand was the archetype of the famous December 21 2012. I was recently asked about this date’s significance from the calendar perspective. I never felt it was significant in terms of marking the end of a cycle as it was portrayed. At the time I wrote about how we are lost in time and space and that using the calendar was a way in which we might re-synchronize with natural time, aka Divine Time, and find ourselves, find the truth of where we are in time, and space. It’s now 11 years since that infamous date, and considering it again I can offer this insight. We were, as we are now, in the wave of Yellow Warrior, the 4th wave in the 4th castle, the Yellow Castle of Giving - how we serve. So Dec 21 2012 could have marked a point in time whereby we were stepping into the cooperation with the Divine Timeline, to access the knowing of our mission, our spiritual mission, the spiritual war we were about to begin more earnestly. Certainly for myself, 2013 was the start of quite an initiation process of deepening my spiritual intelligence. We were still in the Red Moon generational wave, 2006 to 2019. The wave of Opening to Receive, the first wave of a 52 year cycle we are still in. We had gone into the Mayan Galactic Year of Blue Resonant Storm in July 2012, and began the year on Jan 1st 2012 in the Terrestrial Year of Red Solar Skywalker. So we were in the 7th year of the Galactic Initiation, an attunement point, and the 9th year of a Terrestrial Initiation. The 7th Resonant tone is attunement, bringing two states into harmonic alignment. The 9th Solar tone is intention is direction. Storm is the change catalyst heralding a quantum leap of consciousness, a recalibration of energy to facilitate an evolution of consciousness. And Skywalker is the cosmic connector, seeking beyond the human realm to the cosmic intelligence aka the spiritual intelligence that is the architect of reality.

And here we are again meeting this archetype, Blue Crystal Hand. We are now in the 2nd stage of 13 yr waves in the 52 year process. We are now in the Terrestrial Refinement that is the Revelations of Truth, White Mirror, 2017-2030. And the Galactic Refinement of the Age of Wisdom - the White Wizard wave 2019-2032. With truth comes wisdom. How open did you get from 2006-2019, how able to receive the truth, the spiritual truth did you become? 2020 was the test, and now we can clearly see, if we have eyes to see, the truth, and through that truth, the wisdom of who we are, why we are, and what we are here to do. Review your inner and outer reality from Dec 21 2012 to today, and see what you now know, see what you are being led to know about how it is you serve, what your Spiritual Warriorship is at this point in our human evolutionary story.

If you know your natal glyph, you can decode your mission by adding your glyph to the Yellow Magnetic Warrior. For example, using my own glyph, Red Cosmic Skywalker which is Kin 13 Tone 13 therefore written as 13:13, added to Yellow Magnetic Warrior which is 16:1 we would get 29:14 but as there are only 20 glyphs and 13 tones, we subtract 20 and 13 and get 9:1. The 9th glyph is Red Moon. My mission is the coming Red Moon wave of the 5th Castle of Enchantment. Red Moon represents receptivity, opening to receive, it is Universal Water, feelings, purification, feminine, yin, Divine Feminine. It is sensitivity, felt sense, feeling it in our waters. It is the water of life. The flow state. Red Moon appears in my life path wave as Red Solar Moon, the intention of my life path. Interestingly in Western Astrology I have an Aries Moon, a fire moon, a red moon. Sensitivity has been a major theme, at first a challenge to live in this insensitive world, and then, when I received my mission, a gift and a blessing. Through my openness, my somatic experiences of feeling, I found ways to purify the physical and emotional body, to open up to the cosmic, psychic intelligence that is in the field, that is what I am here to connect to. Through that I am able to receive guidance for others, to guide them to their own self mastery, their inner wisdom.

If you would like to discover the wisdom that this beautiful cosmology brings for you to know yourself, and be true to yourself, to know your soul purpose and where you are on your soul journey, how you relate and what your relationships are about, reach out and dive in deeply in a Soul Reading. After this foundational exploration, I offer Self Mastery Mentoring programs 3, 6, 9 months and more packages of sessions to assist you in embodying your soul’s blueprints and living your best life. Your soul’s dream of the life the Divine Plan wants for you, as there is only one you for all time, and there is a meaning to your being, and what you do that echoes out into the fabric of time. If not you, then who, if not now, then when.

In lak’ech a la kin.


Kin 13


Sage to the Age of the New Shamans

LOVE is the light that lights the way.


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